huh i guess wendigoon did like skinamarink
its got that youtube vhs horror vibe to it which tbh i can never focus on either so maybe thats why i fell asleep otl
Acea: ohh ahts the tiktok horror movie thing ive seen on youtube
Acea: i wanted to know how u feel about, i guess u didnt really like it
i tried to watch it but i fell asleep
the movie is 100% atmosphere
you never clearly see anyone. i might try watching it again while working just so im doing something to keep me awake ;;;
Acea: haha thats not really a good sign
Acea: i have no idea what a 100% atmosphere movie is supposed to be like
Acea: can u name another movie like that? that i might know lol
its just sounds, its a dark house where its hard to see anything and its poor quality footage
Acea: sounds kinda like a game
i cant think of another movie that id describe that way ._.
youre a kid in a dark house and a voice talks to you, and i think weird stuff happens but. again. i fell asleep
lol straight up described it as a game there
ugh yknow what i'll give it a rewatch after my appointment at 1. try to liveblog it lol
Acea: yea dw you describes it now! i imagine some horror indie game, but movie now
ok lets. attempt to not fall asleep this time oooh so vintage. sure why not and how much did it cost you kyle. 20 bucks?
mister ball
Acea:Kyle Ball(s) jfc youre not making a 1940 disney movie cmon
Acea: Oh u r a critic
im practically roger ebert
even though ebert hated pretty much all the films i like :) legoes!
its 1995 but the music playing is from, like, idk, the 30s
wheres my spice girls kyle
wheres my. uh
n..nirvana? scary closet! am i supposed to be seein something thank you subtitles i was worried id gone deaf. is that a lamp? what is that
why is there still 1930s radio ?????
ugh fuck it i have photoshop open anyway
Acea: I See nothing
Acea: So scary
ooooh, look at thaaat, its ✨nothing✨
Acea: Omg spoiler that is that a plant. i cant even tell
Acea: Too spooky plant?
enhancing it did diddly squat spooky closet!! more old music!! wooo!!! ... face?
am i starting to see things..
Acea: Pfffff omg, human life.
Acea: Sorry sorry oooh boob lamp
Acea: What is that
i think a kid sitting at the stairs? idk
Acea: I think kyle should show the movie again but every scene is fully lit
fuck it im turning skinamarink into tumblr aesthetic vagueposts Acea:I have no idea where u see a.human there but ok oes this help
oh no kevin!
kevin is. someone. who was counting two seconds ago
Acea: Kevin noooooo heaven forbid i think its a child making the foodstep noises
also: booblamp! i think they took kevin to the hospital cos he fell down the stairs
hm i should write a lil bigger
Majo: i think the tiny tumblr aesthetic text adds to the skatingrink ambiance
Majo: only enhances the skinmarina "I can't see jack shit" experience really
skatingrink haha
oh theyre back from the hospital kaylee and kevin. very creative parents is.. ur door okay oh damn double layer of subtitles Acea: Do u think maybe... These are kyles siblings the children are out
Acea: Out for what
Majo: our for the skating rink!!
Acea: Oh yes ofc
probably go talk to a demon
go skating with a demon
Majo: better than falling down the stairs again I think ok seriously whats with the ceiling shots
Acea: Did the little toaste or vacuumcleaner appear at any point or not alat all so far
what am i supposed to see
Acea: You should feel trapped
Acea: Or kyle didnt have many locations
Acea: So he films the floor and the the ceiling
Acea: Two rooms boom
ok i take it back sry kyle this angle was justified
that door just appeared
Acea: Wow that truly is scary
oh now its gone again
Acea:Abandonment issues kick in
Acea: I will forever remember this door...
a person?
kaylee also wonders where the door went
oh another door just did the appear disappear trick
Acea: Impossible to see anything on ny phone lmao
Acea: Are you scared
my last thought was this is an ugly house
so no, not really also papa is gone now. so now its just the kids
you cant see them but holy shit kevin is a bad actor
the way he delivered one of his lines was so forced lol
Acea: I think thats on purpose aww
Acea: Hes being controlled by darkness
Actually ver deep
demon through kevin: i cant fall asleep with the lights on :( awww. ah yes. another dark corridor. never. never seen that one before... seriously why are the cartoons old as balls!
oh, no copyright. nevermind oh booblamp im so glad youre still here.
