Scream VI

before i begin. cos this movie is still very new (it was when i did this liveblog)
as i mentioned im not too excited, i thought scream 5 was just scream 4 again but someone's 22 year old sister broke into the writers room and threatened everyone at gunpoint to incorporate her wattpad story into the plot
which i dont think is an improvement but 5 is generally more well liked than 4 for some reason.
a good thing i will say about 6 before watchin it: the posters are PHENOMENAL
nothing too outstanding, but gets the point across, we can tell its new york and also scream from very little info. its cool!
majo: ooooh this one was the one I first saw irl :00 this ones rly creative i love it
could be applied to all the scream movies. v v good its the noo yoak subway!! in ghostface shape! hell yeah!!
(the ny subway is confusing af by the way but thats beside the point)
anyway the poster they advertised the most, is, of course, the most shit garbage one. i hate this.
i hate this trend of faces so much.
fuckin star wars ass bullshit
no creativity. just soulless marketing crap from someone who either didnt care or whos boss beat their heart outta them so hard until this was all they were left with it has no business lookin like a fuckin star wars poster but here we are. this ones also shit but idk f its a legit one to be honest. this ones clearly just so they can go WE HAVE JENNA ORTEGA PLS COME WATCH US YOU LOVE WEDNESDAY DONT YOU????
oh i think it is legit cos they actually have one for all the mcs.
theyre still standard poster tripe tho so im gonna move on
but uhhh yeah if you've seen four, that is hayden panettiere, and ye she died in four but they dialed that back to her just getting "badly hurt" cos people loved her character (kirby) so much they decided she shouldnt be dead. Honestly i liked kirby so im not mad the logos have no music and idk if thats my sound being busted or the logos tryna be suspenseful...
ok sounds busted god damn
ok fixed. cant wait for my bluetooth earphones to break again halfway through the movie otl oh look, its!!
anyway randy's niece and nephew are in this and idk if i want them to survive or die cos die would be in line with their uncle but also survive would be continuing their uncles legacy
and even tho its fuckin neuken now (thank u rikki) my name was randy of the server for the longest time. so. i feel for that family a little bit oh my god its anna taylor joyce!!!!
..thats her name right its anna taylor-joy. lookin at the camera like shes not sure why you started talking to her also its not her cos this girl has blue eyes oops
jfc its laura weaving. I recognise her from Ready or Not
AND the babysitter
shes actually in a lot of horror movies
being the first character to show up in a scream movie doesnt bode well tho this website has decided there should be a preview on screen at all times so sorry about that. anyway shes waiting for her bf who sounds like jonah hill and talks like all of jonah hill's characters so i dont have much faith in this date. also he is lost oh shes an associate professor on film studies. im sure that wont come up again! jonah hill quotes STAB at her cos of course he does
(stabs the in-universe version of scream jsyk)
shes like u can rly see the rules of the time by watching slashers!!!
then mentions nothing but 80s film tropes
even tho the film is taking place in the 2020s.
fuckin. new scream movies also its halloween times!
In new yoak!!
I was in new york around halloween in 2019!!!!
im actually kinda excited now hehehehe
saw the parade n everythin
hes like im comin down an alley and shes like i dont see you??? and. theres a fuckton of alleys in these streets cmon her dates saying shit like this but like how much dywanna bet hes pretending cos she said she likes slashers
also ive never seen a dress like that in yellow but shes pulling it off! she looks very nice
lil too nice for a first date if you ask me but ehhh what do i know anyway she got stabbed in the middle of new york when theres people everywhere. oops
the stabbing noise is way too aggresive for whats going on whys ghosty so sparkly. i feel like ur not wearin the right costume if ur not sparkly
i dont think ours were sparkly... :( oh hes the one who did it. idk who he is
cant be relevant cos he took off his mask within the first six minutes he passes a group of halloween goers who are all food items except for the crusader over there who didnt get the memo omg its jenna! except her characters name is Tara. and she knows stabby mcstabson, whos name is Jason i guess oh i think sam is our wattpad mc who is billy loomis' biological daughter cos why write a decent plot when you can just do dumb shit like making your mc related to the main villain of the original movie.
god i FUCKING hate that plot point so much lol its so fucking dumb oh jason is a massive stab fan which is why he decided to kill his teacher i guess.
cos. thats a thing.
