The Duff

you know what.
u know what
fuck this, were watching this shit
not to prove a point, just cos i want to see what on earth made them make this movie
also everyone on this poster looks awful bye
ok fuck this my normal website doesnt have good subs
hang on.
ok got a good one [the narration is describing all you could be in school]
ok this is bullshit. nobody used the word basketcase in 2015
you only said that cos its on the fuckin breakfast club poster
Rikki: hey if ur watching bad 2000s movies can uw atch easy a next
Rikki: well technically it came out in 2010 but i watched it on a whim and my brain leaked out of my ears
oooh i saw that when i was a teen! i wouldnt mind rewatching it
lol please rewatch it
i had seen like part of it as a kid but never the whole movie
Rikki: it aged...pretty bad!
Acea: Oh i watched thst movie so many times bc it aired on tv several times
not as bad as some movies but lmao
Rikki: wow
Rikki: we should just have an easy a watch party
Rikki: ill suffer thru it again for u guys
Acea: I dont think easy a was bad
Acea: Duffs probably worse
Rikki: like as in how fucked up it was compared to other movies at the time, not as bad, but the painfully bad it wanted to be meta and cool but it was the same as every other teenage romcom
Rikki: i liked the parents and it was like, hilariously 2000s even if it came out in 2010 technically, but it was almost like the movie equivalent to im not like other girls which was painful for me personally lmao, just be a dum teen romcom its ok..........
Acea: Someone should watch breakfast club with me
i quite like that film, its got some questionable stuff in it but generally its like a time capsule and theres a lot of charm to it
Rikki: wait the duff came out in 2015????????????
Aria: This movie is from 2015?? It looks like it came out around the same time as Mean Girls wtf
Rikki: lmao
yeah same ok so i thought this was on the poster but basket case is from a quote its about allison (girl on the left) but on the poster they call her a recluse instead
ANYWAY, incomplete quote, weird cos they also used princess (and jock right before that), why not do a full reference
if youre gonna say basket case. just say loner, or outsider, or emo or whatever people were in 2015 that comes down to the same thing
also YES i was also surprised at how recent this film was!
Rikki: did people say emo anymore in 2015 lol...i feel like the mid 2010s are a blur
well theres gotta have been some alt style then. idk what but. they musta done something???
the bell rang and these guys are like ooooh showtime and i bet its some kinda girl leaving the classroom, which makes no sense cos
1. why arent they in class
2. how do they know what classroom she is in
Acea: Lmao how desperate do u need to be
Acea: I likevthe red shirt tho
fuckin told u what.
Acea: Spotted the virgin HASHTAG the kind one!!!! its 2015 guys! twitter amirite!!!!
Salsa: does... she use the hashtag for herself?? is it the boys who use it for her?? is it god??
Acea: Oh wow hashtags…
Aria: What does that even mean, like is everyone else in the school an asshole or what?
a guy says this about the second girl. did we need the quotes. maybe hes just really into calladoodie and he wants a partner who likes the game too
Rikki: wow i love twitrter!
Rikki: i love this charactyer now
i think its supposed to be everyone else, she is a friend of the MC and i dont think shes supposed to be a bad person??? idk
oh his friend is like what u wanna play viddy games with her??? u wanna do something that isnt sex with a girl??? what, are you gay?? so he quickly corrects himself
Rikki: lmao are u sure.
Rikki: are u sure this wasnt from 2008
oh they were talking about this girl.
what are they, the fucking powerpuff girls.
shes even greenish
whats with the #the[whatever]one shit
Rikki: because twitter is cool cmon scarlet
Rikki: u know this
oh fuck off
Rikki: i mean priestess
what is she hacking
the call of duty servers???
i hope whoever wrote this shit stubs his toe today thank u subtitler for spelling show like shaw. s what i get for pirating i guess
Salsa: offbrand jennifer from jennifers body
ngl that was instantly the vibes i got too
jennifer, except not as cool but probably also not as much of an asshole
maybe doesnt kill as many people
and also in a movie that is garbage right off the bat its our mc! boys dont wanna fuck her cos she burps and wears dungarees! deeeeeeeeeeeesgustang
Rikki: And she burped
Rikki: She probably farted once in her life too
Rikki: Disgusting
Salsa: she probably eats........ burgers
shes even wearin an off the shoulder top. shes pretty. she just has some ibd. show some compassion u bastards
Rikki: Burgers!!!
