Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

helo im watchin another horror movie and to stick with the 1988 theme this one is also from 88
and opens with a bible verse, god damn ive already seen this one multiple times but i love it so im gonna go and live blog it
love how the title track is sung by the girl who plays the mc of the previous film
also love the continuation of close up shots for the opening credits. wonder if the new one did that, i dont remember but i know 3 had the mc building a house outta ice cream sticks yep tuesday knight 100% looks exactly like patricia arquette except she doesnt in any goddamn way
what is this casting
at least we got a neat opening track outta it
ugh i want 1428 to be a place in dbd already... imagine being recast for a movie only to die in like, the first five minutes
poor kincaid oh joey.
this movie has some iconic scenes
or maybe they are just to me cos nostalgiaaaa idk anyway this is the dress the mc went to sleep in and she looks ready to go to a dinner party
who sleeps in this
it closes in the back for gods sake
>more tuesday knight music
fair enough. its catchy
>tuesday knight, who plays kristen, listens to tuesday knight music while in her car
allllllright then im sorry what the fuck else could she wear thats more covering than a long skirt and a cardigan. you want her to wear a burlap sack mr dad man
also this is alice, the new mc, and like many horror movie girls she does not appear to own a bag for her books.
also dad is daydrinking. didnt even notice that
this is alice's brother ricky who is kooky! and also kristens boyfriend. and also hes got some fantastic music that accompanies one of his big scenes we'll see later shit fuck shit fuck shit i forgot shes in this movie
shes a great character bug god damn
... prophetic typo Ah yes the love interest for this movie alice lookin ready to skin him
not the right expression, alice
anyway alice is shy and imagines talking to people but then doesnt cos. shes shy!
but we get to see what she imagines. its kinda dorky and cut
e hi the nerd (who has asthma because of course) and the jock girl are best friends and its cute as fuck pass it on hey how about you die HELL YE DEFEND UR FRIEND
thankyou jock girl. Im sorry i forgot ur name atm
Deb? I think its deb
lol kincaid and joey are angry at kristen cos she pulled them into her nightmare the night before. thats a thing she can do
its funny how theyre like HEY HOW ABOUT YOU DONT REMIND US OF A TRAUMATIC EVENT FROM THE PAST THANK U guess she didnt tell rick they used to be in an institution together
they have good enough reason to talk to her FORESHADOWING HELL YEAH DRAMARAMA TIME
the scene is kinda dorky but i love the song that plays during it
its also used as a leitmotif for Rick so that's neat so alice made her dad dinner cos he gets home late and he has the gall to be an ass about it
alice imagines talking back to him but doesnt do it
she daydreams. dreams. ha
ok so i was wrong were 15 mins in and kincaid is still here
four for you, kincaid, you go kincaid kincaid has a very cute dog named jason
this movies why i originally thought the car graveyard in dbd was the anoes level jason's like i want no part in this
even tho he caused the chasm to hell to appear ah yes the age old question: why arent you gettin outta there goooooooodbye kincaid oh no jason :( ah yes a giant overshirt. at least that seems more like pajamas even tho they clearly put her in it cos it looks nice love how joey's a reference to glen here even tho the og movie was only four years ago
dont think he's wearing a crop top though anyway joeys archetype is "hornball" so theres a woman in his waterbed now. Ths is the most 80s hair metal scene ive ever seen and its not even a music video.
in the previous film his personality was: is mute, and horny
now its just is horny as he does talk in this one. rip progress
i do like his death scene though ngl its so weird and cool jfc i forgot he does the puns
i kinda wish kincaid and joey got more scenes before they died, i know they assume we already know who they are but they seem to establish theyre known in school for being a little odd (due to the whole freddy thing from 3), but they only get a single scene before they die to further the plot, alice has a mirror she has completely covered with photos of people she loves and rick doesn't understand why she even has the mirror as she cant see herself ouch. rick looks like if jd from heathers wasn't a murderous psychopath
down to the dead mum. tho i dont think their mum walked into a building that was about to be blown up hey alice look at me doing my taekwondos! Its my main trait! woo!!