u ever watch friday n go damn i sure would like to don a hockey mask and harrass some jersey teenagers for a summer
i know i do hes callin greg and he sounds like a boyfriend apologising for missing a date cos he killed someone lol i guess jason and greg (his roomie) are set up to resemble billy and stu but obvs this film is not gonna have a billy and stu dynamic cos scream hasnt had that since the first film.
and yes im angry about that. "greg" talks in the ghostface voice n jasons all like dude no i wanna tell you in person!!! hes watching a jason but i dont recognise it. I presume its resurrection cos i saw that when i was 14 or something and i have no desire to rewatch it lol jasons like yay greg killing was so fun! and then greg goes but jason the morality and jasons reaction is an eyeroll carpenter. really.
anyway jason is basically the drew barrymore of this film he's so obviously being played with and about to die oh no greg was in the fridge so who is this????!!!!
Anyway this ghostie is very angry about how jason described his victim as "not a person"
ok the opening was pretty cool I'll give it that. also mike shinoda singing the intro what still the dumbest fucking thing in the world bye imagine describing it as that
thats such a stupid line why would you say famous. why not just he killed a lot of people or he was a serial killer
why famous. if he was ur stupid therapist would know him oh her boyfriend from 5 is a rehash of her dad. so thats fun
and not lazy
5 doesnt deserve the credit it got its just 4 again imo oh well this movie got it right that reddit is a cesspit of bullshit and echo chambers this guy is clearly unsettled by her like why dont u know her backstory u unprofessional old bastard
shes like omg doc i liked stabbing my evil boyfriend to death is that bad?? is it cos of my daddy??? is it cos of my daddy's genes that im evil????? omg doc am I evil??????????? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THIS IS SO DUMB
woo more pop music! this is taras roommate whos boyfriend moaned .2 seconds ago so i guess quinn has hyperspeed cos she opened the door instantly after. howd u do that quinn. quinn sleeps around. im sure she'll be fine
im sure the movie wont reference the trope at any point. sams like wheres my sister tara n quinns like she went to her party and sam says this. which reminds me! in the uk, youre not allowed to tase your assailant! Youre not allowed to hurt them whatsoever! or youre in the wrong! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
but uh yeah i hope tara has a taser on her. this is the guy across the street n i guess quinn and sam think he's hot (quinns fling. doesnt. judging from the subtitles)
to me he looks like basic bitch man without a shirt on but what do i know i only like scrungly stoner types i guess
woo halloween frat party!
oh look its the female Randy twin! I forgot randy's last name. Their last name is randy now. she is high as a kite im sure. thats what she did in the last movie.
get high and reference horror movies. cos its in her blood or some other stupid shit
i liked her hair better in 5. shank him tara. just in case.
case randy!niece's girlfriend comin in clutch to stop tara from going with rando!fireballguy tara blows her off (her name is annika) and like tara i get u want to party and stuff but the scream v shit was literally only a year ago oh its the other randy twin! hes aggro dancing with a dude in a cardboard helmet
which i think is his roommate.
good for them this guy
i kinda want it to be the twins but i doubt it. thatd be fun tho we all need a boy!randy in our lives.
thats what im callin the twins now. girl!randy and boy!randy
cos i dont remember their names.
the name of cardboard!man is ethan. guess hes also a main character bad dude is draggin tara and chad (thats boy!randy's name. im gonna keep calling him boy!randy idc) isnt havin it
WOO time for shirtless cowboy and whatever fuckboy is dressed as fight!!!! oh nvm sam appears and tases him in the balls.
after announcing that she is going to tase him in the balls. then the sisters have a fight where tara is like IMA LIVE MY LIFE and sam is like but someone tried to kill us a year ago
woo sisterly divide a touching moment according to the film. oh ethan i dont like u
bumbling shy guy bleh bleh bleh bondiiiiiiiiiiing thank u quinn i didnt want to see that
meanwhile sam gets with the whitebread neighbour. who cares. you both look like nobodies. oh theyve been dating i guess. but shes been hiding it
god hes ugly.
hes not. hes just. i dont like him oh. nvm what i said about ethan. without the stupid headdress hes actually cute. tiny jenna ortega. also they hear the news about the murders in the building and sam immediately grabs a kitchen knife lol
sam gets a call from gale but doesnt pick up oh my god its this guy!!
from things!
