Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

hi im bored im gonna watch anoes 5 cos i dont remember it very well
dwarf 5 lads. lets do it very creepy.
oh jesus thats a human body in the bg
i forgot this movie opens the way it does christ ribcages can look fuckin spooky
i guess thats the point its alice! whos decided to wash the opening credits off, i guess alice shows that when it comes to sticking your hand down clogged drains shes solidly in the james sunderland category
ooh i did remember the shower filling with water scene! I just forgot which movie it was in ngl i think about this every time im in a tiny shower with a glass door on it. omg the nightmare where ur naked. finally elm street tackles it. except alice is all alone so really, its not that bad oh no a nun! the worst person to see you naked oh its. its the prison. i forgot this movie gets into freddy's backstory. these men were so clearly directed to "act unhinged" lol its a little comical
ah yes, unhinged! pulls a face and does jazz hands
ok how did i miss that alice is amanda krueger in this scene at least it ties her back into whats going on gee i wonder if fred's dad is the man who plays him. yay dan is here too. woo
uh, alice woke up. this is no longer the nightmare lol
dan is still boring
oh nvm that was still a nightmare. alice is alone hey its those glasses we saw in tcm 2! except they looked a lot better on the tcm guy than they look on dan.
sidenote dan's jaw looks like you could use it to slice paper with. god damn. oh look its alice's new friends that will certainly survive the movie! ah so alice's dad's storyline continues into this one
thats good, i suppose. they didnt abandon it
alice tells dan she had a sorta nightmare about fred and wasnt in control for the first time since she beat him
dan goes "ehhh im sure its fine"
oh dan.
you card. anyway dans parents show up and his mums wearing the most hateful hat ive ever seen jfc the tie on this man
the 80s sure said "if we gotta end were gonna go out with a bang" hey he showed up! he's late but the first words out of his mouth were a compliment so lets see where this goes he says he didnt want to embarrass her :c
i was gonna make a daydrinking joke but its straight up in the script hes not drunk tho oh dad its fine, let me plot dump about your off-screen growth woo graduation! who will still be alive at the end of the film place ur bets now
im gonna say tennis tie
i miss alice's reddish hair but the hairstyle is def nicer compared to the last film alice about to punt some kids on the playground ITS 1989 UNLESS U JUST CAME BACK FROM YOUR FIRST COMMUNION YOU HAVE NO REASON TO DRESS LIKE THIS YOU LITTLE GOBLINS omg its alice following the white rabbit into the woods. i get it now the rabbit has taken up the cloth in the time it took alice to take in her surroundings ooooooh gorgeous set
i mean its likely to be a painting but the shot design is still very beautiful AH YES MY FAVOURITE, PREGNANCY HORROR
as far as i remember this film doesnt get to a point i cant handle but also its been aaaaages since ive seen this film so idk :c ah. same
(oh also now alice is watching, shes not on the table anymore. its the nun) top ten worst things your doctor can say when they first see your baby the baby is unnaturally.... GREEEN!!!!
[discord bot level up]
ooh leveled up with a picture of a nun and a wicked quote. can't be mad at that
love how they imply freddy's messed up cos he was born upside down
tho they clearly exaggerated it for nightmare reasons its still amusing
Mono: where's a nun-skin for freddy 😩 [dbd] i forgot about evil freddy baby.
how about nun charlotte with freddy baby victor in the words of kincaid: freddy's back
and so is the church. considering its prevalence in the sequels im sad they cut it in the remake.
