Urban Legends Final Cut

its 2:30 im bored and already slept five hundred hours so were gonna watch urban legend 2! cos i dont remember it and i know its not going to be disgusting, probably just bad. but hopefully fun bad!
its one of the slashers that tried to ride screams coattails and afaik it wasnt very succesful. the original had jared leto as the love interest, the mc was an asshole who i disliked quite severely but rebecca gayheart was also there and she was fun. her and the cameos were kinda the only saving grace
...if i can find it only 1 shows up, nani
oh its here! it just has a super dramatic name and no 2
look at that scream ass poster. but worse
tho to be fair the headshots on scream are bad too, skeet ulrich looks nothing like that in the film lol and drew barrymore looks a lot older???
another example. what a trend. tho the cast of final destination kinda looks like a nu-metal band
sorry i'll watch the movie now
shed kinda make a cool halloween costume i feel. u should carry a torch everywhere and just light it up whenever someone needs light
omg its u l !!! are u insulting me movie? whats a le en
spooky appearing letters ooOOOOooo
oh they turned the 2 into an s.
we start on a plane
hmm what plane related urban legends do we know...
clown on the wing? idk ok lesley knope in the back calm down
Amy: that title font makes me angry somehow
it might make me angry too but im still angry about the urban legend tv show using papyrus i guess our first characters are discount shaggy and daphne
shaggy immediately references final destination 1 cos that came out the same year as this one.
I mean, I assume hes referencing it.
oh no hes referencing the clown on the wing. nvm jesus shaggy whats your problem ur killing these guyses vibe
love how everyones wearing a lei. i thought u got those when u got to hawaii, not on the plane? but idk anyway the boyfriends like hey you wanna be the first victims [disapproval] OMINOUS ZOOM IN you. you can tell this is a movie from the american before times.
howd u get that on the plane, sir more disapproval jesus movie you cant just put four fashion icons in a single shot like this, i cant look everywhere all at once
theres turbulence which causes a trolley with hard liqour to roll down the aisle which everyone immediately grabs at of course. and as u can tell from this shot the costuming department went fuckin apeshit with these passengers shaggy saw the disapproving knife guy and now hes concerned even though two minutes ago he seemed excited at the prospect of dying in a planecrash ok how did you just notice that when youve been next to this mirror all this time thank you boyfriend character we really needed that. then the turbulence gets so bad the air masks come down cos i guess the killer is psychic
oh wait i think this might be a movie set
also there was nothing on the wing! im so disappointed anyway everyone on the plane is dead except for these two which. whats the killers plan lol yeah its a movie lol he is a meanie sexy boom mic woman
very comfy what a surprise! shes a main character. oh look, the actual main character!
on the left hes a bit of a dick but he's cute. dont immediately die director man. (hes not the one saying this line its the guy playing the killer who said that) disapproving dead extra oh shes a porn actress! how relevant.
also this guy is a pervert i guess or something DONT TELL ME HIS NAME IS SCROTE (it is not)
DONT DO HIM LIKE THAT THATS SO MEAN (it would be, if it wasnt douche mcgee up there just throwing an insult.)
I DONT EVEN KNOW THIS CHARACTER BUT OH MY GOD, SCROTE, ARE YOU FOR REAL (i proceed to call this guy scrote for the rest of the movie. i am so sorry) foreshadowing????? dont be so mean shes cute also you hired her what did u expect i think she was in the original movie but im not sure. the mc from that had red hair but hair dye is a thing
and i forgot what she looked like lol woo its a film college. also this guy
just because.
already made the nu metal joke for this movie. dammit
Lou: you can make a second nu metal joke. as a treat
Lou: (heart)
limp bizkit called they want their frosted tips back i feel so bad for definitely knowing who this is but having forgotten hey its that guy!