Toan: yo needle dick is really good im gonna use it
I fully agree. please use it jesus i didnt remember he was a weeaboo
anyway hes trying to teach her to be more confident. Rick is lovely. He's silly but he's a very sweet character who clearly cares about his gf and his sister well miss wheeler i got great news for you
(idk what joey's last name is) you'll never have to pick up his clothes again!
is this a crop top? i mean its just a shirt. but boy its hiked up. the references never stop hello i think characters who smoke look rad as fuck and it is 100% the fault of movies from the 80s hey im sorry your weird friends are dead. But at least they'll stop getting mad at you about their dreams now
oh she doesnt know theyre dead
damn i didnt know they both died in one night
kristen just said "we have matching luggage" then touched the bags under alice's eyes. That's pretty cute
so the anoes films are kinda unique in that the MCs tend to be carried over into the next film and also they tend to have some kind of ability
eg. Kristen can pull people into her dreams, and Alice. Well. You'll see anyway here's robert englund (freddy) in drag lol his bodylanguage is great. hes def trying to come across as a middle aged nurse I FUCKIN KNEW FREDDY HAD BAD TEETH I DIDNT MISREMEMBER THAT
cough anyway Toan: this dude: practices taekwondo, a korean martial art
Toan: this dude: but alice san

damn rick, do your research. bad weeb
Toan: not worthy of the title
oh he also has a pair of nunchucks and apparently thats from okinawa so him saying alice san is probably because of that
my bad. sorry rick. you are a worthy weeb this hairstyle is so unflattering
i figure they did that on purpose cos shes supposed to be mousy but it makes her look a lil unsettling whenever shes interacting with the guy shes got a crush on HELL YEAH DEB she reminds me of madchen amicks character in twin peaks well. off duty madchen amick's character in twin peaks, i guess oh sheilah.
shes saying this in response to deb hitting on alice's crush (which she is clearly doing to try and help alice come out of her shell. Nobody in this movie is an asshole from what i remember) i have big glasses! im a nerd! hell ye been years since i seen this movie but i remember jock girls name is deb so this is sheila's motto and i remember this line from the film cos i. well, i learned it from this film lol
so whenever i hear it now i think of sheila i dont wanna be mean but tuesday knight is not a great actress. She doesnt convey how the loss of kincaid and joey, with whom she survived fuckin freddy krueger with, affected her all that well
patricia arquette played kristen in 3 and from what i remember she did a good job. i recently watched The Act and I think she did a good job in that oh stranger things 4. i love how you were just a nightmare on elm street movie. au where jd doesnt murder people and kurt and ram are one dude and also not assholes love how kristens mum is still a karen
shes one of the parents who killed fred but like. why didnt you move out of ohio, or at least out of fuckin elm street if you want to keep your daughter safe
dont put it on her you fuckin maniac
>mum just speeds off while kristen is still at the house
allrighty then jesus Kristens'all like mum I feel bad cos two of my friends died and this is her mums response
the film gets away with it cos 3 establishes kristen has a bad relationship with her mum and her mum is also just a shitty parent
but good god anyway her mum drugged her cos she noticed kristen doesnt sleep.
parent of the yeaaaar
i suppose i can buy a mother in 1988 not respecting her daughter when she says she's having lethal nightmares even though the year before she was institutionalized for what they thought was a suicide attempt and she just continues trivializing what her daughter is going through
anyway kristen tried to call alice before falling asleep but alas. lol its the shot! rip best protag :(
well. i think. should prolly give 3 a rewatch too oh nvm she's upside down in 1428 now, i forgot hell yeah cool horror movie lighting
anyway kristen is the last elm street child and freddy;s all like PULL NEW PEOPLE IN and shes like no but she kinda does it by accident anyway so alice is in for a bad time she tries to slap her awake but alice just looks at her like ???? haha
kristen somehow transfers her ability to pull people into dreams to alice. its like a tokusatsu or mahou show at this point
with the special abilities jesus kristens family is loaded. I never noticed somehow kristens room is on fire and her mum didnt notice until rick and alice went to the house to tell her they were worried alice is watching a home video that kristen made on a trip she went on with rick and some of their friends
she says shes watching it cos it makes her feel a little better and he sat down. he looks a lil apprehensive though nice hair rick
love when they have some scenes of characters talking about the people i lost i feel like some movies forget to do that
rick doesnt wanna hear about freddy but he does make it clear he believed kristen and now also his sister. so thats good heheh alice used the matching luggage line on sheila. it is a cute saying omg sheila made a lil thingamabob for deb that emits ultrahigh soundwaves to scare off insects since deb hates bugs
thats so sweet whered the cigarette come from then
ur dreams??? i really like this shot of sheila's pen leaking blood once she's fallen asleep in class
even if its a little on the nose. it just looks cool girl why did u smear it out on the test.
