Repo! The Genetic Opera

im in a musical mood
lets see if i can find repo ooooh lionsgate! nostalgic
(i found it)
Moe:HELL YEAH I love repo c..comic book?
not too distant.. movie is from 2008
omg its now. the FUTURE IS NOW
Moe: :O wait is this your first watch??
it is
ive never seen it lol only a review aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago
Moe: I hope you like it, its very camp so I think you will. nugget only liked sarah brightman
all i remember is that paris hilton is in it at some point thats it lol
Moe: fuck yeah corporate saviour, did not expect that
OH MY GOD [bgm: hard rock music] oooh its just like my franken frans
but less sexy uncomfy anime style
Majo: omg...
seriously why were the covers like this when it was a horror comic.
Moe: LMAO what
istg franken fran is fun and silly and insane and not sexy
but. those are the covers for some reason
its also body horror TO THE MAAAAX but its not fanservicy at all lol oh my god
so like. murder is legal if you have a transplanted organ...?
Moe: Yeh a family who slays together stays together.
you love to see it
Moe: if you fall behind on your payments...they're gonna come repossess your organs lol
love the poster style ....? the mc?? i sincerely dont know lol hi they sang this line
i really shouldnt pause during songs but its hard
Moe: Me: I've got zydrate anatomy stuck in my head just from looking at this
Nugget: ...oh god you're going to start playing it arent you
Me: -already typing it in-

Moe: I'm watching with u in spirit
sry i paused it again this guy has an amazing voice bye
Moe: HE DOES hes an icon jfc the colour contrasts are so good so shes runnin from the repo man but the narrator is all like heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'll get uuuuuuu 🎵 oh shes dead now. thanks repo man
wow so they marketed surgery for the sake of beauty really hard n now theyre all like if u cant afford it were taking it back thats fucked up introducing: this place! dont you want to live here? I know that if i did I wouldn't need a repo man to hunt me down and kill me ill take care of it myself :) its the geneco partiarch and his twins of death
after berating his kids for some photos he has where they do things he doesnt like
hes. hes not killing his kids just to be clear its likely gonna be this guy.
he doesnt look like he gets a solo in this one. oh he has a terminal disease?
anyway yeah the doctor is dead now
all he did was bring him a prognosis
harsh boss. lets go girls i wanna see if we can replace any of my infected organs with the doc's ...italian name?
oh its like succession where his kids will inherit his estate but who will it beeeeeee?
(i didnt watch succession ive just got a friend whos obsessed with it)
Moe: All my coworkers are obsessed with it lol
this girl sees a bug on a gravestone and immediately whips out an encyclopedia to find out what it is
which, relatable
i do that too lol
Moe: Do u recognize her 👀
oh shit give me a second...
ok i dont recognise her :( weh
Moe: Its Alexa Vega aka carmen from spy kids!
oh my god really? wow
amazing growth this looks like a rejected evanescence cover graverobs
cos u can get zydrate from corpses
yells in song form so the cops are like HEY YOU STOP THAT JFC he busts into a building and its just covered in corpses, what the hell repo'ed people i suppose shes like i shouldnt be here but all i can look at is her ruffly frill neck thing and how much i wanna steal her necklace
oh fuck they got grabbed
oh but rotti says let them go? wellll lets hope they dont find the insect book shes carrying eh. THEY TOOK HER HAIR?
what the fuck??? her dad is that one guy
him!! god dammit i recognise him BUT WHAT FROM
i will get it, i will get it explains his role in song form
oh her name is shiloh
Moe: Hehe 👀 there's a surprising number of recognizable people in this
Moe: Rotti's actor was in goodfellas
this is her mum and her portrait looks like they put it through all the filters i put on my art before i upload it anywhere.
ahhh shilohs hair is a wig, fair enough so far this whole movie looks like an emo music video and im not mad about it.
