maybe i should play viddy games.
but here i am.
watching tusk. it canada! kevin i thought everything was always new jersey
oh the mc is from nj. ok hey its! uh. that guy! all i know justin long from is stuff ive forgotten. but he's in this. so uh, there.
inferior keanu reeves
lol not!sethrogen just sad u cant be sad cos we got no blue in our flag
instead ur passive aggressive. cos thats technically red. got it got it yknow justin i cant wait to see u get turned into a walrus you edgelord bastard
thats the name of his podcast btw. notsee party. pch ah yes the hatey one
like u dont know what you did. ok who did the character/costume design and decided to make jason look extremely hateful cos UGGGH
i suppose maybe thats the point
ah kevin smith. a shitload a swearing, no subtlety whatsoever. i cant be mad ngl
anyway the dude he's in canada for is dead
does winnipeg warrant being called fuckin winnipeg or is that just a smithism? who knows
(canadians, probably)
(but not me thats for sure) hMMMMMMM my canadian best friend begs to differ justin finds a weird letter by a canook that convinces him to stay in the canads.
who knows where this is gonna go!
beautiful handwriting tho.
oops i got the actor's name wrong. its justin long
hang on
ok now its like i never called justin long jason lee. omg the one on the left. kevin smith's daughter harley. once she got old enough he put her into everything
which. i mean fuck it why not man im glad he loves his daughter and hes a good dad
plus its a bit part so who cares
>overpronounces aboot
>Was born in new jersey cos her dad made sure they were in nj when his wife gave birth haha. so clever.
Uhh i just realised i mightve never said it but. I'm a huge fan of kevin smith's movies. I've never seen tusk and its on my oh no i might hate this list but also i really like his movies and idk. just the stuff he talks about. so i will admit im very biased OMG ITS THE PRIEST FROM RED STATE
he did a fantastic job in that
not surprised to see him recast i suppose
i bet hes gonna monologue cos he did that well in red state
its all tied together. sorta. idk
i tried to find a gif of it but idk how i thought thatd work lol maybe i'll watch that on here at some other point. red state isnt great but i like it well enough its the dumbest character ive ever seen this actor play but he looked good doing it ANYWAY.
do you want to write about walruses boy? the old man doesnt know what a podcast is and this is justin's response
u deserve to be turned into a marine animal u bastard
oh his name is wallace. i'll try to remember that also its i see dead people kid but grown up
my friend used to be obsessed with him
dont think she ever watched tusk tho. wallace is all like omg this tea is amazing
im sure that doesnt mean anything.
psh the old man just went "yeah its good cos i soaked it in brandy"
wallace is all surprised the old man was there in 44 at normandy.
fuck sake he's old. shut up. why are you surprised
i mean he was only 16 then but jack's grandda lied about his age and was underage at dunkirk too so idk
maybe im less impressed just gonna say even if tusk is weird or bad or i dont like it i think its cool smith cast this guy again cos he's doin a good job tellin the story wallace upset he just touched a part of a wallrus the old man said was its dick
oh kevin.
Mono: oh god, tusk
>old man says ye its a dick bone but humans dont have it
>wallace instantly gropes it again
oh wallace.
i love kevin smith's work. i wanna watch the horror he did
even if tusk is notorious lol
Mono: i watched it ages ago and it still made me really umcomfy in a horror-escue way, even if it's pretty stupid but it also is REALLY horrifying imo
ngl justins kinda garbo but the old man is selling it. im glad he's in multiple smith movies he does a good job
IVE NEVER SEEN IT like i know what happens but i dont know how it ends up happenig haha
Mono: i know it's all super absurb but it really just crosses that line to going back to being scary again
Mono: for me at least
i didnt know it was a24 until moe told me
but i love that they accomodate horror that most wouldnt accept
Mono: didnt the movie get made because they joked about it
oh i dont doubt that cos its kevin smith
who only did one horror movie before this iirc
this one feels a lil lovecraftian tho the old man just explained his boat sank and he felt saved by a walrus and he nicknamed it mr tusk cos the only person who ever made him feel safe was a guy named mister tuskegee
that. ope the tea was drugged.
oh flashback mode
his gf is all like dont go to canada!!!!
he'll be back. fuck you
oh shes like i dont like how ur meeting star wars kid just to make fun of him (its not literally the real kid but it references him)
so fair to her.