hes that guy!
with the shotgun shovel!
in scary movie 3!
and also a lot of other stuff he did in that movie hey its. no i dont know this one oh also the teacher cos hes important or whatever. oh look its scrote! he doesnt get to attend for some reason. (thats not his name...) its snowy and this woman calls over the mc
its loretta devine yall!
she offers to drive amy to her destination. her name is reese also this plush lion has a gun in it. they implied it so hard its definitely true. (it wasnt. why movie :c ) reese implies she used to work at the college from the first film where 8 people were murdered but it was covered up so now its just an urban legend amys lower jaw appears to not work cos her mouth is open like 9 outta 10 shots disapproving look! yes yes, we got it, it really happened. hi i ripped my idea off from the black security guard who im definitely not gonna credit
oh shes talking to her teacher about her thesis btw the teacher is all like hell ye why not this isnt an important shot i just want you to know theyre playing that cant you hear the dolphins cry song in the background
why is the dolphin crying
i heard that song when i was a kid and it was the only line i understood its implied their drinks were poisoned and then they show.. i think his name is rob? staring at her drinking so. that doesnt bode well he poorly hits on her and she makes him pay for the drinks
yay everyone in this movie is so likeable! she wakes up in an icebath so i guess they stole her kidney.
i think theres like, five different versions of that urban legend of dont do x or youll wakeup in an icebath without ur kidney. or some other organ.
i used to be really well versed on urban legends but its been a looooong time..
she calls 911 and they tell her to fuck off cos she mentions a common fake story to them...? like they wouldnt check it out anyway???
okay anyway, death by windowsill.
remember on somethingawful when that one guy was posting his translation of the first dangan ronpa game
and they'd use that clip from troll 2 or whatever of the kid getting decapitated by the windowsill any time they put the paywall up
anyway confused dog! the costume department still has free reign and i am grateful for it. yknow if u set em up like this its not as exciting when it happens. her friend thinks its real so amy can go UHHHH ACTUALLY,,,,, im sorry what oh i remember that one! gee thanks linda
(i forgot her friends name.)
it is insane how widespread urban legends are tho
and i feel like you cant tell people when they tell you one cos you just sound like an ass if you do
in high school a girl told me the story of the babysitter and the clown statue in the children's room as if it happened to someone she knew and like, what do you say to that? hi were the resident nerds! in case that wasnt clear from our introduction
i like them theyre my favourites so far amy. mouth. geez hes the main love interest. how boring.
but at least its not jared leto they keep telling scrote to fuck off, like what has he done to them..? (...it's. it's kevin. his name is kevin...) oh its just that porn guy is an asshole, got it please die very soon. please oh these two do special effects
urban legend 2 is just like scream 2 in that they are making the first movie in this film.
tho slightly different cos the cast from the og film isnt there how about NO yeah!! yeah well george lucases cgi sucked ass too! ..yeah, uh, that. i... guess lol he gasped after saying that and his friends all like nani? it was bad cgi. cmon lads meanwhile Rob's upset with amy cos hes also doing a horror movie and he did it first! look i know ur students but shouldnt you be trying to do your own thing.. (the hitchcock is an award in the film. i somehow missed this when i watched it) ew. givin me "are you lost little girl" vibes right now, rob. pls dont
aw he left the project! Roooooob now youre like, prime next victim!!! ngl i get porn guy and lvoe interest mixed up. i didnt realise they were two different people
oh love interest is named travis
he got a bad grade on his movie! oh no.
green eyed horror director is toby, not rob
whos rob then.. thanks amy thats really reassuring. dude what is this shirt.
theyre trying to shoot a scene for the movie but grahams just. sitting on the bed in the scene
grahams porn guys name btw. i think he does sound or something. like sound effects. idk we saw him make one earlier this matrix lookin ass guy is simon, Amy's new DP after Toby walked off. hes european so obviously he will live a long happy life in this american slasher film! simon brought a big camera and everyone is impressed.
im sure he wont get killed with it or something. sandra (blond friend who mentioned a bunch of urban legends earlier) cant find her car keys and its night. whatll happen?? theyre all watching the first cut of the scene (sans sandra) and her acting is scary movie tier
which i guess theyre not looking for that also who dis !!! its limp bizkit man! simon gets it! suddenly the footage cuts out and cuts to the set, but the lightings different fucking god can we stop objectifying sandra for one FUCKIN MINUTE very subtle movie. they all think its someone elses movie cos sandra can be in more than one project
dunno why no one was like huh her acting is a lot better in this one
considering they had the guy go WOW GREAT EFFECTS its toby!