i know they tried to go a scarier route but cmon. oh freddy you jokester. holy shit THATS YOUR MUM YOU UNGRATEFUL SWINE
alice has been given a quest to find amanda krueger's bones
or.. something well anne i hope for your sake working in the same place as alice wont land you the same fate deb got from left to right this is mark, greta and yvonne. they are dan and alice's friends we were introduced to at the start of the film and i only remembered mark for. some reason
this scene is yet another exposition dump where they establish that
mark is afraid of blood and a geek
greta has a stagemum (shes the one saying she cant mess up her hair)
yvonne is very good at swimming and diving and practices a lot
im sure none of this will come into play later. oh i guess marks not necessarily a geek but he draws comic books. so yknow. kinda comes with the territory nvm he just cited greek legend and they called him weird for it. confirmed nerd you can tell its still the 80s cos dan's lounging in front of his friends all sexily without his shirt on for no reason alice realises she can somehow see freddy even when shes awake
these films are creative. i love them. fuck the ratings
Mono: i wanna rewatch them because i genuinely dont remember just that they were wild and fun and had creative death scenes lol
Mono: also freddy's great
yeah hes fun
i like him and chucky for their banter
i like silent killers as well but i love that the slasher genre has different kinds of killers for the sake of showing freddy's in control of dan's car (hes trying to get to alice) dan's car is now a british car
i vaguely remember this scene
i wonder if dan's in the same state as alice where freddy can appear to him while he's not physically asleep dan's somehow survived his car crashing and now he's all ripped up and sexy DAN NO the fact that hopeful music started playing the moment he got on the motorbike shoulda been a dead giveaway. cmon dan
>the track that stars playing sounds suspiciously like a synth version of metallica's master of puppets
oh dan.
you poor thing. anyway freddy is a transformer now dan lookin like he could be a horror monster himself
jesus the special effects. so alice is told (?) possibly by dan or freddy that. well, dan just died and this is how they show it. someone just ordered a coffee and shes like yeah sure, walks to the machine and BAM HELL TUNNEL OF DEATH but the coffee machine is still there lol
oop there he goes oh he just fell asleep at the wheel he is dead though. dont get me wrong
just the whole becoming a motorbike didnt happen lookin like the opening to resident evil 2 except freddy's there
omg new raccoon city map???? nice way to put it yvonne
so yeah alice is preganante
and the doctor thats with them just said that its normal for her to be in hysterics and talk about how a dream man killed her boyfriend cos shes pregnant
what. the. shit
Rikki: But just a little pregnant
just a bit!
barely pregnant, really omg is this silent hill 4?? walter?? his name is jacob and hes fuckin creepy well thats nice jacob could you stop making that face tho its time for greta and her creepy ass doll room! she is crying because dan is also her friend. i feel like post 90s slashers kinda forgot people mourn their friends when they die so this is nice to see, as weird as it is to say that
like i know in some slashers characters arent given the time to mourn cos it all happens so fast but like, films like scream take their sweetass time and i think i know what you did last summer and urban legend did too? tho i dont really remember the last two
well. not the og scream. most of that happened at a party just in case u didnt get it the first time gretas mum controls her life woooo i cant get a good piccy but yvonnes outfit in this scene is FIRE
she looks so good look at this cool ass dangly earing shes got on in one ear
we should bring that back
alice is all like do u know jacob and yvonne is like theres no kids in ur ward
oooOOOOoooo oooh love this establishing shot
is that the director of photography whos in charge of that? hes done some fantastic shots for this film
alice rn: u can imagine how her friends react. Its totally fair tho cos they dont have these nightmares and theyre not from elm street, so they are not familiar with krueger the full line is: if anyone is trying to hurt you -
Greta basically saying hi im Deb for this movie. YVONNE NO
so alice asks her dad if hes disappointed she got pregunte right after high school and he says no, and that he sorta hopes its a boy
which initially had me a lil peeved cos ugh what is it with men wanting boys until he said this right after
rick :c
good callback movie
now im sad and then they hug. aw gretas mum lookin like a disney villain greta meanwhile is dressed like one of the children freddy murdered when he was alive
shes 18 here. what the hell
anyway greta fell asleep at some point (prolly cos the dinner is boring) and freddy forcefeeds her to death
im not screenshotting that for, once again, obvious reasons
oh irl it looks like she choked on something?
alice sees her friends right when they die btw, i guess to show she still is connected to her friends like she was in the fourth movie this marks the second horror movie i know of where someone who works at a handyman store is sardonic after someone they know died under mysterious circumstances which, is not that much, but still interesting its happened twice four for you mark, u go mark
kincaid give mark ur candy canes
mark's like sorry i got angry yvonne can you stick around and shes like nah i gotta go die now ....
