The Passenger

hi its late im watching a horror movie cos why not goodness. im sorry uhhhhhhhhhhh# oh no it was a dream. wonder if its harder to get roles if uve got a lotta moles.
just curious.
its always the most empty backs, from what ive seen male casting director! from what ive seen thats pretty uncommon oh yeh we knew cos this is blumhouse.
god damn jason knew how to invest.
hes very rich rn
how boring
but thank u for letting these movies exist, n all omg its the movie title!!! whatever could happen now~??
that tilde was an accident >movie becomes clerks 2 outta nowhere oh look its our randall. and also some car pullin up this wasnt said to any mc so disregard it but i just wanna say, holy fuck, what is this script. ok so the only person i know who worked in fast food is lou but anyone who did and also lou was ur managers office this fuckin dark cos holy shit
Lou: never that dark but it was always fucking FREEZING
i will take that as another version of it bein dark
freezing still has a big emotional impact so it counts Majo: yes.
daaamn rly? it seems vry intimidating
Majo: lol yes it was weirdly dim. not as much as that thankfully, but still weird!! we find out the mc is a lil bitch who never corrected his name badge cos his first name is actually Randy, not Bradley
which is the name on his badge his boss is like u doin any school stuff to get other jobs and randy is like nahhhh i.. guess hes tryin too hard? ok so one thing movin to england has taught me is that all names in US towns are taken from the UK so this just sounds fuckin weird to me
they say it correctly its pronounced the same way, idk which reading hes referring to cos im sure the US has at least 5+ towns with this fuckin name
all i know about UK reading is that its upper class as FUCK, people from there have MONEY
but i gotta disregard all of that immediately cos this is some US reading i dont know
all the info ive been given so far is that its better than wherever they are right now nywayssss his boss is like do good n i'll recommend y0ou
i guess its the past cos his pc is old as balls his coworker (with the arrow) bullies him and the girl is. idfk. a girl. she wears fishnets wich is kinda weird for a food job but what do i know. you look fantastic but maybe not as a knock off mcdonalds worker.
too much personality
sry jess they hit on each other n randy gets annoyed n im 100% on his side cos this is fuckin weird dont do that on the clock, wtf they get upset n im kinda hopin the cleaner gets involved cos like, fuck u chris contemplatin his therapists advice to not get physical sweets that is not the issue unsurpisingly chris is rude af
keep cleanin the floor try to ignore the bullying like the therapist said aaaaa kill him
idk how but that burger looks rancid imaginin different ways to weaponize the burger
hes like u should stop n chris is like why??
n he should know cos benson (the older guy) is like. well. hes older. so thats enough
cough anyway chris is like oi benson ur a redneck shut up and for some reason benson's like yeah ok so he goes back to randy and harrasses him while biting his lip like its a porn movie
idk its weird
bites lip to indicate he wants to make the mc to eat the gross burger i stg if this doesnt result in corporate murder im gonna be so upset
he cracked his neck
whats gonna happen next... pls tell me this signifies u changin into something cooler cos u look like if a rembrandt painting worked for mcdonalds rn and im not into that oooh were in the 70s?
or somthing???
the 2020s are so lame all our biggest films are in earlier eras
prolly cos its never been so easy to recreate them
but whatever chris is like lets do it in the freezer n the girl says this
sex bad!! sex is their only trait.
death is what they get for that. im not kiddin ben brought in a shotgun on his break. meanwhile their manager is watching porn, yknow, if, for some reason u thought you should respect him
the movie thought it should snuff that thought out hes dead now jess is still alive cos shes background noise cos no one else can emote, cos, yknow, theyre dudes.
and itd be so un-masculine to express vocally that you're upset with somone shooting up your place of work. gee i wonder. what a surprise.
rip to the whole not!mcdonalds.
so now we have benson and randy left. he silently reloaded so, yknow, thats scary. srsly if i was gallners agent i'd tell him shave the facial hair why's he got that i rly dont like it
hes a good actor but he look mid cos of it
bensons clearly just done with the place n the culture it creates. its why he doesnt hurt randy. obv randy doesnt know so he's still scared
Majo: a little rude for him to leave blood everywhere for the next shift to clean 🙄 i mean, hes upset about it
at least
i think him and randy r gonna clean it
cos he asked randy to help him move the bodies
Majo: oh nevermind! what a team player :) yeh theyre cleanin! together! whoo!