sam gets a call from her exes number and picks that up for some reason surprise whoevers on the other side does the ghostface voice. suddenly ghostface!!! they fled into a shop but ghostie just follows em and. talks to a guy in line and then stabs him. guess he wont get to eat that popcorn :( the shopowner does this which is smart, but also goes hey. do you need his attention? why not just shoot?
its a pump action type rifle so idk if that means he has to be closer to him or something but then calling his attention to it seems like a bad idea.. ghostie ducks. cos hes not stupid. hes gettin his keys to the backdoor to let the girls out but oop ghostie got back up
wait how did he get that wait where did the knife go it was in his shoulder and ghostie let go of it
im thinking too hard about the slasher movie
rip shopkeep this looks wrong. collect ur knife man ur ruining the brand
ok the shop scene was really good
it was quite tense theyre at the detectives and bored af
love the stripy action on tara. ortega's gotta look a lil goth in every role she gets, at least a little bit oh my god its kirby!
and shes fbi!! oh no the press!
time to punch someone oh my god its gale!
and shes still a journalist!!1 HAHAA SAM TRIED TO PUNCH HER BUT GALE DODGED
yeah, that oh nvm tara went for it right after and got a hit in.
ok so far this movie legit is just scream 2 again
but if sidney had a sister.
jfc this film is two hours i only just noticed ghostface just smashes through the glass in a door ( and rip the detective. that is all oh i guess thats not enough for him gotta break in cos why not imagine ur name being beth ann birmingham.
oh this is the psychologist, not the detective, whoops girl!randy is fuckin excited about being targeted by a serial killer as she explains the plot to the other characters. this happened when i watched 5, too.
makes me feel weird shes doing the rule scene now.
i stg if the subversion is the randy twins surviving and not them being ghostface im gonna be pissed.
esp girl!randy is just randy but a girl. at least boy!randy has his own personality mentions main characters of whomsts at least two made it through multiple sequels
and also ur boys are rippin off stab. which have had sidney gale and dewey for like what, twenty years now?
just cos you killed dewey doesnt mean ur redefining anything
hell if anything dewey dying was expected cos hes a man in a slasher movie
the only new members of the group are annika, nathan and quinn.
ghostface is two of them if they wanna be lame
cmon make it legacy characters FOR ONCE oh btw nate might be cute but hes a loser for no reason and also was rude about same so its whatevs i want quinns dress and i like annikas hair her hair looks v cool
oh btw the killer is leaving old masks everywhere
which. how did you get those???
its quinn she steals em from the precinct cos her dads a cop!!!
haha lol idk also timothy olyphant looks so much better as an older man than he did in scream 2. i didnt even recognise him ok maybe not the best example. but im leaving it anyway there thats better
um, moving on love how billy's headshot is clearly a model shot of skeet ulrich like at least matthew lillard's shot looks spontaneous sams like u all gotta stay here safety in numbers but also lets get HAMMERED bondiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
also boy!randy just coined them as the core four but the other three arent on board.
im on board boy!randy.
im with you aw girl!randy just said it as well. hell yeah randy twins!
u better not. uh. become boring
u can do whatever else, thats fine oh yeah that unimportant detail yeah theyre all just like yay ur having sex woo go sam WOO WOO WOO oh look here he is doing his laundry without a shirt.
im just glad to see hes not dehydrated cos thats a fucking weird thing movies do to actors.
hes still 100% unattractive imo howd you get in
oh "cute boy" saw him btw dude dont u have a phone. fuckin call her
or just the cops
oi theres an intruder across the street
how hard is it
oh he left quinns room
oh she hung up on cute guy. who doesnt pick up?
like just to see whats up?? they all got a photo of quinn getting grabbed but now none of them bursts into the room
core four + 1 become coward babies the moment they should do something, gj lads oop there goes the plus one the knife block was empty so sam is using the block as a weapon. u can say a lot about her but not that she isnt resourceful
also it being empty might indicate that its someone who knows she has a tendency to grab knives from there for protection.
which is either the core four or annika (whos is dead), quinn (who is dead) or nathan (who. is not dead)
this doesnt tell us anything really. thats the whole fuckin cast. hi i cant cap the whole screenshot cos most of its a body. but this is mindy (girl!randy)'s reaction to said body and ngl it made me laugh out loud
he sure is!