Rikki: And….fries?!!??!
Rikki: The carbs!
Acea: She looks like a conventional beauty loo
Acea: Did they try
absolutely not
also yeah they make her make a face cos they couldnt be arsed to cast someone who isnt super conventionally attractive
i guess shes our blossom cos i bet shes a smartiepants and also theres three of them and we already saw the sweet and hardassy ones
Rikki: It’s so funny they always do this, show a beautiful actress who definitely still looks like a beautiful actress and then she’ll be like I’m so fucking ugly and disgusting no one notices me not like BLONDE ACTRESS WHO LOOKS EXATXLY LIKE ME BHT SHES BLONDE AND HER BOOBS ARE SLIGHTLY BIGGER
Aria: It feels like they just picked a pretty actress and asked her not to wash her hair for a couple of days
one of her undesirable traits is liking "unconventional" movies and i take 100% offense
Rikki: Picture of a normal week night at priestess’ house
Acea: Wheres her scar
Acea: Ugly ppl have scars
of course this slut is smart as fuck
they always have
fuck you if youre an idiot who cant dress themselves, might as well go live in the sewers, dont even try
salsa: okay ngl i thought that was jennifers body on her screen for a sec there
the zombie man biting the girls arm?
salsa: yes
Rikki: I think she should have freckles
Rikki: Nothing more disgusting than freckles
Rikki: She’s so nasty because she’s wearing a blue t shirt lmao what a loser
idk why it says that cos she played like shit.
Rikki: Why did she even bother leaving the house
the movie is being nice to her while its being a dick to her. what is this
Rikki: The duff look how short she is!!! so uncoool!!!! who wears dungareees????? who has the exact same cut out top as her two popular best frie--- wait
theyre still mostly dressed the same, good fuckin job movie
light accessories, low cut top, top layer (buttercup has it tied around her waist but she still has one!)
Rikki: Well she has less makeup on and isn’t looking super co Disney so
Rikki: Confident lol
Rikki: So ugly
doesnt the disney best friend usually look like her
Salsa:needs weirder hair
Acea: Hat
i was gonna say shes the miranda to their lizzie mcguire but i forgot miranda had bitchin hairstyles
Rikki: He’ll yea Miranda had great hair do u think they cast these guys cos two outta three a them have tree trunk necks
ahem. anyway
Rikki: Yeah
Rikki: This is how American teens talk
Salsa: i want the sriracha tshirt no joke
Rikki: Steal it from@him
ooh u wanna bet what the big scene of the movie is gonna be
Rikki: I wonder… you can go with your friends????? what the hell blossom cmon step up ur game
u dont need a date
Acea: Are dance partys 2005 or nah
Acea: Or dance endings
the duff says FUCK NO ITS 2015 AND WE'LL PARTY
twilight had a dance ending right? i dont remember when that came out lol
salsa: 200...9?
(her name is bianca but im likely just gonna call em by the ppg i assigned them cos i forgot their names for the most part already)
i hope blossom walks into a locker at some point cos she deserves to be smacked
pretentious ass
its 2015 bitch pirate it
Acea: Ask The hacker
lol yeah why didnt buttercup go i can just get you that
you can tie in her going "idk who vincent price is cos im too pretty to know?!?!?!?! but i can hack the system and totes like get you all of those movies!!!"
Salsa: she doesnt actually want to encourage the pretentiousness shes witnessing rn
omg yeah shes just putting up with it
hoping blossom eventually gets better oh i guess this is the villain. her name is allison but im calling her princess morbucks cos fuck you thats why
as she would tell you herself, shes 25 and still attending high school somehow
salsa: you know shes the bad bitch because she has a side part ...eesh.
Aria: [pain] fucking.
Acea: Is that bella thorne wow they dont even call her the[something]one what a poser
idk is it?