teamwork makes the dream work
Majo: well at least corporate/regional office will be chuffed they leave n benson controls the hell outta randy cos he has a shotgun and randy, yknow, does not >takes randy with him
i mean u coulda just shot him but fair enough bensons like i know what ur thinkin next shift will be hours from now!!! while randy;s obviously like dude u killed our coworkers, what the fuck
also benson smokes weird so ima just assume the actor doesnt smoke
ok he mentioned the murders he commited
so i guess its not normal to him at least if this film wasnt called "the passenger" itd be called "mass murder road trip"
even tho its only three but i thikn that counts sweets r u gonna talk or are u the silent bob of this movie u havent said anythin since the 5 minute mark someone else is like is ur name bradley bradley n randy corrects them and dude ur on the run for murder just tell em ur name is bradley bradley at this point >dissaproves ben starts psychoanalyzin the waitress for no goddamn reason bitch randy has all right to look at u like that u were bein disrespectful as hell randy's like why am i here n bens like cos u were destined to be
n by that i mean i wanted to shoot up our wendys (or whatever) forever n now ur along for the ride pal ok so clearly ben's taken a shine to randy. he winks at him but i cant get both the sub and this moment in the same shot
randy's only 20. ben's in his mid/late 30s so he's clearly tryna save randy from his own life hi i imprinted on u pls dont mind me meekly carryin his breakfast out oh ok
yeah i guess when its actively ur age thats a big difference JUDGMENT
bitch u shot ur coworkers i feel like at that point u dont get to judge anybody if this was dinner in america this'd be flirting
but i figure its not for this movie
ben's super judgmental about randy doin second grade twice, even tho, afaik, in the netherlands, thats super common hi is this a common look for american housing cos sry but holy shit
Majo: the roof rectangle bit is weird, but otherwise it looks like a normal cheap house to me
>entering the house >still holding his cinnamon bun
u go randy u eat that cinnabon whenever ur ready oh nvm its ben's mum's food now. his mums like i wanted cigs n hes like i didnt get u any im too busy reloading this gun for plot reasons
thank u majo that gives me enough backstory on why the house is like this >gets super close to randy cos he just does that IMPORTANT SHOT IN BENSONS HOUSE
idk why yet but the angle sure implies it bens mum is all like i need to make a call n randy is bein real slow with is
cos i figure hes worried shes gonna call the cops on em ben disagrees. new fits. so fashionable were like a third into the movie and ben unleashes the manipulation on randy
hes like i think u thought i meant u should do what u think is best
but what i meant is that u do what would suit both of us
cos i want to help you!!!
man who shotgunned three people at their place of work, like, four hours ago plot establishment wow they really did a lotta thinkin for the name of the joint these guys worked at. roadtrip woo!
how fun
with a homicidal guy.
good times all around randy admits to being a virgin which for some reason ben's like aw ye thats good he looks a lil like tom holland from this angle
randy i mean. not benson obvs
benson looks like kyle gallner. cos.
cos it.
cos it is kyle- oh ok yeah fair i guess if ur a virgin u didnt get anyone pregnant
that cardigan looks so cozy. its august so idont wanna wear it rn but for the colder months, pls, it looks so nice n warm theres a police siren but ben's all like dont have sex too young cos u'll end up with dissapointed kids
n he's probably not wrong.
but i figure for the movie's sake the sirens are more important
oh he's trauma dumping.
he's the child of teenage parents.
which would explain why his mum looked so young.
the scene isnt changing theyre just tallking
but i cant get over how comfy ben's cardigan looks
i rly want it nother question for my american friends
ice boxes
are they still a thing?
Lou: i see them rarely! (am not american) ben's like lets go meet ur ex and randy's like this is a bad idea but obvs its gonna happen
thank u still the canadian perspective is equally as interesting to me
im half expecting randy and ben to be the same person his girlfriend works at a non-licensed build-a-bear.
ben meanwhile hangs back while randy fucks up his convo, n all
to be fair to randy this really didnt need to be a thing. give me ur coaaaaat
i want ur coat and i want bens cardigaaaaaan, thaaaaank u very muuuuch give me them now thank u bens like actually i want the giraffe
manic pixie dream ass boyfriend ass
dude girl ive watched this movie from the start and i dont even know angrily judges her explanation for why her and randy broke up she explains randy was extremely closed off and thats why they broke up hmmmm how can i use this to manipulate him
and also steal this ugly ass giraffe i put together actually i kinda have that coat i suppose i dont rly need it
the end of the scene at the build a bear kinda indicated ben is.
idk how to word it
he's dangerous outside of his whole "i murdered my coworkers" shtick
to put it simply randy protected his ex from ben anyways they still got their build a bears lol randy gets a call from his mum and ben doesnt wanna pick up but randy insists obsessive. but also, look at that sky
instagram worthy, that is randy confides in ben that a secondary reason he was held back was cos he hit his teacher in the eye with an eraser
after catapulting it from a ruler
which. i did lol
i didnt hit my teacher in the eye but i did the eraser catapult. i got detention
i was like seven but i still remember
i guess good thing i didnt get held back, god damn meanwhile ben's like god damn thats hardcore randys like omg i didnt mean to!!! while ben's all like too late son i'm already 100% into it
HOW yeah that YEAH >fuckin bens gonna laugh about pirate teach for no reason i told u
eyepatches arent funny theyre just a thing
but whatever i guess bitch u know what ur doin at this point.
u didnt have to add that but u did. cant even blame him at this point.
u gave him the ammo u slut he just had to load it in >interrupts cos improv hes like the teachers started doin it too
if that is not the angle theyre goin for the improv doesnt work
guess we'll see
randy mentions she's still a teacher but ben says this, touches his face for maximum manipulation
randy explains he is super malleable cos he ruined a persons life the one time he made his own decision (when he blinded the teacher)
ben changes course to the school
god damn yeh grabbin someone by the neck def shows u care about them its a saturday so idk why she'd be there but uh. guess. maybe the rest of the movie will be about finding a woman with an eyepatch AH-DUHHHH
"y'see this-" ta da!!! doesn't he look like the picture of succesful student?