(idk who this is. but he dead. i guess its quinns boyfriend) oh hey annika is still alive! ye! they have to climb over to danny's(cute boy) but annika is like naw i cant (gonna chalk it up to her wound and not fear of heights to be generous)
annika fell to her death. rip a bad time is had except by this guy. hes just doing his job. thank danny ur right. please go away i dont care about ur boring face and body its me! hi! im the problem its me!
idk what the words are
anyway nathan is here lookin like he walked off the set of 13 reasons why i mean fairplay to boy!randy nathan was the only mc who wasnt at the scene when all this shit went down the other twin now also hates nate even tho nate says he had a test 100 people can testify he was at
if it is him is he just gonna go LOL i knew you wouldnt check with anyone i was there!!! rip man
i forgot who ur son was. i figure he was in 5. i dont remember most people from 5 sorry gale shows up again
no sign of sidney which makes me wonder if nev campbell said ok im done no more
and david arquette did the same kirby i love u but that shirt? no no to the no no leave that in 2001 where it belongs
keep the leather jacket tho wait what huh. alright ok yeah i dont disagree but thats some sick graffiti gale found a shrine to the stab franchise that jason and greg were a part of hey thats billy's shirt! i know cos i painted my shirt that way for halloween last year hehehehh oh i say stab but its all legit.
so. how did they get that gale sees a shrine dedicated to dewey :c oh also sam hallucinates her bio dad sometimes. she hasnt in a long time but this is the first time in this movie.
it doesnt work cos skeet ulrich be old now. tey sit in front of the tv that killed stu n girl!randy is like if u believe he's dead
and like, him surviving makes no sense.
im not against it. bondiiiiiiiiiiing ugh still wearing that ugly shirt anyway the sisters steal a cop car ghostface talkin. oooh can put that on the trivia page oh no her boyfriend!
(he got grabbed trust me) run run run
not to be mean but lights like these really show of the surgeries what was even the point
ok i feel mean for saying that, she looks nice ghostie tryna psych eval her lol she put him on hold he stabs her in the shoulder cos that just seems to be gf's first move, always
aand then the leg cos she cant die i guess you'll never win this ghostie, shes wearing athleisure wear!!! noooooooooooooo
but the athleisure wear.... she stopped em!!! oh the sisters showed up and are shooting at him now. gj
gale is ok she mighta died
she called whoever was in the gf costume by the way which tells us gale had their number. she knew who it was
idk why she didnt tell the sisters oh danny go away. i know you mean well but you add nothing to the plot. sibling bondiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing core four is all like YEEE!! and dannys tryna join it but they dont let him and nate is just. there
hope its nathan and danny and theyre boyfriends or something at this point
its be out there itd be fun itd be camp cmon.
(its def not gonna be that.)
legit tho nathan has no reason to be there ooh its hte famous subway shot! oh look a reference to ready or not cos the MC was the first kill of the film! girl!randy still hates nathan.
nathans name is ethan.
ive been calling him nathan the whole film.
thats how much theyve shown him.
oops. ba baaa ba dook dook dook oooh the shining.
id screenshot all the costumes but wed be here for another half hour
also ethan. girl!randy u know the horror movies! dont stand against the door with the window!!!!
the subway scene is also a+ btw its a great location rly good atmosphere and during halloween!!! so good i didnt screencap em but theres lots of ghostfaces on both trains also whats this guy. patrick stump? noooooooooooooooo mindy D: he stabbed her maybe she'll be ok? she gets stabbed allllll the time indeed, eef. hey midsommar!
oh yeah wait the movie shes fine. she can still be sarcastic she'll be fine. ah yes, roky horr pictre sho. still never seen it jfc i need to look up heights right now (5'1) (... a slightly shorter 5;1)
WHY DOES SHE LOOK SHORTER HERE LOL (because she is. i cant read numbers.) oooh look at that, 5'7.
almost me height! hoho shes like danny u cant come in
n dannys like ok ill go die out here
he doesnt say that but he will lol.
hes actually very accepting of it the sisters take off their jackets cos its the finale and tanktop/whatever the fuck top jenna is wearing time its october 31st in new york you should wear at least a light jacket.
ive got personal experience this tanktop business is bullshit sam takes a bloody knife from one of the displays and billy's like hell yeah good choice!! except ITS FUCKING NOT because NOTHING will rust a blade like blood does! that blade is blunt as FUCK
but you do you i guess at some point we had a snapback ghostface and somehow i dont remember him really guys is now the time. i guess these are a thing now. hey boy!randy ur sister got non fatally stabbed oh FUCK now your girlfriend did too!!