shes like dont be an ass to real people
Mono: iirc the main guy is a big jerkhbjrtgrbtgbj
and he's like NO THE MONEY THO hes like old wallace is a fuckin loser and this is her response
hell ye girl
new wallace is a shit
omg it even goes into how wallaces cohost is shit when shes there, and how its not her fault, but wallace doesnt want to go against the stereotype cos it makes him more money shes like i miss the real u the geeky u who was thankful i was there
thats legit. i like that. im glad thats being addressed
after that she just says some stuff she indicates she knows him and she loves him
its sweet
anyway this is a horror movie so uhhh, yeah
jfc he still looks bad tho
ok ill watch the rest later i gotta sleep
Moe: Oh god tusk…I hope u enjoy it lmao [a few days later]
anyway its thursday im lonely af lets finish tusk because what better way to battle depression than trying to traumatize yourself.
Mono: cant wait for you to get to the ending lmao
i know i worded that real dramatically but i want u to know i like to pretend you fuckers watch it alongside me and that makes me happy.
mono that sounds lightly diabolical haha
Mono: we should have a group watch again sometime. i especially loved watching scream and memeing on halloween and ring yknow in my memory this poster looked slightly better
i will say its memorable tho
Mono: ehhh i thought the poster was like,,, a house on a mountain? oh its. its because of the 28 days later poster.
thats.. why do they look so alike...
oh! i like this one
Mono: i think it's neat
yeah that ones pretty rad
Mono: always love shadowy shapes and stufff yoooo who did this
why are there so many posters lol
Mono: that one looks so ancient
Mono: probably the point haha
Mono: like some sort of 70s exploitation flick
i fuckin knew this was a call forward to yoga hosers. ugh Mono: WHAT IS THIS LMAO
Mono: if it's from the same person as tusk... then... well
kevin smith got really into weed, at some point in the 2010s, presumably after he stopped smoking.
im gonna say. yoga hosers is the result of that.
Mono: "after" he stopped smoking. yeah right
the tall one is his daughter as i pointed out earlier
oh yeah with after i meant smoking regular cigs haha
hes still a stoner afaik
apparently yoga hosers is terrible but his more crazier 2010 films reignited his love for making movies so im just glad he can do whatever he wants and hes also not dead (he had a heart attack at some point and attributes being a stoner to being able to stay calm enough to live through it as he was being. uh. helped? idk emts and shit)
ANYWAY back to tusk.
no wait first. i love clerks 1 and 2 and there is gonna be a 3 and i will say i am dreading that film OTL I havent liked anything he did after 2011 ngl
i mean. unless i end up liking tusk.
then i can move that forward three years
jesus i thought i was further into this movie than i was
>scene of wallace being sucked off by his gf transitions into him waking up in a wheelchair making the same noises
whats that supposed to mean, kevin old man polishing his tusk.
did the old man want to fuck the walrus. what does this mean
also wallace the walruss, brian the brain damaged man. i sure know how to pick my movies. wallace has lost a leg cos the old man says the doctor took it off cos he got a spiderbite.
for some reason this is shown with a comedy zoom. u got that right wallace
haha damn i like the dialogue tho.
the old man quotes a book and wallace is like DUDE NOT NOW well i think its too late for that.
cos the old man loves his monologues.
and by that i mean he was cast specifically cos he also did monologues in red state.
hes specifically there to talk a lot lol
i didnt know the change was this slow. ive got a full hour left. im worried he says snickering
the old man is also in a wheelchair
not a lotta leg users in this house.
srsly this guys typecast as "tortures young men that make questionable life decisions" in both the movies ive seen him in
so wallace is all like u saw me get attacked by a spider whats it look like and the old mans like
Mono: what a type to be cast as lol
like he knows wallace cant go anywhere
lol the way he speaksssss
also the specific type he mentions is quite big so obv wallace is gonna call him on that. id say which but idk if kaji checks my channel so i wont.
