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The best friend. Says what the protagonist can't because it might be a little too spicy. Also more likely to do questionable things. Call to adventure personified.

Main Deets

Name: Julian
Birthday: April 17th
Sign: Aries
Age: 16/17
Favorite color: Orange Weapon: Lance (originally a pool cue)

Julian is energetic and impulsive, though he also had a penchant for scheming. He tends to get lost in plans and forget what his goal for them was. He struggles with focus, and therefore struggles with keeping friendships. He’s generally seen as unreliable.

Ezra is the only person who’s stuck with him before they met Yon. He understands the way Julian’s mind works and is therefore quite forgiving of his flightiness.

Julian bonds with Yon easily over how disconnected they feel from Grey Springs (Yon because he just moved there, Julian due to his challenges with planting roots) and they end up discovering much of the town together.

Though he might not have many close friends, Julian is fiercely loyal to Ezra and Yon. He has a tendency to be standoffish or even hostile towards new people if he can’t read them well right off the bat.

He has a tendency to speak before he thinks which gets him in trouble quite often. He’s also obsessed with the idea of having a girlfriend, or something of the like, as he seems to treat it more like a dog chasing a car. It seems to be more about the chase than the actual end goal.

The way he appears to others is important to him, and he dislikes that many people seem to avoid him due to his antics and inability to focus. He seems to think getting a girlfriend will make people look at him more favorably. Or at least it will make them think he’s “cool”.

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A manifestation of Julian's true self. His has taken form of the demon Eligos, who introduces himself as Eligor to Julian.

Name: Eligor
Sigil: Eligos
Tarot: The Hermit

Julian exorcises Eligor from Ezra shortly after Robin awakens her bond with Dantalion. Eligor's towering visage makes him feel stronger, more sure of himself.

Eligor carries an ensign that flutters even at windstill. Instead of a lance he possesses a scorpion's tail, always at the ready to strike. He inspires bravery and security in those who are in his presence.

Just knowing Eligor is a part of his own soul makes Julian reflect on his actions more. He must be capable of good and admiration.


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