Moe: giles
YES!! oh no h. well im sure this wont end badly leaves to go attend to his vampire hunter mentor duties
love how shilo's room has a skeleton in it for some reason bitches out her dead mum in song form duuuude she opened the piano and i thought she was gonna bang out some tunes but then she just closes it again oh dude cmon
gonna take it as a reference to My Immortal cos the song is from 2003 and the film is from 2008 SO THERE
Moe: I wouldn't be surprised lol jesus the cartoonist was not kind to giles so we find out his wife died in childbirth and also he tried to give her some kinda meds to save her but they made her eyes bleed so uhhhh i think he made it worse jfc this baby. gonna assume the cartoonist is a frequent poster on r/childfree her room man, you locked her up hes all like oh marni (shilos mum) you were my anchor now im mean and bad and i lock our girl up to keep her safe abooboo oh also the comic implies he could either save shilo or marni and he chose shilo so yknow. theres a lotta guilt there
and they show him cutting shilo out of marni so there i like the scene here the paintings of his wife popping out of the wall is good storytelling hi baby shilo pls dont ask why im old now and i'll still be the same age when youre seventeen i had a hard time also dead/ghost/mourning marni looks cool as fuck ugh not me actually gettin kinda sad oh shit hes a repoman!!
or at least the doctor side of it. which. i assume is them imagine a sea shanty. that is what the music accompanying these lyrics is. there she iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis aaaaaaaaaaand they gave her the first f-word of the movie
u go paris, four for you paris and uh. i think she also got the single "cunt" allowance for the movie. gj paris
anyway her and her brothers dont get along ok two-face i think you should shut up holy fucking christ yes, that
the brother with just the one face is. is named luigi. luigi. luigi when pavi suggest he fuck whatever their sisters name is now theyre throwing around a brain luigi just. took from someone. with cartoon noises! girl on floor who just had her brain taken is having a very very very bad day
place ur bets what is paris gonna take
also pavi has an accent while none of the other siblings have one so thats a thing. shes all like please guys how am i even still alive please stop singing hi this is blind mag and shilo is watching her fervently
i smell the main plot oh maybe not.
anyway im digging the music so far except the brothers song, i didnt like that
Moe: Blind Mag is Sarah Brightman! So they gotta get their moneys worth from her
wow shes got a lot of accolades (look man idk musical theatre pls dont attack me if u read this thanku)
Moe:Yeah! She's probably one of the most famous broadway stars I'd wager pretends to sing into a mirror
still with a blurred filter set to hard light wtf hes all like hey shilo come meet me at ur mums grave his is a lot more flattering. oh no. wait she left rotti for nathan? she looks very peaceful for a sick person. oh HE poisoned marni! anyway he hates his kids which i get cos luigi is gross and so is pavi. i dont have an opinion on his daughter yet shilo hears rotti sing to her mums grave and they take her yeah this isnt really the way to do it aesthetic yeah i dont think you do. ive never seen a middle aged man vibe so hard oh god if my organs were repossessed id be upset but if my fuckin surgeon put on a dance number before doing it i'd be plain offended.
Lou: speak for yourself i can respect a man repoing my organs if he's got pizazz
"hey nice two-step doc-OUGH MY LUNGS"
"ah, a theatre kid I see!" - the repoman improvising an extra lyric as he repo's organs from lou
im sure he appreciates it
Lou: it makes him stand out from all the other organ repo men
Moe: Repo! is made for emos, theatre kids, and emo theatre kids, so that tracks
jfc this song is GORY and this guy is not having the best day. hes using him like a muppet now cos, yknow, why not??
hes all like OH MY SHILO OH MY MARNI IM SO SORRY THIS IS MY LIFE but then he has a fucking ball as he's disemboweling a man for tax reasons >why did i do that
why indeed. meanwhile geneco is all like have your eyeballs replaced! we definitely wont take them back within the year. you want to be trendy, dont you?