Mono: he really makes this movie, mannn
i know right haha
at least he had a family he cared about in red state
hes a good actor! I bet he could pull off a lovecraft character real well
Mono: there's just something so terrifying about being isolated and alone with someone who has complete control over you and it absolutely batshit wallace started calling him names and the old man slapped him.
i wonder if that means he'll shout less than the guy in red state cos boiiiii that got annoying lol
yeah its genuinely unnerving rn hes like back when i was a priest there was this boy i trapped and he wouldnt stop screaming through my sermon it was so disrespectful, I wont let you do the same
i suppose I'll do red state at some point for context lol oh so he just comes straight out with it huh (he says hes constructing one)
Mono: a fursuit
i wonder if a walrus furry is a thing [both yelling dramatically]
now im sad i dont have closed captioning and just subtitles lol
??? wallaces gf might be in on it? idk also hes legit the next thing shown lol
did everyone he knows just plan to have him get tortured by an old man we learn wallace is super self absorbed and teddy (which is the cohost) i guess isnt? cos wallace only likes art if hes on it.
subtle. oh theyre not even hiding that the hairy arm is teddy
>another nazi joke
i hate u too teddy that shit is never ok ugh idk if im like. if its cos its late or whatever but i think hes kinda cute. anyway.
oh also wallace confirms he cheats on his girlfriend
i guess its so we go like YEAH OLD MAN CHOP HIS LEGS OFF
the story might be bonkers but i think the actors do a good job so far
well the gf narrating to the camera was weird but its not like she directed that scene yep its teddy. glad we got that resolved in five minutes. is manitoba bumfuck? I wouldnt know.
i only know saskatchewan cos a friend i mentioned earlier is from there. oh and he fell from a cliff while on a swingset in the yukon when he was a kid. thats. thats all i know about canadian landscape.
also the villains name is howard howe like he was thought up by stan lee good god why am i reminded of the human centipede here
OR YOU'LL... idk, be tased?
i think i would just get them to kill me if i ended up in this situation ngl
then again i havent got much zest for life atm so that might just be me ..does. does anyone sleep like that? like. 96'd. heads facing opposing directions. hum
maybe they dont sleep together cos it feels a little hypocritical anyway if they are kevin.
lay off the weed.
this is such a lame joke also this interior decorating is fuckin hateful holy shit
oh i guess they didnt know what happened to wallace?
they keep playing his ringtone and its the worst thing ever
i feel like elizabeth from frankenhooker was kinda lucky now that jeffrey wasn't a furry.
like at least when he reconstructed her he kept her human were listening to the old man monologue again because, as i said, the director loves this actor's ability to do so sing it with me lads: 🎵 money is the root of all evil 🎵 oh i guess this explains why hes maladjusted. orphan that wasnt raised with any love or proper care howe basically mentioned any group of people you could think of and they all abused him in some way so i guess his obsession with a walrus comes from the fact that the first creature that made him feel like it wasnt mistreating him was, well, a walrus
did i mention junji ito? cos i feel junji ito vibes rn man
oh i did for frankenhooker.
well theyre both about people sewing another person into... something so i'll take it
well actually this one might be a little bit more like franken fran
as its way more absurdist ah yes there we have it. smith was never big on subtlety from what i remember. she tried to call the police cos wallace is missing but they hung up the moment she said their website was notseeparty.com to get recent pictures
guess the police didnt know they didn't mean the hatey one 🫠 once again im lamenting the lack of captions cos lemmetellu there is justin long desperately making walrus noises while classical music plays.
do you think justin long thought "what the fuck happened to my carreer" when he had to do this scene
i know they show him.
but i dont wanna see him.
oh hes not doing walrus noises.
hes just shouting in pain.
i wont screenshot him cos holy fuckin shit man
christ ive got an hour left of this...
i dont even hate it i just think the walrus looks really bad well i hope most of the rest of the film focuses on these two
as they try to find him aaaaand just like red state the police sucks ass
so i guess. at least its got that.
Toan: Is that haley joel osment
the officer has a really strong canadian accent.
kevin. mr smith.
is now. is now the time for comedy.
Toan: that officer is me!
haha lol wacky ol canadians!
it is!
Toan: aha i know him and his tiny face (affectionate) anywhere
he went from seeing dead people to seeing canadian people.
Toan: noooo the pipeline…
yeah ngl i think hes pretty cute as an adult heheh
first you see ghosts. then... the canadians
Toan: He has a
Toan: An endearing look?? If that makes sense lol
yeah it does!
Toan: not the canadians dont make me look at toan Noooo
- haley joel osment

hes lookin at a canadian right now!!! look how unsettled he is
Toan: i want to meet him and see if he gives me this look oh no howe mighta done this before
i mean. he prolly has.
im immensely impressed if he got the human-to-walrus transformation correct the first time kevin.
mr smith.
in the kindest, most respectful tone. stop.
