vidya. I like em

There's a lot of indies. Games are super accessible. I'd say nowadays but I kinda feel like they've been from the start? But maybe I'm wrong. Back in the day you started a lil company with your friends Jim and Bob and today pesky millenials are screaming at you on twitter to make a sequel to that game you made 35 years ago. Also you are fucking loaded and every grubby nerd knows your name. Well, at least attached to that game you did when you were like, twenty-five or whatever. You probably had a nasty falling out with Jim and/or Bob at some point since then. Okay this scenario is getting weirdly specific i'll stop now

Indie games are small scale and usually try to invoke a certain feeling or try something quirky or entirely new. And those are the ones I like to buy a fuckload of whenever they're on sale. And here is where I will talk about the ones I've played. Woo! Click on the cartridge to go to the game! Um, none of them are Gameboy games. I just made it look like that cos i think it looks neat

Omori Season: A letter to the future Endling - Extinction is Forever Cult of the Lamb DREDGE Spirit of the North Roki Kena: Bridge of Spirits Slime Rancher Assemble With Care Temtem Bear and Breakfast When The Past Was Around Dorfromantik Alba a Wildlife Adventure Kind Words TOEM Teacup