[it'll be a long time-] vocaloids. other vocal synths.
step up ur game geneco, god damn. the landscape of this film makes me think of Running Man bread and circuses, lads! whats more post-apocalyptic capitalist collapse than everyone being punk, really they put on pavis mask and everything thats happening is gross oh, its a new face? luigi, meanwhile anyway blind meg is quitting and i guess paris isnt happy about it meg looks rad as fuck btw jesus amber calm down
anyway shes like I CAN SING! ive done DJ gigs I know what im doing!! oh rotti i also hate your kids. sings a sweet song as if he didnt fuckin kill shilos mum oh thats supposed to be her eyes !!!!
oh dear pretty sure its literally but go off everyone sure looks stoked to be there they kicked her out? idk her dads all shilo did u take ur meds? and shes all dad im ok pls tend to ur patients
said patient is an upside down man who very much does not want his impromptu surgery.
but shilo doesnt know that of course
omfg she questions him back haha thats great
cos theyre both lying to each other
oh wow the guts have barcodes on them.. omg its the graveyard goth! cmon paris SING dude. girl. cmon. AMBER! haha no but also fuck this family in general it should collapse oh this is a thing
i like the incorporation of cyrrilic letters
though they are read as roman ones. still neat wait is this Z? a girl just told shilo she became a sexworker at 13 thanks to him
:( i like him as a narrator u can be a bad guy just not like this cmon ohhh she wasnt at her dads stint cos she had to be at Z's gig, fair enough fair enough oh her but not her scarred up brothers eh this songs kind of a bop
anyway someone brought up meg and now amber is upset
shes in a bad contract (mag) so her eyes might be repo'ed and geee i wonder who will have to do that. our casual cute main character in full emo garb and high heels
for no reason dont bow and kiss u fuck i like you but if you're Z i dont
Moe: Z is just short for Zydrate! That guy is just called "graverobber"
oh good so I can still like him phew seriously does she not look like the girl from the Numb video??? ok i gotta pause less im not even an hour in yet
this happens every time lol
new song! Its got rotti's kids involved which has me less than excited but also giles and rotti himself so I have high hopes. i think paris does a good job but her voice is.... not
very good
i guess it can work for rock music..
she sounds so whiny and strained lol but obviously it fits the character
oooooh duet between rotti and giles. very good very good i love it rejected evanescence cover no.2 cos i gotta go kill ur best frieeeeeeeeeeeeeend 🎵 ah yes a rembrandt cos u can like, totally do a good job reflecting his subtle work and accents with light by cutting open a body and having blood go wherever it wants. good one, pavi
[i dont like pavi]
[did i make that clear? i dont like pavi]
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn some pipes on rotti theyre all like hey u kill people do it again bitch now's not the time for morals (in song form) ...he just said marni looks like this guy. okay so hes kinda got two sides, the hopeless mournful side who takes care of shilo after marnis death and the joyful murderous side who, well, kills
and SINGS!!!
wow yet hes still like i cant do this and walks out rejected evanescence album cover no.3 omg ...ok full honesty here ive got a mesh black shirt i feel like wearing it with just a white shirt over it tomorrow lol
but i wont. i dont got the right kinda white shirt jfc shes so pretty
omfg she can project things with her eyes thats fuckin rad
ok so far
this is my favourite song
its beautiful
and i love mag projecting marni to shilo ;_; hi im ur god mom also ima die in a minute sry
also its ur dad who'll do it soz
i love the techno/futuristic style without it being steampunk
cos tbh i really dont like the steampunk aesthetic so this is nice nani im kinda glad this wasnt a tim burton production we need some goth/emo shit without his involvement
....ok i guess she doesnt know repossessions kill people shes like omg dad mags in danger cos she doesnt know. she doesnt know, lads your dad is not fourty come onnnnnn >actor was 54
no wonder we all think 40 looks old as balls
does a rock song about being 17 do u remember being 17? i dont
i remember being yelled at for being too loud on my 16th birthday. thats about it
insignificant aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
but close to maturity so appealing to writers
which i've fully abused myself. but yeah. idfk what 17 year olds do. nothing special. just live.