[sidenote my canadian friend i keep mentioning his online name is zed. this feels weird.] if hes supposed to be a walrus maybe stop talkin to him. do you just. do you just try to kill them. hows he gonna do that
wallace goes under and sees a dead. uh. human. tusk. thing. so yeah the old man's done this before
i gotta say the effects budget on this is good enough for what theyve made!
after frankenhooker i know what an inadequate budget looks like lol who the fuck are you. go away weird french guy weve got like half an hour this isnt an ali g sketch
this guy instantly makes me want to skip parts
hes also talking to the camera like the gf. whyyyy
Lou: im so sorry not to derail your liveposting again but haley joel osment looks like one of my managers and its messing with my head lmao
oh no i hope its at least a nice manager?
Lou: oh no he's very nice!! very chill
and pls. again derail as much as you want i welcome it haha
Lou: i just saw your screenshots and my brain went "KYLE????"
Oh good! thats a relief haha not remindin u of anything unpleasant screencapping his face lol
haley joel osment does look like a kyle.
i could see him be called kyle
even though hes not. but yknow. hes got a kyle like face
Lou: he looks like a nice kyle
[he swore]
come on.
i know you can do better than this.
"haha and then the french canadian says pardon my french"
and wears a beret
ok thats the costume department
but still.
the hell is a gimli slider
Rikki: this is a funny joke
Lou: what the fuck is a gimli slider
Rikki: see its funny bc
Rikki: hes french canadian
Rikki: get it
Rikki: i dont think u get it
oh shit!
Rikki: its a very high brow joke
thats why he said
Rikki: oh u got it!!!
Rikki: hahaha!!
i didnt get it!!!!!! until you said it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you rikki!!!!! !
Rikki: youre welcome!!!!
i will now proceed to laufgh for ten minutes before i can continue the movie
Rikki: thats what they wanted
Lou: oh it's a french joke i c i c
Lou: c'est si drôle
Rikki: abracadabrantesque
Rikki: sardanapalesque
ok i want to hunt down the costume person for kevin smith films cos i swear the female leads and the. uh.
well haley joel osment looks like an overweight jay and hes not really a lead but still theyre dressed the same in everything is what im trying to say. idk if its always the same person
Rikki: hohohoh
Rikki: baguette!
Rikki: do french canadians eat baguettes?
Rikki: oh no
they eat gimli sliders
of course
Rikki: wtf is a gimli slider
mate we are trying to figure that out right now
nobody knows
Rikki: Gimli Glider
Rikki: "Air Canada Flight 143, commonly known as the Gimli Glider, was a Canadian scheduled domestic passenger flight between Montreal and Edmonton that ran out of fuel on July 23, 1983, at an altitude of 41,000 feet (12,500 m), midway through the flight. The flight crew successfully glided the Boeing 767 to an emergency landing that resulted in no seri..."
Rikki: hmmm
Rikki: u cant eat that
Lou: Lou: apparently its an easter egg relating to some podcast????
god dammit kevin
yeah hes notorious for that in his later films
Rikki: that is a deep reference
he'll reference stuff from his podcast
Lou: that's just what reddit said lmao
so you wont get it until you listen to it
Rikki: if im making a movie im putting every in joke from this server
Amy: right and its a slider bc that plane literally went drifting midair
jay and silent bob reboot is notorious to be so full of references related to obscure stuff like podcasts it kinda ruins the movie
Lou: a slider is a type of burger, actually, so thats probably the joke
guess it started with this one glad to see the older ones have acceptable ratings
Rikki: oh clerks!!!
Rikki: i love clerks
i mean. ignore transcendence. thats completely unrelated
Rikki: never watched any of his other stuff tho lol
yeah this is the same director!
Lou: dogma is so good i love dogma
clerks 2 is good
dude. dogma.
hang on.
Rikki: ooh maybe i should check the others out then....
hang ong gimme a sec
Rikki: clerks was so fucking funny
Rikki: hanging on
Rikki: ok ium hanging
Rikki: im hanging like that cat poster
Rikki: im slipping,...
Rikki: prioestess....
Rikki: my little cat paws can only hang for so long... Rikki: ahh.....
Lou: it's ok rikki grab my hand
Rikki: u posted too late my man
Rikki: goodbye
Lou: RIKKI!!!!!