also travis is dead i guess.
the face of a man who cares about that, like, a lot toby
dude who laughs at that
even if you didnt like him (which there is no record of), why would you laugh. thats so bad
cmon movie jesus teach! what a fucking thing to say
i liked sandra (rip) and i like the special effects guys and i guess amy is sort of okay but everyone else is mean as fuck
tobys cute but hes also mean as hell
tho iirc that was a common problem with 90s/00s slashers meanwhile graham hits on amy
or whatever pornguys name was
the first film had someone do this as well now its ripping itself off
also sandra's gone missing. but they all think shes at an acting gig in LA grahams like im a nepo baby ur a nepo baby cmon lets abuse it
it'll become all the rage in ten, twenty years from now ah her dad's a documentary maker
urban legends was ahead of its time she looks angry but im sorry in the year of 2023 that definitely makes me lose respect for her even tho i already cared very little cos shes whitebread as fuck
whys our final girl a nepo baby... ew graham tryna upstage toby in stupid tik tok lines. Also love the lip balm. very glossy CAN WE ZOOM OUT? WHAT IS THIS ANGLE amy breaks into travis' crime scene cos the door is open so why not right oooooh spooky campus tower! omg travis isnt dead! shock! horror!
blockheady blockhead man oh. okay then.
his name is trevor
travis and trevor
when parents have twins and they only had one name in mind gee whiz whoda guessed that ah its the midnight scream time!
as demonstrated here by i dont know who these people are :) a visual representation of the audio that goes with this scene. oh its for the film loving the boom mic energy dirk is bringing that is a powerful audio recording stance right there who is this
oh the lesbian is played by eva mendes
known from five meeleeon projects
nothingspecific for me i just vaguely recognised her i guess
also whenever i go to imdb it goes to a specific page and it catches me off guard every time OTL what is a wild track.
regardless im sure she'll get a very authentic one from somewhere thank you simon i love how earnest you are about your addiction
not just "im going for a smoke", no, he MUST. his body demands it
its scrote! (ITS KEVIN)
i wish that wasnt his name. (ITS NOT!!!) he asks if he can see the camera and simon says no cos everyone in this movie is an asshole. movie its so obvious its not him cmon oh shes recording the scream here. if its supposed to be screaming outdoors wont her recording it on a small set fuck up the audio im ready for my death scene mr murderer omg. the killer! tee hee anyway yeah he kills simon with his own camera. i didnt remember that, it just seemed kinda logical hes still being murdered while amy just stopped recording so she catches simon screaming for help. in another needlessly close up close up
oh hes dead now. nvm
man this movie is going through dps like theyre. uh. something you go through really fast in case you forgot about loretta devine: how dare you
also here she is! dancing to her favourite action movie thing instead of looking at the security cameras.
oops. amys like why didnt u look at the cameras and reese isnt having it
best character in the movie
aside from dirk and. damn i dont think they ever say shotgun shovels name :( at least not yet reese gives her the tapes and amy sees simon getting clobbered intense close up of her face for every smack cos shes def gonna change emotion between those shots she is using her eyes!!! to seeeee!!!!!!!
(this is the full shot, i didnt crop a thing) ok thats definitely just dirk or. shovel shotgun
god im gonna look up his name i feel rude at this point
stan its stan
ok so thats either dirk or stan oh she thinks its them too. maybe not then oh yeah no it was this guy
gj movie u got me anyway reese saves her and says "ysee i do watch those tapes"
reese i love you but there was a murder on those tapes why did you see that and then go oh well time for my shows!