what the fuuuuuuuuuck??? jesus mark youre like 18 and you got this much space and a proper table to draw your comics on, how did you get all that guess who fell asleep
te ne ne ne ne ne ne, ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne.... alice tryna draw herself into it
love a creative person it worked. u go alice
omg she saved him but his hands are bleeding and he fainted cos of the blood jfc jacob stop being a creepy shit
apparently freddys been tellin jacob alice doesnt like him
so. thats a thing yeah nice job 1989 machine gun kelly u finally got the memo
so alice realises jacob is her baby at the midway point. thats nice
since its super obvious omg candystriper outfit!!! I just realised thats what yvonne's wearing since shes a nurse
ha so cool, never realised I'd actually seen it in something
ok thats. thats stupid.
carry on jesus christ what horrendous kinda home decor is this they really doubled down on yvonne likes suspenders
still looks good tho. u go yvonne then theres mark who. i dont know what hes trying to do.
but i appreciate the attempt i suppose friendshiiiiiip tryna get rid of the scary dream man in the files mark brought that yvonne scattered on the floor cos she still doesnt believe for some reason dans parents came over to ask alice whats shes gonna do with the baby and for some reason they shot mark lingering in the bg
hes supportive of anything she wants to do they made that clear but also hes her and dans friend so its not really his business, kinda a weird shot to choose oh. mark just throws a judgmental looks and then leaves the shot
interesting choice
dans parents are like ur doctor says ur crazy so give us your child cos hes half our boy
and theyre being shitty about it but the film does a decent job of showing they obviously want to keep something of their son with them
so theyre in the wrong but you see why they do it mark and alice are looking through a book together, its the library scene, and as mark is a friend and not an mc that usually doesnt spell much good
tho this is a nightmare movie and friends sometimes do survive those. so we'll see
alice just told mark to stay awake and watch her while she sleeps. lets hope he's better at that than quentin
who instantly fell asleep in the remake lol marks into comics! just so you dont forget also scenes of yvonne swimming are spliced into the scenes of mark reading comics and alice trying to find amanda krueger. probably not a good sign for yvonne definitely not a good sign for yvonne. uhhhh? the pool springboard changed into.. whatever this is? woo alice saved her oh no oh no. oh no
(looks fantastic tho)
Mono: god, i love the dream sequences in nightmare
theyre so good
Mono: they can basically do whatever the fuck they want and it makes 100% sense since it's dreams
yeah as i said i love how creative these films get
Mono: and freddy's just having his best life
Mono: one of my favorites ones is the video game one with the stupid powerglove
its baaaaaaad
yeh thats six. and breckin meyer is the victim! funny how some well known people started off in horror mark's like I do NOT want to take you on
i forgot mark turns into his own superhero. oh boy thats a bit much mark but i totally buy marvel and dc characters saying that in todays movies.
did i make it clear i hate capeshit? god i fucking hate capeshit
anyway freddy havin a bad time oop he lied.
and now hes swole oh mark :( i remembered his name cos he was my fave when i was a kid. and upon rewatch, he's still my fave. rip at least we still got yvonne who believes alice now
ok i got work tomorrow and i should really go to bed :/ i'll finish it tomorrow. Also its weirdly nice sometimes to cut a movie or tv series off right before the finale idk
[the next day]
ok lets continue anoes 5 lone shot of yvonne walkin up the prison stairs. i am scare
alicei s also there but she is asleep. it seems like she needs a tether to reality to do this or somethin alice is like cant believe ur goin after my fetus cos you couldnt beat me
freddy u weakass griefer you forgot to point out alice is wearin jeans on jeans
the 90s are calling. shes ahead of time
i dont like that yvonne and alice arent together
alice is trying to goad freddy into coming to her and not yvonne but idk man i dont expect that to work anyway hes now being accosted by his 99 daddies
regarding that i do find it interesting whenever freddy looks frightened. it seems to always be a fakeout but i still go "ooh did they get him???" whenever it happens lol look you guys i got an arm! is this my christmas present
i thought they made that up all on their own
[I then went off on a tangent about tamagotchis, deleted a screenshot from the film due to another person's arachnophobia, and quickly tied up the film's end...] (anyway to close off the film, yvonne, alice and alice's dad all make it. amanda traps freddy so he can't haunt anyone anymore. the end)
Salsa: what a happy ending
it is! It was kinda silly at some points but i forgot whether alices dad or yvonne made it and its nice to see they did
cos i love when horror movies dont just go NO EVERYONE SHOULD DIE ITS SCARIER
i mean. itd be happier if everyone was alive but. yknow. the genre
Salsa: the genre