Studio 666

LADS thats a fuckin gory opening like im no expert on foo fighters but damn i didnt expect that yeees we love a little creative venture
fully expect it to be deathgasm but with the foo fighters in it
huh didnt know there were that many people in the group.. hello im here to die and probably have my pastel pantsuit covered in blood nice to meet you and heres your haunted abode! did he.. stuff his flannel into his pocket its kind of a look at this point i expect this roadie is gonna kill them all he looks so annoyed sponsored by dorite! gonna collect man in window shots like they're schoolgirl with book shots [note: the amount of shots older horror movies have of girls walking holding books to indicate they're in school]
huh the cg isnt great but the grime makeup is v good i stg this guy is smiling in every single shot
he just dooeeees not caaaare dave grohl ready with a fork to go stab some paparazzi hi! just here to introduce myself to get horribly murdered later. hear me sing poorly! omg no flannel. i did wonder if it was possible
so theyre in this haunted house because this one room has really good acoustics (read: theres weird eerie afternoises to any sound played in it) and they need to produce a new album, i kinda like that THEY DID A FUCKIN JUMPSCARE WITH LIONEL RICHIE yes yes. very subtle movie jeans on jeans. that is a choice
AND a shirt under that. how cold is it there cosy!
oh except for the vivisected raccoon on the wall. which i wont screenshot cos im not a monster
they think the gardener did it. maybe he was just tired of the raccoons nooo dave dont play the haunted music in the cursed shack with the vivisected raccoon on the wall ugh he played the haunted music in the cursed shack with the vivisected raccoon on the wall...
oops the music thing turned into the devil
gettin some serious deathgasm vibes. lets hope this one has less sex toy violence in it.. lookin like sirius black over here i like how theyre all middle aged but still sorta low key grunge but then theres smiley over there going nah im in by suburban dad era now jesus foo fighters has a lot of strings hi i brought some lemon bars please have some before i die aw yis another stare through window shot someone's been converted to suburban dad couture i see omg i didnt know there was such a thing as corporate speak for bands but here we are sinister music playin cos dave is possessed and being belligerent, pat still smilin away
oh pat. i think they coulda given that part to another band member cos he legit cant stop smiling love his fashion sense tho. he always stands out lol jeans on jeans dressed slightly nicer for his death scene
damn, that was rude. rude demon things. do not like
ooh there's an accompanying album. but they're not showcasing the songs in the movie
im kinda glad about that? idk how i feel about music videos that string together into a movie BARB you cant come here in clothes on which blood would not show up clearly. wheres your pink pantsuit. jeez GOD DAMMIT PAT STOP SMILING this guy looks so much like one of jack's friends its throwin me off
oh my god were killing band members
i didnt think they'd go there well that. looks kinda cool, i think
considering this came out in '22 its gonna be a lil awkward if taylor the drummer dies in this..
they just found the corpse of jeans on jeans and their first questions are
1. who is that
2. where is his head
thats a very collected response to finding a corpse. THEY DEDUCT ITS THE DELIVERY GUY COS THERES RANCH SCATTERED AROUND HIS FEET LOL
ooh give jeans on jeans a mayhem moment, make the cover for his next album a picture of his body
this film makes me want to play some jeff johanssen ngl i figure its the point cos its LA but this is the most manufactured face ive ever seen jesus taylor dont be rude thank u rami
seriously tho readin up on groupies in the 70s/80s and their treatment is fuckin grotesque
jesus this film is so gory
it just pulled a wrong turn but like, more gory ok well i laughed the countercuse is called the van houten protocol and i gotta say they have an interesting way of pronouncing that
half the band is dead, his bandmate is trying to perform a countercurse against their possessed frontman who is currently FLYING at them
pat: :) dave grohl telling someone that their place is that theyre the pretender, and what if he'd say he'll never surrender
that was a lot more violent than i expected
id givei t a 6 outta ten.
Lou: what would u describe as a 6 out of 10? not trying to be facetious, im genuinely curious since some people are like "yeah a six is good!!" and others are like "a six is average, meh"
yeah i totally get why you'd ask, i was thinkin if i should elaborate
to me a six outta ten means its decent, it's worth a watch. but nothin special
in this case specifically i'd say give it a watch if you like horror movies or foo fighters but don't expect anything amazing. It's just fine Rikki: I do like foo fighters...