Acea: Uh idk cant tell actually haha girls are so fake and manipulative!!!!! holy shit u got it
Acea: Ohh yee
social media grows and dies so fast this shit dates films like fuckin. idk. some kinda fruit that rots fast i cant think of anything right now
like yeah youtube is still relevant but shes a teen so nowadays it should be tiktok
bad bad. bad bad bad shes like blossom u cant come and also its super obvious her best friend is her DUFF lol
Acea: Avocados aren fruits inthink but they go bad fast >:(
they told the makeup department only concealer and foundation! nothing else! and get those curlers outta here
Salsa: i thought avocados were fruit
thank u i shoulda said avocado
Majo: (yeh that looks like her!!) omg buttercup ur the goat she just ripped up her invite cos if blossom cant go she isnt goin omg its that guy!
who was in like, school setting stuff for like, everything, during the time of the hangover
Salsa: its that guy!!
Acea: Oh that guy
Acea: Hangover dude
Salsa: community teacher dude for me
Aria: Same
Acea: What about the kind one
she didnt rip it up. interestin
oh this is the school newspaper
not a class hes like write about homecoming! this is the movie never been kissed but like 20 years later
or whenever that came out they clearly told this guy just do that thing u do in the other movies everyone knows you for
really overreading his lines look at him! gesturing!
Aria: I still haven't understood what homecoming is, like what makes it different from prom? hows that scenery mate? taste good? cos you sure are takin ur time chewing it
Salsa: i think you should be an official movie critic actually i looked it up for you cos honestly i thought it just meant final dance before graduation oh buttercup is also there, i thought we were gettin some bubbles/blossom bonding time but nah
Aria: Still don't get it but I guess it's a good excuse for teen dramas to have, well, drama its a dance you numpty you dont need a fuckin date
go with your friends
(jess is bubbles btw.)
Salsa: harold okay lads time to place ur bets on how mediocre this films leading man's gonna be
Acea: Oh no
Salsa: i hope its sriracha guy
Acea: I put 500 dollars on sports guy
its no eyebrows mcjohnson!
(its not)
(hes not on the poster)
(but i guess blossom likes this guy)
Majo: (homecoming is almost always at the start/end(?) of football season. always. least in the majo murica experience!!)
Acea: Ohh
Acea: Ewwww did people say amazeballs in 2015. did people say amazeballs ever.
this film seems to think so cos hes described this way THREE TIMES
Salsa: he looks like he took a month long trip to europe (france+germany) and came back ~cultured~
god damn you hit the nail on the head he really does
Salsa: people havent said amazeballs since 2008 please end my suffering
Acea: Amazeballs..l
that is entirely his vibe
>she says she cant work up the courage to say three words to him
>he waves at her
her: "okay, bye!"
ok that was pretty funny. ill give u that one movie
Salsa: a broken clock is right twice a day yadda yadda uuuuuugh this is our real leading man isnt it.
i swear this is a franco. or franco adjacent. bah
Acea: Lol yea true more tree trunk neck btw
sorry shamin the male physique here, i shouldnt ugh she just said WE GREW UP TOGETHER BUT NOW I THINK HES SUPER ANNOYING
will they ever come up with something new???
also wesley is just. like maybe its me but. such a nerdy ass name
hes her neighbour. hes literally the boy next door. oh my god.
Acea: No yea thats a nerds name
Aria: The names in this movie sure are...something
Aria: Idk, they just feel painfully made up??
this film was made for teenage sleepovers.
Acea: Nerd, butler or vampire (killer)
she insults him, he goes sticks and stones SPEAKIN OF STONES then pull up his shirt
shoulda shown his balls. stones is a synonym for balls. fuckin idiot.
oh his princess morbuckses boyfriend cos a course he is.
Acea: I get why blossom doesnt like him anymore
Joker: He looks like every high school tv show sports guy ever
jfc bella thorn has a higher credit than the mc
Salsa: oh my god
Joker: Like if I turned on Disney channel he'd show up immediately
Salsa: maybe i wrote this movie
clothing montage tiiiiime!!!!
gotta say 2015 fashion isnt that offensive. if blossom took off those socks and rolled down her trousers she could walk around fine today, i like buttercups zippy top and bubbles' entire fit is cute im so upset i recognise blossom's posters. also lucio fulci's zombie, really.
i do like that her popular friends are supportive OH MY GOD ITS
Salsa: whats a hashtag ksdhjfgbndhrfekjr stoooppppp
>me going to imdb
>goes to my default page
... hggng its allison janney!