Behold the only dvd i own
Rikki: HUH
Lou: holy shit
Rikki: HHH
Rikki: LMAO
Rikki: 95 cents.,...
Lou: for 0.95€ too
Rikki:i cant
yeah i got it at a second hand shop.
Rikki: i cant physically leave it alone
specifically went to hunt it down cos the license is fucked
and i wanted to own it in case it ever disappeared
Rikki: u have the font in ur hands
Lou: my dad and i watched it one year on christmas eve as our "christmas movie" because neither of us could sleep that year
Rikki: lmao what a pick
Rikki: nothin says crhsitmas like...hell??
Rikki: demons??
Lou: that was my first time watching it lmao he was like "its about christ and angels so technically it counts"
Rikki: whatever is going on here
im sorry i wasnt back in time to save you but im glad the font brought u back rikki
Lou: and i just said "ok" and watched it
it is abuot christ and angels!
its the nicest take on catholicism ive ever seen lol
Rikki: that would not have been my first guess lol
as a priestess nun i love it
Rikki: yeah the font saved me from the ravine
its legit a really good movie. its like a big adventure
Lou: it's one of my favourites tbh
it also has alan rickman as an angel
its on yt if you wanna watch it btw. as i said the license is fucked so its kind of in limbo right now shit.
shit fuck shit is this who i think this is
did it take me this long to recognise him. it is him.
Lou: oh my god
so either kevin smith has dirt on literally everyone in hollywood or he is the most charming man in existence
cos some of the names hes worked with are impressive
or at least not what i expected
Rikki: Yeah I actually recognized almost all the names on that dvd
Rikki: And I don’t know any actors lnao
yeah hes close with ben affleck and matt damon
like he bought a house off affleck
i know a lot about kevin smith now i feel weird. i just read one of his blogs OTL
i learned most of my english off his movies Rikki: Kevin smith your blorbo idk what this is about but the old man was. lispy??? when he was younger??? and talked to french johnny depp about something??
can a director be your blorbo
or something
id like to note the scene is underscored by an accordion cos of course it is.
haha famous actor said something gross!!
i thought a blorbo had to be fictional... i presume he means tusks?
hes talking about previous victims
cos he doesnt know what howe does to the people he kills
just that he mutilates them
i dont think they ever got into why howe doesnt just try to befriend a real walrus
hes all like humans suck ass
why do u keep doing this then there the only screenshot i will show of what has happened to wallace
its kind of a nice shot i suppose i'll say that
idk if theyre gonna try to make horror outta wallace eating the raw fish but. u can eat raw fish
thats not really horrifying hi its kevin showing off his daughter again!
smith w/ his daughter any chance he gets ah degrassi. i remember watching that as a kid. ...
i remember that too.
they dont know what hes talking about. no wonder as im pretty sure theyre solidly gen zed
um. so moving on
wow they kept a shot where justin long and harley smith talk through each other
that. was a choice theyre the main characters of another movie.
i hope they die. jesus.
i mean, wallace is also an ass but he's a walrus with a ton of dislocations now so yknow karma there he straight up looks like willem dafoe in the lighthouse now
fitting i guess.
its playing claire de lune.
didnt think anyone would misuse that track more than twilight but here we are. oh he ate mr. tusk.
is that how the humans he kidnaps die? he eats em?
ohmygod wallaces human face is stitched onto his side. i didn't notice that until now. thats grotesque and kinda cool so we switch between body horror fever dream and haley jay osment, french silent bob and only sane girl! detective team
Lou: (late but i love seeing degrassi get mentioned.... my guilty pleasure show)
ok hes nothin like silent bob im just saying its a lil jarring
(i loved it when i was younger haha. OH OH)
(...i guess hes been fond of canada for longer than i realised) johnny depp is like take the guns kids
i thought he was gonna take out a harpoon. cos. sea creature. ha teddy's like i dont want a gun and johnny says this
idk if. its bad. if i can predict the script
well its not a harpoon gun but still. bigun
...... he
he has his own...
walrus skinsuit... me right now
Lou: sorry i missed that part what's the deal with the walrus
Lou: i know the movie is called tusk
Moe: That’s the tusk experience
Lou: but like aside from that
oh god did i hide that much of it
Moe: Making that face repeatedly
ok so lou to catch you up
tusk is about a man who has a podcast who interviews whacky people!
