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The protagonist. Patient and understanding through everything. Brave at stupid times. People are drawn to him, regardless of whether he works for it or not. Is he even real?

Main Deets

Name: Yon
Birthday: May 12th
Sign: Taurus
Age: 16/17
Favorite color: Red
Weapon: Dagger

Yon moved to Grey Springs ahead of his family and is staying with his aunt for a year, until his mother and father can join him in their new town.

His parents are dealing with some legal troubles related to their old residence. Most businesses in their town have been taken over by a single family and they didn’t want to continue living there. Because of this, a rumor has started up in his new school that Yon fled a cult.

Yon is easy going and observant. He’s willing to give most anything a try, be it joining sports or social clubs or part time jobs. Because of this he hasn’t made any close friendships so far however, and moved to Grey Springs feeling rather detached from the rest of society.

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A manifestation of Yon's true self. His has taken form of the demon Saleos, who introduces himself as Abramelin to Yon.

Name: Abramelin
Sigil: Saleos
Tarot: The Fool, The World

Yon awakens his bond with Abramelin shortly after arriving in Grey Springs. He spots a mysterious girl and three headed bird in an abandoned hospital when investigating with his friends. Upon his return he is confronted by Abramelin.

Abramelin appears as a knight in war-torn garb. Despite his standing he keeps close to his subordinates and prefers to stand alongside them. He is just above anything, and has a strong ability to read people. He has a crocodile familiar.

He has cat-like features. Only one of the persona that wears a ducal crown.


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