oh noshe means the tape of amy being attacked reese is like listen man theres no point to panic nothings gonna happen or change ill take you home
which considering what she experienced in the first movie. i understand that she doesnt have faith in the establishment but amy's a student, im surprised shes not taking her seriously suspicious glance of im gonna look into this amy bonds with trevor but i dont care hes like the cops are after me thats why i am so secretive and mysterious. travis was the good one! i am a bad boii
a bluh de bluh woo romance or whatever who fuckin cares
show me dirk and stan or im out
wait thatd mean theyd die. shit woo!
please appreciate the amazing bikini i drew on the doll. thank u
majo: oh thank goodness, I can't have any more titty intake today for another few hours
majo: very lovely bikini, what a fun color!
thank u thank u
theyre at a set they need to remodel for the final shot of the movie
they activated the mine attraction thing theyre using (its one of those ride through things with a bunch of dummies) and now its legit just dirk and stan, so we're definitely, definitely going to lose them now :(
its also playing stupid music and i hope they dont play stupid music when they die now amys the one upset scrote is there for some fuckin reason and graham is the one defending him, what the fuck
be consistent movie girl he was an assistant on your crew at the start. he didnt quit. you were upset when graham was rude to him. what are you talking about?? nepo baby fight off!! amy sends away vanessa and the rest of the crew so its just her and stan and dirk at the scene (she says as its a long night so they should get something to eat)
hopefully amy being there gives em plot armor but i highly doubt that. oops electricity problems. but dirk is excited so.. its a good thing? jfc are we gonna final destination 3 this shit the intro is still mining stuff and its still playing the stupid mining song so idk if her final scene is supposed to be mining themed still or.. theyre still working on that meanwhile the killer has gotten himself a weave nooooooooooooo nooooooooo
(also man the killer is teensie)
i wont screenshot it but stan is killed with a cgi effect. thats kinda clever considering most of the film is practical effects oh look an extreme closeup of someone else than amy!
unfortunately hes looking at the killer. cmon he could totally be a final girl. look at him fall!
dirk dies the same way as stan. also cgi. haha
(crying gif) yeah sure everythings peachy
man we havent seen toby in for eeeeeeever
oh the killer moved everyones bodies usually but dirk is still in the same place
huh breathes really fuckin loudly as she tries to hide from the killer anyway she gets out, policeo n the scene, yadda yadda shes like trevor youre useless and he is stupid ugly blockhead boring male lead
he says he followed graham cos graham was a meanie boo boo to her (bewerkt)
shes like well at least we know its not graham fuckin hell trevor youre useless next evening vanessa and amy are lured to the tower with a fake letter
they get attacked and rrrrrrrrrrrun they run UP the tower cos thats just a fantastic idea.
hope its got a fire exit.
vanessa ends up on the clock when they get separated
like the bell clock
amy is initially distraught but then trevor is like amy i found something! fucking simp sitting in the library with her incompetent brick of a boyfriend im still sad about vanessa tho look at my tear omg all the students except for amy were on the same project before. the dead ones, i mean oh its travises film. it looks dumb as fuck but it got a C still. travis was a little bitch that killed ur crush on him mighty quick huh.
shes like ok now i can fully go for his evil twin and not feel bad yknow what im glad hes dead
oh it wasnt his movie
its just not possible travis would make something bad! omg.
faith in travis restored. as is crush. as is brotherly love.
bleh DUN DUN DUN toby?? toby!!!
singing very poorly some creepy lady stops him
hes gonna die in like. five seconds
rip toby oh its amy lol
d maybe not yet then she pulls a fucking gun on him
i mean i know why but. jesus trevor why did you bring a flare. how is that gonna help. yeah same toby they cuff him to a chair
corduroy on wool.. that must be very warm
oh yeah its winter i forgot hes wearing the same outfit as his last scene except they slapped a woollen jumper on him. does he only have one set of clothes oh fuck off ur not cool
stop tryna be stu with ur bigass forest shirt his hand is shaking and hes got his finger on the trigger. ur not even sure its him. this is begging for trouble oh i guess amy agrees hey remember the teacher! he was in like, three scenes, about fifty minutes ago. yknow, that guy! oh never mind she just wanted to hold the gun herself! in the exact same unsafe way!! good job you fucking mouthbreather!!! jfc i forgot graham was still alive.
if amy is the only other person who wasnt on the project wouldnt it be graham who was the last name on the project
especially since toby left amy's project so he wouldnt be listed in her crew anyway... heheheh
man if it turns out they made an oopsie and forgot about graham and got toby by accident im gonna be so annoyed well he sure is unfazed. im sure it is. this movie in a single screenshot
also considering you think he murdered a bunch of people, is the film switching really where you should start?