they think its kirby but lol theres no way its her. HAHA CHAD THREW A CAMERA AT GF
sorry its funny. oh no theyre both here!
oh no boy!randy!chad!!! hes gettin stabbed a lot. i dont think hes gettin outta this one.
if u wanna kill him go for the throat lads cmon its not difficult.
but i guess gf's MO is STAB STAB STAB til ur nails look FAB
(fab is covered in someone elses viscera)
(idk) omfg they did the knife wipe in unison, what are you, pyramid head??
surprise kirby isnt a killer she is here to help girl u saw two ghost faces at the same time.
i mean yeah there could be more technically, but also, there isnt.
because i say so
Mono: what if we both donned the ghostface mask and committed murder... haha just kidding... unless... 😳
they did the couple!gfs before but they were never that dedicated to each other. it would be kinda fun to have two GFs that actually love each other ngl oh.
the cop is a bad guy. in the year of our lord 2023, who woulda thought.
wow, i care so much!!! didnt u lose a son to ghost face or something oh wow its nathan, who woulda thought.
i mean ethan.
the guy who never mattered and the movie constantly fuckin forgot about. oh ethan is an incel so thats why he's killing people.
as if an incel has the patience to do ghostface murders. oh his son isnt dead. ethan is his son
meanwhile this gf is like god when is it my turn sam thinks its mindy for no reason, but its actually quinn.
yknow i like the scream franchise but its biggest flaw is that it has not had a memorable killer since the first. fucking. film.
billy and stu were good and interesting. yeah they were the first two which helped them along, but in a series that now has six films, how did they NOT HAVE A SINGLE INTERESTING KILLER SINCE THEN??
i'll have forgotten these three by the time 2024 rolls around! just like how i dont remember the killers from 5!
or 4, or 3, or 2! I only remember their vague motivation for doing what they did!
Scream is an odd one out in the slasher franchise cos while ghostface is iconic, the person behind the mask
its always just some stupid schmo with a dumbass reason for murdering approximately four people
and. maybe thats the point. hell that probably is the point.

maybe im just late to the party
maybe this is me while everyone gets it
if thats the case, guess I'll just rate the scene of these cunts dying. lol him pulling out the mask got a sting
is this a drama reality tv show
that should not make a sound quinns like "redditors are impressionable i just had to sound convinced u were a killer n that was that they all bought it" eef sweetheart you are so misscast
i dont buy you as anything but a lil impressionable brother who shows up for maybe a quarter of the episode at most
anyway hes like dads a cop he'll make up a story when we kill you yadda yadda anyway cop fam is mad at sam cos richie was their bro and she killer him.
richie was one of the ghostfaces of the previous film. ergo a serial killer.
this really is scream 2.
murderers family taking revenge on the victim for killing their psycho kid.
thats only 20 years ago and theyre already rehashing it the film still implies the kids and family are evil cos they watched horror movies.
ur doing it as a joke but do u think all of your audience will get that?
viddy games still get blamed for violent stupid teenagers tara kills ethan. Love the virgin shaming.
i suppose if violent movies dont impact kids characters in movies taunting each other about their sexual prowess doesnt impact them either.
idk if thats true.
and maybe im a hypocrite but i dont like virgin shaming in movies and they should stop it forever :) bye yay haydens fine. i mean kirby
still wearing that hateful tye dye shirt. the randy twins both made it! Id be upset cos i dont like these new movies but honestly? the randy twins gave it some spirit. so im happy for them sam has a ghostie mask. are u ready for scream 2024? sistereeeeers good song choice
ngl the song is a bop.
uhhh so
it was a scream movie! Just like all of them! I'd rate the first an 8/10.
I rate all of the other a 6/10.
except V. that gets a 4/10.
this one gets a 6/10 again. Lame characters, lame ghostface, but some really really good scenes.
wait i gave deathgasm a 5...
ugh medians man this shit is difficult
ITS FINE. If you need a horror movie to watch with friends on a sofa without paying too much attention to it all of the screams are good for that, including this one
(I actually ended up taking it down to a 5 cos I had a lot more fun with Deathgasm so it just. didn't rly feel right to rate it higher than that rip)