Pyscho Beach Party

i keep thinkin about that movie with the leg on the poster
but i forgot what its called..
i want to watch it
Salsa: The.... Leg Is it this one
man the dog looks so small in thqat
oh no it was a hand oops
psycho beach party there we go >2000 gdi i thought it was 80s
ive watched nothing but recent or early 200s movies lately >movie immediately throws me off by throwing a black and white greaser at me jesus opensubs you are struggling on this one
damn its these subs or none there are no other english tracks ok he did essentially say that
theres a girl behind the door and hes all I LOVE YOU LET ME SEE YOU and she goes oh johnny i cant and now johnny is a little upset
or whatever his name is. its probably johnny dun dun duuuuun
its a 50s prop!
oh his name is eddie she says youre missing the whole movie but who knows he might also be missing the pel? cula. now the lady in the movie is also a giant
remember how everyone in 2000 would go to open air cinemas to watch old ass movies
that definitely was a thing!
askin the real questions
judging from the poster shes the actual MCs best friend but idk she seems really fuckin dorky and i dont like her
the screenshot i forgot to post. >poorly translated transphobic joke from this girl
is this really from 2000s.. i mean not cos of the off colour remark but just. it looks so much olde
so weird why are these the opening credits..
anyway someone got killed at the cinema. outdoor. thing fuckin hell ive skipped like three times theyre still going anyway these two get interviewed about the murder Oh my got its aunt zelda!
im not kidding the quality is poor af cos the movie runs really poorly but its legit her
shes not asking florence to make beets btw. shes ginges mum
ginge the. the one whos not a cop behold: a swede
he lives with them, i think hes an exchange student
Amy: yup he looks like hes from solsidan hand cleans his clothes for totally not creepy reasons
also film implies zelda killed her two husbands distinct lack of glasses when i google solsidan man oh i guess florence (ginge) rly is the main character. i like her little romper bathing suit thing
i do not like blondies ponytail who in the world allowed that to happen
the film is a parody on 60s flicks which explains the style omg its what the cover! except no severed hand
"Psycho Beach Party" is a manic party-mix of 50's psychological thrillers, 60's beach movies, and 70's slasher films.
jesus three eras, ambitious pink bikini is all like i want to get their attention! but the guys are too busy doing whatever the hell this is having cramps, from the look of this guy well except this guy. whos. whos name is starcat
chalk that up to surferdudeisms i guess. third wheel and cockblock to the rescue then hes like you cant surf cos yOuRe A gIrL can hardly hear bernadette here cos the sound guy got swept away by the beach winds
or at least thats what it sounds like anyways the surfer dudes all talk about some guy named kanaka whos apparently an amazing surfer and florence is dead set on learning how to surf now that was fast. what in the fuck.
thats that guy! thats
cmon someone help me here
Salsa: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here a screenshot where hes not goofy lookin
Salsa: who tf
uggggh this is killing me
Salsa: greg!!! while i was looking that up florence suddenly switched personalities. hes like pls stop sexually harassing me and shes like OMG RUDE
Lit: dont you turn your back on me
or as the subtitles put it
do not give me back this characters name is ann bowman which wow what an exciting name.
she acts more like a 50s character than florence who throws around idfk 60s or 70s jargon i dont know the difference sorry florence somehow switched back in but this guy got thoroughly intimidated by ann so i figure he'll teach her how to surf now idk if hes scared or into it
wonder when the slasher aspect of this film comes in
then we get a very poorly greenscreened surfing scene cos its the 60s! guy in the middle is all like i cant believe you let a gIrL into our club! then theyre all like weh shes ugly when, of course, shes really cute ohhh i get it now the eng subs are translated from what i assume is spanish
cos the nickname nenita sounds a little nicer than chicklette, which is what they actually nickname her apparently this house (ignore girl) is haunted so why ARENT WE IN THERE RIGHT NOW
I WANT TO SEE THE HAUNTED BEACH HOUSE meanwhile this guy says i have paranormal balls
im paraphrasing but its. very much what he says meanwhile berdine got abandoned
or bernadette
i forget oh look its the mean girl with the weird insults jesus florence how many swimsuits did you bring
the only sign its 2000 so far was some of the worst cgi sand ive ever seen just appearing on screen the dudes also have 500 outfits for some reason ay its the severed hand!
right underthe timebar. oh its these two again
i think the idea is that they switched uniforms for some reason, idk the movie is in no way hiding that florence/ann did it but god i dont know why she did tbh
that guy didnt really do anything i dont think
i mean, nothing more than being a sexist dickhead like all the other guys catchin some rays in a full uniform
oh they didnt switch uniforms sorry the one in the full outfit is a man shes like maybe the killer has no idea they did it!!!