(also trevor is pretending to be travis) the ending is. struggling very hard
oh toby is a sound guy? but he was DP on amy's movie and he directed his own... look man i know nothing about film school but i find it hard to believe you learn every single facet there is to film making in one course oh my god.
oh my god they really did get the wrong guy.
dyou remember who did sound, lads?
who they showed doing sound earlier in the movie? oh nvm apparently travis did his own sound and gave the credit to toby so he could graduate. okay then. oops professors like omg the biggest crime in this whole movie is you stealing a credit toby yeah thats really not important right now anyway he kills toby for it lol WHICH BLASTS HIM THROUGH A WALL AND THIS IS THE SET BEHIND IT
HAHAHA GOD THIS MOVIE grahams like oops
idk why he was just staring in not doing anything it was the teacher. wooOOOoo!
what a revelation.
who cares about this character lol he had less impact on the plot than even toby. or travis. or vanessa. or- hey can we please leave this set im already not taking this movie seriously but this is just scary movie tier stupid teach manages to get a hold of trevor and now we go through a buncha movie sets cos thats fun!
we find out teach is the one who killed amy's dad cos he made it so teach didnt win an award that year. also how amy sorta lost her nepo status cos her dad was the famous one. except thats not how nepo status works and she totally still benefits from it. he explains he stole travis's film
cos he wants to make it to hollywood
cos losing that one award when he was a student made him decide to never try again i guess hes also homophobic cos stealing, murdering fuckhead isnt enough. graham tries to break a chair on teach's back to no avail
and that'd be wrestling teach. more common there. but go off
also lol grahams face LORETTA DEVINE EVERYONE! graham got hit by a stray bullet and is wounded but i think theyre gonna randy him
so hes not standing up right now oh my god its toby!!! omg the professor decked reese how dare u exactly! haha haha i forgot hes still cuffed to the chair
honey why did you go to the scene with the man who tried to murder you. go back to the wacky aliens! be safe oh no the real gun is mixed with all the movie props! i am not joking when im saying i am legitimately laughing right now so i didnt say it cos i didnt cap it but reese's gun is easy to recognise cos the bottom of it is painted gold. amy knows this. so she could be holding a real gun. subtitler got a lil confused well. we were waitin for this line werent we oh shiiiiiiiiiiit she got it she cant do it so the teacher charges her.
amy. he killed all ur friends.
fuck sake. oops she shot him by accident! shes so innocent yall. lol i told you toby!!! oh lookit that that was it.
wow i didnt expect toby and graham to make it
kinda wish graham died. also scrote still here getting no respect (not even from me. rip)
is that legit his name. (finally i check)
to imdb i go for the third time its kevin.
which means graham coined the term scrote.
i wouldnt have thought it was his name if it wasnt for the fact that they capitalized it when they said it
and also they never call him kevin!!!! (yes yes u feel very dumb about it i remember) ok he tried to kill trevor but hes wearing a long black coat and hes an outcast and ew ew ew ew ew urban legends are you serious reese shoots him btw oh it was a scene!
gdi stupid movie
i pause too much lol i say this every time but in this movie its definitely a problem
good for you pa kevin u got urself a starring role i guess she directs action movies now or something (also peep toby on the right) graham was on the phone all the time so now hes an agent. geddit cos those are on the phone allthe time amys like i love nepotism! thats why i cast my husband as the main character in my movies.
im happy for pa kevin tho.
also the teacher isnt dead. he's in a home. for one specific reason. REBECCA GAYHEART!
well that was fun. not a lot of urban legending in the sequel but honestly i like it better than the original
even though the killers reasons are dumb as fuck lol
its a fun watch at least