What's up sluts welcome to church

It's not regular church, it's fun church!
I mean it's not church at all lol I was raised catholic, but other than making Dogma one of my favorite movies it doesn't really impact my life. I just like to draw myself as a nun c:

Who the hell is Priestess

It's me! Specifically it's a handle I've had for most of my online life (not when I made my first websites as a kid though) and at this point it's probably gonna stick for life.

It was originally "nun", stemming from how I would judge my online friends for what they liked and drew (I was a very judgemental kid. Man. Where did I get the gall) but it evolved into Priestess over time. And red! Always red. Scarlet specifically. :)


So that was not a lie all movies except fnaf are broken. RIP
I'll try to back em up but it'll take a while

Added Stranger Things 4 liveblog and updated the layout for the movie ravings in general. Now they actually look kinda fun c:

Added Talk To Me to movie ravings, added Road 96 and Death And Taxes to Indie Games *and* added a wholeass new page about antique green detective desk lamps and how they appear in movies and videogames all the time and how much i love them. So there. Also idk who started the hoax that Discord wouldn't host images anymore but you are a liar liar liar nobodys ever lied so fucking much as you. You might have to hit ctrl+f5 on the movie pages to load all the images if some of them appear broken though but that's always been the case iirc.

Updated the layout cos I felt like it. I should make a page where people can see the old ones. That used to be a thing

Properly added The Windmill (Massacre) and took a lil break when I found out I can't host images via Discord anymore starting next year since I had to try and find a new host... So currently testing some stuff. I've also uploaded a liveblog of the FNAF movie to Movie Ravings, which uses a different image host so the images load a little slower there, rip.

Added the two movies I had already done the pages for at the start of the month... And also Nightmare 5. Woo!

Added the "other tangents" page! I wrote a lotta words god damn. Also currently in the process of transcribing some more movies.