whoever could it beeeeeeee??? lars the swede doing laundry in his six pack hes like stop moping go catch some waaaaves dude
(he doesnt say it like that)
(hes lars the exchange student not lars the yet another surferdude)
i was a lil worried that somehow ann would be triggered out but she wasnt
lars lives another day back on the beach we get a whole ass character to reference marilyn monroe
oh shes actually the actress from the movie from the start berdine storms into the scene like hey the script refuses to accept my existence but im very much still here OMG IS THAT MARILYN MONROE the movie keeps hinting these two have the hots for each other but it being 2000 its a little mean about it at times i figure this iss one of the surferdudes but i cant tell which. florence fell while surfing an he got her outt the water
movie decided to add otome game to its list of genres hes all like weh its so hard being the high school quarterback
gdi i keep forgetting to post the screenshots today
then hes like why cant you be more like marvel ann marvel ann is the blond girl. i forgot her name is ann...thats a lil confusing thats two anns meanwhile these two are friends now i guess and inside the ghost house WHERES THE GHOSTS GIVE ME THEEEEM they all wear whatever colour in every scene except prototype ken on the left there who iswear wears yellow in every scene
undercover power ranger
oh theyre telling the spooky story of the house now bernadines like lemme velma this
her mums like no you cant go to an exorcism cos
i dont like that movie star and slumber parties are full of SINNNNNn oh.
she has a third personality.
that was awkward as hell but at least it was short
apparently she hits her mom sometimes as that personality and obvs florence doesnt remember it but it does make her mom say oh you ok go to your exorcism then not!marilyn says omg i can feeeel the spirits and paranorballs over there is like ohmy headdress of banishing spirits
oh florence is aware she has blackouts lol she did the "so i have a friend" thing and starcat (yeah remember thats his name) is like whoa i didnt know berdine had blackouts and florence says ??? i didnt say it was about her and he replies you have no other friends hug of new friendship get not a fan
florence saw some circles somewhere so now shes another personality. idk which one paranorman just got stabbed
shoulda trusted ur spidey senses dude guy in blue is like imagine bettina wearing this and malibu ken is like U MEAN LIKE THIS guess he doesnt want to be the only one in ostrich feathers aw :( to be fair it doesnt look great but thats really more cos that thing is fugly. wow didnt think she'd echo my opinion.
they skedaddle and shes all like aw man :( florence asks berdine if she thinks shes got multiple personalities
kinda surprised berdine never noticed if theyre besties greg spooks em. yknow in case u forgot he was there.
i did.
this movie forgets quite a few of its characters whenever it feels like it ...hardcut to these two hooking up
Lou: this is the only notification i got so i thought this was an irl anecdote for a sec
ah yes i do tend to confide in guys named starcat
oh its a flashback im stupid and bad at recognising flashbacks. I guess greg used to be a cop shes like i want a carreer and hes like what about babies and shes like nah man so i guess thats why they broke up or something they figured out the killer only kills people with birth defects..? where is this going sharpens the living hell out of a kitchen knife
totes didnt kill any husbands no sir
speaking of forgotten characters where the hell is lars more greenscreen surfing cos hee hee funnee monica (iirc thats the detectives name) is talking to a psychiatrist to try and figure out the killer
we see all the main characters flash by in lil circles
while she emotes lol any! i think were losin greg soon lads are u holdin ur own murder weapon sir ok yeah lol hes in love with ann hes trying to make her appear oh he figured it out. yeah somehow circles make her switch personalities.
must be tough to live with
its not ann, its the other personality god i wish it was just ann. this one is not great now shes somehow ann again i guess it happens seamlessly
also gregs wearing a corset dont ask look at the pastel squad! how pleasing. provo..provolone.. kens name is provolone..
WHY IS HE A CHEESE insults the table leaves
oh rhonda (the girl in the wheelchair) just got killed livin her life
i want her romper its cute im happy at least someone appreciates style aw she snapped out of it :c
oh berdine did just say when they were kids she thought she was just doing voices
>same day >changed for some reason
oh provolone is the guy with brown hair
so yo yo is ken
im gonna keep calling him ken. yoyos the only one who hasnt fessed up to anything thats "different" about him and i didnt think itd go for this ngl for claritys sake hes not pointing at starcat lol dramatically runs off mentions his favourite cheese pleasing colours in this scene
anyway berdines all like ill be your friend foreeeeever even when u talk weird oh. hi its me! lars the swedish exchange student! i forgot i was in a movie until i found the script three seconds ago. what are you up to? das a lotta orange another character the movie constantly makes you forget is there
thats amy adams.
how the fuck did i not notice that. dont they just look so teenaged yall
(i mean im glad they dont but god damn) fuckin hell that is the most elias-ass delivery i have seen from a guy since
well.. elias
it just stands out cos ive never seen it in another movie lol
but its funny he. gets into too much detail. starcat is like OI SQUARE UP and gregs like. whatever this face is oh hes giddy cos he figured out how to bring out ann.
and also that other personality but i guess were ignoring her
(pls. keep ignoring her she is baaaaaad) enter: MOTHER!