Lou: i mean. i do but also i was 17 three years ago.
what do u remember about it?
cos its more recent for u im curious.
anything significant? jfc at the end of the song he slapsher
idk nathan but i was into that song that was fun ngl i kinda really like him even tho hes the reason the world is shit and he killed shilos mum
hes a good villain i suppose ambers bitchin about her new face and her dads like cmon its okay
i like how they got a super talented singer to go up against hilton
like they needed to she changed her name to sweet n hes like fuck you hes like omg ur face!! and shes like omg my face!!!! when its like. u just got a bad port wine stain. get over it
Joker: But Priestess - omg her face! this is what she sleeps in shilo's invited to the opera by a giant sky banner so of course she goes
n her dads like NOOOO shes gonna wear her mums dress cos its prolly super goth and cool and rad and emos will love it fuck off you two i hate you meanwhile mag still lookin flawless grave robber looking like he doesnt know how to read i like the megachurch vibes
i mean, i dont, but i like that thats what theyre channeling amber is performing and her new face doesnt fully fit her skull. yay! her. her face fell off.
god damn. dj doesnt care meanwhile rotti tells shilo to kill her dad to get her cure ive! become so numb! i can feel you there! meanwhile blind mag looking like the mix of horrifying and gorgeous as she should scornfully stares in fake snow scene so pretty good god damn
also unsurprisingly after moe told me THOSE PIPES
so good
her singing is beautiful
i love what they did with her eyes. theyre artificial so theyre huge and they put massive eyelashes on her upper and lower lashes to make them stand out even more also i dont mean to be a dick but i like that they kept this shot during the song, cos people might find it unflattering from this angle, cos it shows your chin and your neck and people usually dont like that cos its not the most beautiful shot but thats why i like they kept it
she is a very pretty woman and seeing her from this angle i think reminds people that htis is normal!
sry i recently took pics of myself like this with my new haircut so its fresh in my mind lol unafraid! maybe cos her bestie is dead and her husband did it. idk
she took her eyes out with her nails omg
aaaand then the stage hand dropped her down so shes dead anyway omg people watching on their tellies are all like well that ruined the party night shilo finds out her dad's the repo man
Joker: Man, don't you just hate it when a famous singer disfigures herself in an act of defiance against corporate tyranny and gets murdered for it.
tbh i wouldnt know what to do at that point
id be like "then who does my ticket money go to" oh no its his murder theme hes gonna get rid of the twins (i say oh no but im on repo mans side) jfc please kill pavi just cos i hate him idc if you dont have a grudge just do it. rottis family's all like hey ur mums dead cos a him ohmagaw >shilo is dying
>nathan: time for my solo rottis like all my kids suck ass shilo if u kill ur dad ill leave u the company shes all like NO ITS TIME FOR MY ROCK SOLO keep in mind this whole thing has a live audience
Moe: /late in that angry teen song shiloh sings Joan Jett is the lady who shows up on the guitar. 80s rock icon appears in your room as backup and disappears for the rest of the movie
oh wow thats amazing
thats so good
Moe: also #justiceforblindmag
i feel bad for not noticing that
but to be fair my perception is atrocious otl
Moe: you're watching a rip I don't blame you lol
it is a little fuzzy.. shilos dad got shot and idk whats gonna happen here but fuck these guys please die both of you. he says this to amber and i know he means her soul but u know shes gonna misinterpret that. hi! theres still a live audience! meanwhile shilo tryna save her dad rotti goes down rip nathan also goes down :c but at least he gets serenaded by his daughter hello end me bye thats it thats the film
coulda just posted nothin but this screenshot
thank u graverobber
darren lynn bousman thank youuuuu
that was so FUN god damn!!
i had a great time
Moe: Yayyyyy I'm glad you enjoyed it :') its such a special weird little movie.