who we know from...
n.nothing. i thought i recognised her but i dont
Aria: Mom
shes mom. she is
Aria: I mean yeah, but I meant she starred in the show Mom she was left by blossomses dad causing her to tear his clothes to cgi shreds with a lawnmower
cmon guys u couldnt actually let her destroy some clothes
Acea: Yea i know her too!
oh her mums a writer
Acea: From mom and i think other movies/shoes
Salsa: i thought you meant like, personally
shes like daughter i think u should wear a powersuit to the party cos the boys will love that
even tho her whole thing is that she writes self help books for divorcees
why would she wanna dress for boys blossoms like ima wear a flannel those are timeless
and is she right?
shes so right.
[im totally not wearing a flannel right now] have this without context
Salsa: [fart noise] she wore it. including a slogan shirt. this movie is bullshit blossom understands fashion way better than anyone else at this party oh i guess this is the era we put belts around everything
like that dress wouldnt look good on her without a belt
(im not against cinching in dresses it just. im not a fan of it on her dress tbh)
Joker: 2015 was the belt fashion fashion era for America. Everything had to have belts - EVERYTHING awwww vibing with her friends! thats pretty cute
aaah im glad to have some inside info on this thank u joker eats some gross ass naked cheese cos thats just so quirky! omg her eyebrowless boy who sorta knows how to assault an accoustic guitar is there!
Salsa: ASSAULT AN ACCOUSTIC GUITAR omg its. wesley. thats his name. i wanted to make up a funny name but its fuckin WESLEY so i dont need to
cant wait to see them have more passive aggressive interractions with each otehr before inevitably ending up together cos he has a six pack and whoever wrote this film doesnt respect girls enough to make blossom a more whole rounded character who cares about anything but that. wesley you fucking cunt
hes talking about blossom's friends, after blossom said they're currently dancing together
our leading man everyone! fetishizing girls being comfortable with each other cos why not
2015 is not as good as you remembered it omg its the term. cant believe we got it from wesley of all people hi in case u missed it when acea first recommended i watch this (as a joke mind u), this is what duff means.
Acea: But
Acea: Shes neither of that
Acea: Well maybe a friend
jfc wesley is like dont get so offended! the duff isnt always ugly!!! look at robin!!! and it pans to this girl
what kinda mysoginistic fuckin tripe-
yeah i was also thinking 'shes a friend, thats true' lol >robins friends
yeah im sure that didnt fuck up
1. the actress who played robin
2. anyone who looks like robin
3. any girl who watched this shit and started assessing her own looks based on this movie
Acea: Im lost robin looks cute
she does!!!
Joker: Yes but she's not "hollywood highschool" cute, therefore she is ugly by the film's definition wesley is like guys have duffs too! and it shows this guy named aj and hes cute af and the only guy in this film who doesnt look like a vapid brick shithouse model
Salsa: What the fuck lol blossom splashes him. have the best screenshot i took of that, by chance
hes on the poster but i stg if she ends up with him, fuck this entire movie forever 1/10
Acea: Splashed him for his uncalled comments? Good
she did yeah ugh the damage has been done shes lookin at herself in the mirror all worried
tryna get comfy but shes all like am i ugly when im comfy?
Acea: Noooooo00
sad guitar chimes in
Acea: Shes not even remotely fat fat. they called her fat. FAT
IN 2015
Acea: Ppl wrho made the duff did not care about how this movie might make people feel
i mean, it woulda been bad at ANYTIME
but god DAMN i didnt know it was still this bad in 2015 jfc the movie showing her goin through these stages. the stages of grief. about being labeled the designated undesirable be honest with me lads
dont u wish i was watching a horror movie now.
cos u know this guy would get horribly killed.
but now he wont, cos this is a teen romcom.
Acea: Ohhh good point
Mel: wait wait this is a romcom?
Mel: as in this is suppossed to be cute?