Acea: Better not be fucking disappearing like the traitor doors
id be so sad if the booblamp disappeared this is a really useless night light
oh, it got knocked out of the socket. SOMEHOW cosy. ok so. theyve been alone for like. two nights and a day now ooh theyre both downstairs!! maybe something.. will happen
Moe:Omg you’re trying again. So far aceas drawing emerging from the darkness is the scariest part kyle e. ball: nah man i'd rather film more nothing oh. theres. a chair on the ceiling now..? sry thats all i can think of now
Moe: After this and an absolute garbage horror short story TikTok was obsessed with (to the point that I, someone not on TikTok, heard about it) I don’t think I can trust them ever again
tiktok has trash taste in horror movies yeah
theyre always like OMG THIS IS SCARIER THAN [some classic or fucking a serbian film, never anything else] and it'll be stupid as fuck lol their feet. they stand weird
Moe: They’re duck footed like me…the true horror
Moe: You’re gonna get mad calluses when you grow up kids
they see the chair on the ceiling and somehow kaylee concludes they should be quiet. okay. damn they actually made the vaguepost aesthetic shot themselves i dont even have to edit it well. except maybe
Moe: Important addition
thank u HAHAHA THE FUCKING TOILET DISAPPEARED presto! its gone a rat?
we just do not know.
Acea: Id say no, whete are the ears then
i agree. not a rat :( also barbie stuck to ceiling now.
Acea: So far this just looks like... Someones edgy grunge Photography portfolio... Maybe bc j only see screenshots no it very much is that.
just imagine sometimes a child whispers someting oh i think it fell and it spooked the girl. it was loud
got jumpscared by the art portfolio.
oh no kevin spooked her nvm
Majo: is there anything spookier than a disappearing toilet??
Acea: Thr fuck Kevin
jfc whats happening to the tv wow they got busy fuck off with the corridors already god damn ooooh! finally, maybe, some stuff? kyle.. please..
what am i looking at
Acea: A bed
Acea: Spoooohohohoooky
legs? dad? oh boy oh boy oh boy thats right, a fat lotta nothing! FUCKING STORY OF MY LIFE, KAYLEE she checks again and still doesnt see anything, but when she looks up omg suddenly mom is there.
thats kinda neat ill give it that.
Acea: Is the mom dead or smth
idk maybe
they havent said anything about her except she cried at some point and kayle was like i dont wanna talk about mom
it sounds like her mom was about to tell her something but then a door slammed and she stopped
she said your father and me nother one for the books
Acea: Oh no divorce
Acea: Man wheres the toaster thing
toaster? this one?
Acea: It looks like that kinda
Acea: The little guy on the cover
Acea: Is it a vacuum cleanet
Acea: Washing mashine
Acea: Toy
as if thats g onna make a difference with how fuckin dark this place is
ohhh the phone thing
yeah that hasnt happened yet
Acea: Man im falling asleep and im bot even watching it an exclusive look at the inside of kaylees eyelids!
aaaaand now mums gone of course.
a strange voice says something and then the mom repeats it? maybe the mom isnt.. actually the mom?
Acea: Wjoaaat no way
Acea: Inthink tbe toilettes the mom
the toilet cracked its bone
Majo: me getting up in the morning
Moe: I can appreciate a slow atmospheric horror movie but I prefer if…something happens lol i don’t think this would keep my attention
Mono: What am i looking at in these pics
Acea: Everything
Moe: Everywhere
Acea: Everyw
Acea: Dammit
Moe: Sorry acea I was trying to be your backing vocals
Mono: At once!?
Moe: Mom is stuck under the couch an angel has arrived!
or rather, kyle's decided he also likes bright corridors.
(nothing is happening) ahem.
it seems kaylee has now also disappeared im tired of these shots of nothing fuck it theres ghosts now. riveting. thanks kyle.
mister ball.
mister kyle ball. a book? a tape? is this the ceiling? i dont even know so all this fucker does is impersonate parents and stick shit to ceilings. wow.
very impressive.
Moe: Jump scared opening scarlets channel to see ghosts…
sorry! theyre nice i swear i think this is kevin? kaylee was wearing something grey
idk why hes lying on the floor in the basement tho jfc jumpscare! so i guess kaylee doesnt have a face anymore?
the visual itself isnt really scary but of course its underscored with a loud tone for no reason kevin is having a bad time
i am having a good time. finally something is happening.
only took you an hour kyle ball man. hi hello can we stop with the stupid old cartoons already. thank you
old cartoons and corridors: the movie pretty sure that specific cartoon was to symbolise kevin being trapped, but still thank u demon it was about time someone shut that off uugh its back on
i vaguely remember this scene cos i woke up during it lol snake plushie is absolutely shocked anyway the cartoon starts looping this bit where the rabit makes itself disappear
wow someone gif'ed it. ah, memories.
..time has not been kind to matthew bucks hair. !!! the snake! its gone!!! oh the cartoon skipped and its playing the sound of the rabbit disappearing again
we have now been conditioned with associating that sound with something in the house disappearing.
ugh its looping again..
and then nothing. for fucks sake kyle kevin is still havin a tough time
me too buddy. im bored.