Lou: no i was just half paying attention lmao
he goes to canada to talk to a crazy guy whos like. obsessed with the sea
and when he meets him the man is like. I befriended a walrus
PLOTTWIST he traps people and turns them into said walrus (he nicknamed the walrus mr. tusk)
by performing surgery on them
Lou: i. alright
so the mc currently resembles a really messed up lookin frankenwalrus
there u go. thats the plot
yeah i think "i. alright" really is the only response one can have to this film
Moe: Accurate
Lou: frankenwalrus and frankenhooker should go bowling together
Moe: That plus the betty white grimace
i do find it kinda amusing i watched two films back to back about someone reassembling a person haha
Lou: which one would you recommend more
i wonder if everyone involved was like "well johnny depp is here theres no way this could be bad!"
Moe: Gotta watch may next hehe
oh i saw may!
i actually liked may quite a bit heheh
Moe: I like may too!!! It’s so weird. Nugget didn’t like it when I showed her lol
its out there but its got style and i like how its more of a character study
not to sound like a stupid film hipster
but its a lot about how may ends up doing what she does than. well. her process
of doing the thing lol
Moe: I’m a stupid film hipster sometimes too it’s oki lol but yeah!! And the actress whose name escapes me did a great job
angela bettis! yeah she was perfect
shes friends with the director apparently and she likes doing indie projects
she did the reboot of carrie (not the most recent one) purely so she could keep doing indie projects
also the director of may is named lucky mckey and that is such a fun name haha
Moe: Yeah I forgive her for the 2000s Carrie reboot because of may lol
i liked his masters of horror episode too. Tho the ending fucked me up it was so gross. but i guess it achieved its goal. shes in that too
Moe: Did you ever watch 12 hour shift?
oooh no, whats it about? do you recommend it? Moe: It’s a horror comedy which isn’t my fave but I like Angela bettis haha she’s a nurse who steals organs for the black market and hijinks ensue
hilarity ensues!
i gotta keep that in mind, ive been trying to find new things to watch
Moe: Do you use letterboxd? I can see if there’s anything you haven’t seen that I think you’d like! also in tusk rn wallace managed to stab howe to death with his uh well his tusks, and howe says "you are my mr tusk" so i interpret that as Howe was trying to find someone who would kill him for killing mr. tusk as he felt such immense guilt for what he did to the one other life form he felt a connection to in his life.
I dont but i feel like I should with how much ive been watching recently wallace is just going WEH WEH WEH cos he cant talk and these two are not too excited about that also heres johnny depp lookin cool in this lighting, i guess
same man who said poutine gives him the shits and also pardon my french
Lou: to be fair poutine can be pretty heavy and greasy
is it the kinda thing where u gotta make kinda a conscious decision to eat it
or like either that or be really drunk
ive never had it but i always thought poutine sounded pretty nice huh didnt think someone would be like pls dont (its the gf saying this btw) i thought it'd go the noooo he's lost his mind kill him route oh.
uh, ok if thats a fish shes holding im gonna scream
i recognise that kinda paper i know how u wrap raw fish hmm. is she big or is haley small.
is he the dreaded actor 5'8...
and by dreaded i mean im always stoked when theyre my height lol oh hes shorter!
i like that they didnt try to make him taller than her jfc wallace has an enclosure. the old man's dead but i guess wallace lost his mind aww srsly hes cute. im bad at screenshots I FUCKIN KNEW IT hey ex-boyfriend whos now a marine animal i got u a fish movie tryna remind us wallace kinda sucked as a person, maybe, idk
nice armpit wally
Lou: late again but it really depends on the poutine lmao you can get some really nice poutines or you can get shitty drunk person poutine but poutine is poutine its usually pretty good
theyre havin a conversation where she says her grandda taught her its good to cry, it separates us from the animals
its on my bucketlist to have it at some point
Lou: in the event you ever visit i will take u for poutine >cries cos hes a human
or. idk. being turned into a walrus is what was needed to bring out the humanity in wallace jfc they still give him slushiesu yes i know.
Lou: Jesus scarlet how long was this movie
ive been decrying it every time i had a gripe with this film.
Its done now
its an hour and 44 mins i just paused it a lot to talk OTL omg scott mosier is also responsible! hes the editor on the clerks films and most of smiths work until, well, i guess tusk?
ok like most outlandish horror movies im gonna take a day to give a rating
frankly im just glad it had a cohesive story lol