Mel: because like this aint it cheif
that is indeed what they are attempting take you and your negging ass all the way over to a romanian prison you fuckstain
Aria: I hate this movie more and more, I'm sorry you have to suffer through this Priestess
thank u for ur compassion i appreciate it
Acea: Wdym? its an absolute must see that doesnt mean anything you humanesque garbage pile oh thank fuck its the other powerpuff girls i missed them hi this is jeffrey he has no importance except that the lunch lady remembered his name and not blossoms. I just wanted to screenshot him cos i waNT HIS JACKET i kinda like these fits. jeans on jeans but it looks kinda nice with the cardigan, the other two look kinda dull but innofensive. not too bad
Acea: What truthhhh
that shes the duff and that its her friends fault
Acea: yea she looks really cute!
idk how. they didnt do shit
but she just went ITS MY FRIENDS FAULT
Acea: Huh
>i dont give damn bout my reputation starts playing
course it does. shes dressed like this now which, idk, its like, pajamas, a brown cardigan, pink socks. coulda been more interesting but whatever jfc blossom this is just a dick move. bubbles: doesnt give a shit cos blossoms her friend and shes not an asshole ok props to the film this gets resolved so quickly HELL YE BUBBLES
Acea: This movie should be about bubbles BLOSSOM FOR FUCKS SAKE USE YOUR HEAD
Aria: Do people use unfriend irl?
shes all like "uh yeah so this guy whos a complete ass to me told me that u guys think im ugly! I mean, he just said he thinks im ugly but im projecting it onto you, so, like, FUCK YOU GUYS! cos ur my loyal friends but he has a dick so i hate you while still accepting him"
i mean. the movie is self aware in that respect i guess but uhhhh fuck blossom. or bianca. or whatever her name is
fuckin bint jfc were not even ten years later and this is already dated. Acea: I take that back most relevant thing so far. u go tumblr, four for you tumblr
u are as timeless as that mean girls quote i keep using.
Aria: Holy hell I haven't thought about We Heart It in so fucking long
this is so clearly written by Gen Xes who are all like WERE WITH THE TIMES WE KNOW WHAT THE KIDS LIKE
Acea: Wasnt thst pinterest
where its like, yeah, but also it has no longevity
oh oh u said pinterest did u
Acea: Huh yea
Acea: Oh
Acea: Huh whores??
Mel: what the hell is this movie??? like this is so cringy and i'm the target audience
Acea: What the hell
also, laura dern everyone! laura dern during her excile from hollywood cos she supported lesbians. woo!
Aria: Writers be like "how many social medias can we stuff into this scene?"
(idk if its her. but it looks a bit like her so there)
Acea: Isnt the target audience for this movie teens Acea: Like 16 how is he the goth duff. its like they forget what the first f stands fo
the other dude has more neckage
Mel: yeah what i'm saying is i was in the target audience when this movie came out i think
Acea: Ohhh
??? the hand? is the hand the duff? he has a fat ugly hand? nani
Aria: Priestess, did you forget? Love interest guy said that the duff doesn't have to be ugly or fat!
Ollie: Do they even try to make her getting mad at her friends for being good friends make sense??
Aria: glee duff uses the glee font, I don't know how to take it
dont fuckin hate on this girl shes got high school all figured out and she will stab someone with a compass later and it will be entirely justified
whoever was in charge of that tried a little bit, at least
Acea: Wow! I thiught of glee when i saw this frame
Acea: Wild
no, shes an ass for doing it but her friends dont even defy her, they just go YEAH WELL I UNFOLLOWED U ON THE SOCIAL MEDIAS TOO!!!
Lou: sorry i was at work what are we watching
Ollie: DUFF :)
Ollie: It's painful
shes like i wanna make out with ur face and this is his response
ok. sure.
Aria: An absolute must see /s
i mean, if he turns out to give her some perspective on her dumbass ideas, thatd be neat, but i doubt it
>bad trap music kicks in cos its 2015
oh nvm she still cant talk to him its just an imagine spot
im sorry man youre just. no no
no no to the noooooo no no u havent done anything but abuse a guitar and sing poorly but i dont liek youuuuuuuu
Ollie: I mean given what was said to him the response does follow the logic
that is very true we cant blame tyler on this one.
his name isnt tyler.
i forgot what it was, its tyler now.
Lou: He looks like a Tyler tbh
Ollie: He does
oh yeah his name is toby. he does look like a toby, but fuck it, hes tyler now.
Aria: lose enough
he looks even more like a tyler than a toby tbh
Majo: agreed!! her neggy ass friend wesley is shit at chemistry and theyre clearly gonna make him work with blossom to get his grade up cos thats how fanfics work and this film is written twelve times worse than any fanfic ive read.