Mono: This movie looks boring lol look man at this point just fuckin spirit the kid away already stop trying to talk to him all he does is play his legoes and watch old cartoons nooo not a saftey knife!
Mono: Saftey knife..... and yeah its boring
Mono: :0!!!!!
Mono: Wow gore!!!!
pov of kevin after the knife eye incident
Mono: LOL
Mono: Maybe he already lost an eye and that's why the movie looks like that
uuugh he turned the cartoons back on
he cant even seeeeeeee
well he might still have one eye idk
More happens in the cartoons than the whole movie gasp! a forehead
god yeah i saw a cartoon of crows carrying off a dead crow, a kid feeding the birds, sleeping kids, a kid who cant sleep, a dog fighting a rabbit..
all in cartoon silly style nothing morbid btw oh i guess the phone is still connected well. doubt anyones gonna come over.
oh damn hes only four ive been trying to get an aesthetic shot of the operator talking but nothing he says really fits the vaguery aesthetic ok this movie has a cool premise but god it just. its so dull to waaaatch
so i guess the demon took the doors to trap him
Rikki: is kevin doing asmr
the whole movie is asmr except for the jumpscares
everyone whispers all the time it just zoomed in on this dark spot... kyle.. im. im not seeing anything... finally, the star of the movie
he is here acea
lol the demon laughs and its just kinda funny
Majo: MR. SKATINGRINK?? WHAT AM I LOOKING AT kevin! hes just talking to it now oh i guess thats why he wiped her face off. booblamp! now the floorlight it always dreamed of being. the house is upside down. i still cant see shit
Mono: Is this movie just one long shot?
no it cuts a lot ooh so thats where the legoes went. of. of what
being trapped?
happy birthday kevin!
now ur five kyle has trapped kevin in an infinite upside down dark corridor.
idk what the demons name is, its now kyle, beceause u did this to me. fuck u kyle
i bet hes young as balls too
like, 20
Mono: Oh shit stop zooming out i get iiiiiiiiiiit oh its mom the footage is so fuzzy i can barely tell if shes still there
she appears to be transfiguring into a lampshade meanwhile the rest of the house is still upside down i guess you have no idea how happy i am its just playing static and not another cartoon
Mono: godddd
Mono: this movie looks like a drag everything looks the sAMEEE
Mono: ... is this an artsy movie?
Mono: ohhh
Mono: scurry..
now its a dude just clocking the lights on and off over and over ITS THIS BITCH
he also rang super loud because this movie has jumpscares. oh the face on it changed. okay. a hole.
Majo: oh I thought that was our friend booblamp
wait you are right. that is booblamp i think oh now the baby picutres are all fucked up too i guess i think kevin is not having a good time. like, at all.
also lol cgi blood in the corner oh. i. i uh, i think we're done. now it keeps reversing it and reappearing. okay i dunno how i didnt watching this, to be honest with you faceless demon man ok the red makes me think of when u have ur eyes closed sometimes you see red
but uh. that was. this.
it was fuckin boring
sorry kyle
i wonder what he looks like oh. uh.
yeah he looks like he would make a movie like this
Majo: hahaha he sure does
Rikki: wtf was this movie
Rikki: why is everything so dark
Rikki: scrolling back up i feel like im in adream where i woke up at 3am and went to go get some water
no kyle im just bored
Rikki: im 6 and this is so scary
Rikki: i missed everything bc of my stupid issue
Rikki: liveblogs are the most fun when they are freshh
Mono: how long is the moviee
Mono: im sure this could be like 5 minutes and be scarier LOL
1 hour and 40 minutes.
sometimes i sleep during the day and i think afterwards damn i probably shouldve done something
but this. i wouldve liked to have been asleep for one hour and 40 minutes today.
time to watch wendigoon talk about how much he loves it
>wendigoon calls it extremely disturbing
isaiah, my brother in christ, i love you but no
Joker: Funny thing learned from another review - apparently the movie was based off a mini-film Ball made for a reddit horror group. I think they extended the time for this because they were making it into a film but his style seems better for short 30-min stuff
Mono: i was kinda kidding when i said this movie could be 5 minutes but it makes sense for it to be a short movie that just kinda gives you the weird/creepy stuff, leaves, and lets you dwell on it
Joker: Also they were actually supposed to air the film around halloween, but the people at the film festival it aired at first leaked the whole thing to tiktok, so they had to change course after that
yeah hes done quite a lot of yt horror
like im glad he could make this and i do think it should exist cos theres people who love it and kyle cleary cared but its. not for me
wendigoon talks about how he connected with it cos he sympathised with being a scared child in his home and maybe thats why i didnt connect with it
cos while i grew up in an absolutely haunted forest murderhouse i. was too oblivious to notice lol