i think he does. Hi! ???? okay ???? hi friends take it as a positive i guess that when it comes to the difference between 21 and 37 its. its not that big. fuckin hell
prolly just the actors, i suppose
in that randy is made to look haggard as hell she gives em ms. beard's address like thats not gonna be a horrible idea
why arent u doing anything about that, randy
ur with a dude who just killed three people
we find out quickly that ben had a teacher that taught there years ago
figure it comes back at some point sweets he's not a dog >listens anyway ben beats the shit outta that teacher i mentioned, for some reason dont shoot. not cos i dont want u to, but cos people will hear
they leave, after ben beat up that teacher
hes alive but he's. yknow. quite hurt
they drive n ben doesn't wanna talk about why he did it
so we're back to going to ms. beards house
unsurprisingly after the beatdown randy rly doesnt wanna go there how in the fuck
shes so young and pretty clocked omg. shes so sweet ;_; gdi i wanted some violence shes like why are u here and randy turns into the unus to ben's annus in that he doesnt know what to do and gets awkward and ben looks increasingly more disappointed by the second
she invites them in and no no no no nonON ONO NONON ONO NO NO randy tries to apologise about the whole eye thing
hes gettin quite emotional. he clearly feels really bad about it we find out shes got a child n shes divorced. i dunno how this ties into the plot but im sure we'll find out shes being really open with him. its a lovely scene and im very worried about how ben is going to insert himself into it line right after the previous screenshot (randy implied he thought she was happier than he'd expected which she picked up on, leading into this line of dialogue)
i mean. not usually cos their coworker shoots up the place.
but we've all got our traumas. ms beard essentially says randy was a good kid and it was all just an unfortunate accident
meanwhile murderer mcgee is still in her bathroom while randy is addressing his biggest childhood trauma YES LETS GO LETS LEAVE HER ALONE she gets a call about the beating in the parking lot of the school
leave leave leave please leave girl why are you telling this man u dont know
just tell em it doesnt matter and see em out
then concern urself with it oh fuckin hell he died
four deaths on ur name now ben BEN FOR FUCKS SAKE SHES BLIND IN ONE EYE SHE CAN STILL SEE UR FUCKED UP HAND AND MAKE DEDUCTIONS CMON MAN oh he didnt care cos he instantly draws his gun. yes u can u stop that right now mister
u killed four people already u gotta know ur not gonna get away cmon
i dont wanna be mean but ben's actor is my height n i dont think hes that intimidating why does he keep landing villain roles
idk who his agent is but i hate them
this movie is cool n i like it but get him better roles lol now theyre a team of three cos he abducts the teacher its a diner!!!! i love those
official priestess bucketlist i wanna be in one a those before i die hee hee i like his shirt
its a bunny with a skull in it
i wonder if its like. a donny darko thing or somethin
i never got through that movie tbh
randy n the teacher are tryna get out
randys askin for permission to use the toilet
just go man oh noooo he has a phone
a flippy one
cos its. like.
2006 or something
like people cant be in this situation in the 2020s, cmon >does a shit job at calling in the emergency
he killed four people
just say ur bein held hostage in a diner by a guy who killed four people
hell just say ur with a suspect of a crime that is KILLING FOUR PEOPLE idk if its supposed to indicate he has second thoughts about calling ben in or whatever [aesthethic] randy has a breakdown in the meantime ben's confronted by the waitress of the diner who served them in the morning, when he insulted her
(randy's returned) ben explains his pov after shooting the waitress in the leg.
as one does. benson is havin a breakdown because he expected everyone to act a certain way after his mental break, but they dont.
they're still people with their own lives, like the waitress he insulted in the morning, who returned in the evening to give him a piece of her mind.
but he cant handle it. and now randy is telling him he's wrong, and he's yelling at randy about it
just cos you picked up a gun and started attacking people doesn't mean everyone becomes a predictable pawn in your life. they still have their own thoughts and feelings he shoots randy by accident (he was aiming for ms. beard) and he gets upset cos hes obviously projecting on randy super hard for being a younger version of him yes thank u dramatically hand gestures off into the distance i went back for this
cos. wtf
does this mean lol
i mean wait for it lads wait for it (when he was a kid)
plot of the movie:
man shoots up his coworkers and old teacher cos he wanted to be a giraffe when he was a kid contemplation
contemplation of the giraffe
id fuckin kill for his eyelashes ngl aaaaah nooo he walked out when the police is out there dude noooo oh ok just straight up goin for suicide by cop ok ok bitch hes fuckin dead whatre u gonna do
shoot his body
huh i think this movie showed a character traveling with someone who coulda been his future
but hopefully randy's future will be brighter after seeing what happened with benson we find out randy still hangs out with his old teacher and her daughter oh. okay
im laughin
probably cos its near 4 am
why is this the end
well that was depressing but it was a good film.
i recommend it if u work in customer facing jobs and you wanna kill everyone.