Lou: wesley is one of my fav coworkers names
hes like ill lose my scholarship if im off the football team!!!! which uh, hello american friends, why the fuck do kids who are good at sports get scholarships???
its fucking sports, how does that reflect on their academic ability????
Lou: because sports
Mel: because college sports are HUGE in america
Mel: especially football
thats dumb as fuck
Mel: i know
id say sorry but im not.
Lou: yeah
thats fucking stupid
Lou: no ur right
Mel: it really is stupid
but thanks for explaining i do appreciate that
Mel: you are absolutely right and you should say it
Lou: fellow nonamerican agrees in being not sorry
Ollie: Same
they strike up a deal where he teacher her to be hot and she teaches him chemistry.
Mel: how far are we into the movie? like this plot structure implies we're maybe 15 minutes in
but it feels like it should be almost over
ur closer than u think. were at the half hour mark.
theres an hour left
i need to pause less, as is usually the case
Mel: oh my GOOOOOD UGHHHH she just called bela lugosi a swamp thing and.
Ollie: I mean the more pauses the more fun commentary u take that back u pre-simian life form
Lou: Bela Lugosi is a pretty good lookin dude for the era
Lou: idk if thats a hot take or not
hes also the voice and laugh in mjacksons thriller
lugosi is cool
and not comparable to a girl dressin in pjays. tsk tsk
Majo: thats a pretty common take! slay indeed
Ollie: Yo that's sick as hell
aah sorry i gotta rectify that. that was vincent price. sorry
he was referenced earlier in the movie though, so uh, theres that. both a them were vampires and had a vampire vibe in general though, so, please forgive me the first thing wesley does is make buttercup wear different underwear which is dumb as fuck cos no one will see that
the fuck was the message here, movie makers go die wesley ????he just calls over some victorias secret workers and they come over and help??? what the fuck is this this is her fit. she looks cute as fuck. her clothes also fit well
what the shit.
Aria: W-what's a uniboob?
i wonder if the costumer sent her out in poorly fitted clothes, the director went NO THATS NOT HOT, the costumer went but u said she should look like shes not dressed right and they went NO SEX SELLS GO DIE BUT HER IN THE RIGHT SIZE
Majo: where there's one boob tube shape instead of two defined tiddies yeah sry all i know is the lolita term for it
Majo: u know when shirts r too small and it looks like y'know. One Boob
bitch she wears horror themed shirts all the fucking time, or silly quote shirts. shes defined by her style pretty well ok well. imagine wreck it ralph in her fit
cos thats def not in the movie whys he judging her outfits. she hates him. hes a cunt. he called her a duff. how does he know fashion. hes wearing lame shit in every scene. fuck this guy were still doin makeover segments in 2015 i guess
and they still make no sense are u going to a beach resort
all her outfits look like he ripped them off a mannequin styled by a bored and underpaid h&m employee FUCKING PATTY FROM DINNER IN AMERICA DRESSED BETTER THAN THIS AND SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE A DORK
this whole segment makes no sense.. fuck the everything here but i do like the skirt. id like to have that skirt. she fuckin emulates her feelings for tyler on this mannequin and its being filmed so im sure this isnt gonna bite her in the ass.
also, the movie calls her fat. just want u to remember that. shes starin at a little black dress like omg i could be like that one fall out boy song and fuckboy is like wear it
shes like no cos ill wear it at a later scene and then itll look less cool wesley is like go hit on this nerd to practice like thats not a fucking horrible thing to do to this guy
i mean he doesnt fall for it but fuck you, hes a person, fuck you for trying it. hes a cunt and hes also so ugly, i hope no girl in 2015 looked up to this shit movie
i mean me finding him ugly isnt that important but again hes a total cunt first and that is a problem
theres no reason for her to put up with it. he just said shes ugly and fat and she went IM GONNA PROVE HIM WRONG
1. cutting off her real friends
2. hanging out with this cunt
3. trying to change her fashion for this cunt
4. doing shit she really doesnt want to for this cunt
and what does he do in return??? fucking nothing.
get better at chemistry, which is honestly her 5th point.