(florence fainted)
she grounds florence meanwhile: luau danceoff
also i want to get a good pic of the band but the quality is so poor
oh wait i thought it was a mariachi band joke but theyre luchadors.
it makes no sense
the danceoff goes on for too long cos were in a 60s beach movie section of the movie. provolone is like ugh i totally messed up all the food!!! and kens like shnap out of it oh wow it didnt make this into a joke
you go 2000 one for u 2000
didnt think id say that
i mean theres a joke right after but its not about them being a couple lookin like fred jones
also just realised we're gonna lose provole now :( cute outfit reveal except its 1960 so she kinda looks like ur nan starcat is like you shouldnt be here and shes like FUCK YOU ANYONE WHO SAYS I SHOULDNT BE HERE I'LL KILL THEM which, is kinda, what he was trying to
never mind ...greg starts fighting someone weve never seen?
can we get back to the psycho beach party please? uhhhh guess we're adding cult movie into the mix? what era is that even?? different kinda 70s?
Majo: (I've only been skimming n glancing bc work, but this movie looks very fun!! love a good virgin sacrifice on the beach) shes like i'll do it! cos of course she does
(ngl it is very fun) i swear i recognise him too
hm, i was wrong. dont recognise any credit on his imdb yaaaay theyre both okay!!! what a relief. oops they made a circle. guess whats gonna happen noooooow
also she looks like a lil painting here. its pretty anns immediately like PUT ME DOWN maybe we could all use an ann sometimes. tries to murder that guy i dont recognise but thought i did starcat tried to hypnotize her and she suddenly switches a bunch like a radio and ok ok good joke lol she has a flashback to being a kid
i guess she has a little brother named frankie
huh her mom introduced herself to the guy as ann bowman launches her lil brother into the stratosphere
(by accident.) bettina does her linereads like shes jennifer coolidge, idk why anyway her mom was all im so sorry i thought you forgetting about yeeting your brother into space was a blessing so i changed my name and moved us somewhere else
which florence accepts as sufficient explanation then the detective arrests her mom for being the killer god damn thats some impressive leg strength I would like you to know that what Zelda actually said, was "motherfucking cocksuckers".
I guess that was a little too spicy for this particular Spanish subber. lars is driving her home and hes like damn i didnt know you had psychological issues florence
i guess you could say you are....
dun dun duuuuun
as demonstrated by starcat artfully drawing some glasses on him. masterfully rolls outta the car now were solidly in 80s slasherflick territory
or late 70s i guess i dont remember what the post up there said
he dropped the swedish accent
he was american all along! his actual name is larry. i'd stick to lars if i were you. angry personality to the rescue
Majo: (the worst jumpscare of all: AHHH, MURICAN!!) oops she stabbed him. well wasnt oops when she was her alt persona but as florence? oops
(i was not prepared) in true slasher fashion he is fine
in two ways. ngl lars is hot lol ANYWAY
oh yeah the backstory of the spooky ghostmurder house is some guy killed his whole family there so i guess thats him
he killed his family cos they all had some sort of impairement which fuckin hell, but i think it might be a jab at the times theyre parodying? there really was no other way to go, huh. oh thank fuck its ann and not the other angry personality this time. detective get!
also larry meekly went "help me" when ann was snapping at him but unfortunately shes now back to florence so that didnt last long :/ oh well the detective is like drop the knife, larry says make me and DUHHH she shoots him "what are you gonna do, shoot me?" - quote from man shot oh i guess theyre a thing again now
also florence is cured outta nowhere cos lol old movies theyre a thing now woooooo yay.
so invested. ???wait it was a dream? shes in an asylum??? REALLY MOVIE?? omg the staff are all people from earlier.. hahahahaha omg i cant believe they did this
were back at the drive in theatre, its a movie theyre watching he was like that was a stupid ending and then the girl was like arent you glad that creepy ann bowman was locked up and then BAM "dont be so sure about that"
and thats the actual ending lol
how come i never hear anyone about this movie
its really fun honestly
and fuckin hell stupidly campy
Majo: LMAO??
oh shit the man who wrote the movie plays the detective!
i'd pretend to be surprised but i figured it was either the director or the writer it had to be it was such a specific decision
hes quite well known for his performances in drag it seems
thats cool
reading up on him explains quite a bit about the movie