5. teach the cunt how to not fail at chemistry anyway someone made an instagram reel or whatever was before tiktok to make fun of blossom for. having an arm and a leg.
fucking vile to see that in 2015 they didnt see how damaging this shit would be to kids
Mel: like unless this movie does a 180 this guy is suppossed to be the love interest
Mel: who's you know suppossed to be at the very least a likeable person. this guy doesn't even have that
they just thought ITS MONEY!! KIDS WILL LOVE IT!!! THEYLL TOTALLY GET WE DONT THINK SHES ACTUALLY FAT no they wont you neanderthals theyre kids
honestly i dont see how they could redeem him at this point
unless he dies. which he prolly wont
but she should not end up with him anyway the other ppgs see it and they are upset for their friend
bubbles is like cmon buttercup ur a master hacker take the site down
what, all of instagram? she does, on her super advanced windows xp.
Majo: oh my godddd
Mel: d...did people use windows xp in 2015???
oh it was yt not insta. but uh yeah buttercup took it down with her haxorzzz skillz
Majo: no, which is even better
no. most likely not. lol
Majo: windows 8 was out by then, for reference
the principal is all like omg these kids, ive seen mean girls, theyre OUTTA CONTROL blossom throws some more food on wesley cos hes not helping her. idk what the weird head is behind him, prolly to tease her for her mannequin dance blossom is sad in front of her sexy sexy zombie girl poster
i. think thats kind of a weird thing for her to have
like her taste in films matches mine, i wasnt gonna get a zombie pinup girl to hang on my wall when i was a teen. that shit doesnt appeal to me id feel like that wasnt made for me
so yeah it just seems weird to me for her to have that
anyway eat shit and die wesley oh fuck off!! oh he was being literal.
DONT SHOW ANYONE THAT VIDEO OF THE GIRL I LIKE, I HAVE VIOLENT TENDENCIES WHICH IS LIKE, SO HOT She talks to tyler and tbf at this point i just hope she gets with him cos fuck wesley all the way to hell, i know nothing about tyler except poorly playing the guitar so thats better than wesley at least
Mel: this movie fucking sucks they went on a walk or whatever and they bonded. idk
our romantic male lead, everyone.
(madison is his on again off again girfriend. fwiw. which is very little.)
pls turn into a horror movie just have bubbles run in with a chainsaw and fucking kill everyone at homecoming, i dont care
Mel: i don't know have them dowse main girl in pig blood at prom and fucking kill everyone i don't care OHH BABY YOURE A CLASSIC, LIKE A LITTLE BLACK DRESS ty didnt bother cos were supposed to hate him even though wesley is still infinitely worse
which isnt to say tyler isnt bad, but. yknow. hes got some stiff competition surprisiiiiiise her date with tyler doesnt go well
she also keeps thinking of wesley like, the whole time.
idk what tyler did to make her hate him ngl i skipped through it cos this film is so fucking predictable hey wes i just had a shit date with one fuckboy so i thought id call the other fuckboy i know ah yes the only two characters i like.
her friends are all like fuck this duff stuff we all have our strengths and weaknesses
shoulda listened to them from the start you stupid bint they get together. at the prom. and then stay together
the end.
Ollie: That was horrid (the movie not scarlet movie time, movie time was fun as always)
yeah this was atrocious
it didnt demonise her friends, thats the only thing it did ok but the rest was trash
Mel: this is the worst movie i've ever seen and i didn't even watch it
Mel: thank you for your service
i appreciate u all bein here while i suffered through it here heres the song i was referencin for her little black dress and that was stuck in my head for the rest of the movie.
its from 2008 so a bit older than the film, but eh
the main message of this film is teenage boys are shit but some of them are worth hating yourself for
gj movie
(i wanna clarify i dont think teenage boys are shit by default but the film doesnt have a single likeable teen boy in it)
Rikki: Lmao yeah
Rikki: Yeah…this movie sounds like it was supposed to be made in 2009 but something happened
Lou: scarlet what would u give it out of tèn
also apparently this was based on a book. the author wrote it when she was 17.
Rikki: Like those wattpad to Netflix movies??
1 being the lowest
didnt have fun, was also just shit
[...Guess the duff and blood and honey are tied for worst movie for me and yknow what I have peace with that]