alice is also in the dream. everyone else is not so theyre just doin the test nice mauculay culkin face there, alice seriously this movie's got some great shots sheila's dream death is horrific but i guess at least irl its. well. still not fun but at least not as bad
the way freddy acts towards her makes me surprised they were angry with how he was rewritten for the remake ngl :( oh deb deb ready to throw down alice decides she wants to have none of this
and by that i mean she realises she was the one who fell asleep and pulled sheila into her dream
i forgot about that rick naruto runnin after his sister hey everybody remember the mirror
[she just ook off a photo of her and kristen and another with sheila btw] ooh the full fringe kinda suits her. u go alice so sleep deprived shes just telling her crush all about the creepy dream man whos murdering her friends
i mean, go off their friendship is kinda cute. they sorta establish that rick is seen as a weirdo and dan is the popular jock type so them being best friends is sweet alice is sitting through a philosophy class and theyre discussing dreams and im sorry but if i was in her shoes i'd have stormed outta the class at this point
that is too much to deal with right now
idk what the timeframe is but im just gonna assume its at least a while after sheila died cos that must've traumatized the whole class
well shit both rick and alice are asleep now evil lift! silent hill 2 ??? yknow i love the nightmares being based on the person who is having them but upon rewatch rick's is bordering on silly so hard its not exactly scary rick kicks off freddy's glove despite fred being invisible because he ✨ believes in himself ✨ unfortunately it doesnt last long and also holy shit this is really what he says here
imagine that being the last thing you hear.
alice feels it, somehow, and it makes the windows in her classroom explode. i.
i dont know why, or how, or if they explain this dad. what is this pose. did they tell him look sad but also drunk cos ur a daydrinker
just noticed alice isholding rick's headband. thats sweet but shes holding it like shes gonna wipe her tears on it which seems a little disrespectful alice imagines rick climbing out of his coffin because she cant accept that he's dead. That always made me quite sad :( :((( :((((((((( rick gets back into the coffin to signify that alice is gonna stop making up scenarios in her head of what she wishes would happen or what she would have done. i think its a nice metaphor
and also a really sad one, but i think the loss of her brother pushing her over the edge to take action is a good arc for a slasher mc its definitely more development then most things bother with
just noticed that the sunglasses alice wears at ricks funeral are his sunglasses
thats a nice detail deb gives alice her studded bracelet so she can absorb her swole chad powers deb lookin like hardcore hermione over here
dan lookin like.
generic jock
idk hes not my type lol he looks dull more photos are removed and alice sees more of herself i fucking love this scene so much, it might be silly but idk i really like it. Alice has Ricks nunchucks as a keepsake and she tries using them only to find that she is fantastic at it, as if she's trained with them before. Also Dramarama's anything starts playing as she does so ^me
well. without hte smile.
but i wish i had the hamster
anyway alice realises shes changing. dad finally remembering oh shit i got kids i should probably parent them god deb ur so cool all youve done so far in this scene is move a bike but i am here for iiiiiiiit
>turns on the worst fuckin music ive ever heard
ok well nobody's perfect hello i have changed into my pristine final girl outfit, i'd like to go save my future boyfriend now please thank you Reefer Madness!!!
Ive been thinkin of watching that.
that's a musical, right?
cmon theater kids of boomer discord help me out (they did not) its 1988 and shes out here watching a movie from like what, the 30s
alice you goddamn hipster. way ahead of your time we know who sponsored this movie
one of the few thats not coca cola. at least in my experience omg the other people there are souls freddy's collected. I never noticed
kristen's lookin rough. coulda at least sat her with her boyfriend she got sucked into the film. thats pretty neat joey. kincaid :c
>and then everyone stood up and clapped
theyre like good job alice you fell asleep
honestly im surprised theyre not bothering kristen's soul for getting them involved again lol so alice's dream is about how she doesnt want to work at a diner forever
and freddy was like ok yeah that'll work as a bonechilling nightmare for her jfc i forgot about the face pizza. i wont screenshot it cos its probably a bit too gross but the meatballs are souls freddys already taken
they just dont make them like that anymore, I would say, but then A24 would say I would beg to differ and you know what theyre right
from a movie where a man is turned into a walrus to quadruple mpreg birthing i really dont have a case
ugh the pizza scene isnt scary its just a bit gross and weird
at least its short deb deb deb deb deb deb deb!!!!
love how shes all about fitness but she also has beautifully manicured nails thank u freddy. Now I know I can do anything I put my mind to. he tries to drop the weights on deb but she's a tough lady so she can stop him
srsly in a 1v1 fight where freddy isnt like a murder nightmare demon she'd be able to take him
unfortunately he is a murder nightmare demon
debbie's nightmare is a marvel of special effects but honestly her nightmare is the most horrifying thing this series has ever created
so i wont screenshot it
gotta give it to dan here, he's realised everyones asleep and freddys makin em repeat the same bit over and over so they cant save deb before alice did. so u go dan, two for you dan. four still for kincaid hi i dont know if ur familiar with a roach motel as i dont know if theyre still a thing but debs nightmare is essentially kafka's the metamorphosis combined with. well. this.
its fucked up but ehhhh the effect is very impressive.
i saw this when i was a teenager how the hell was i afraid to watch the thing when I SAW THIS Dan is down for the count as alice crashed their car
cos they were both asleep? but also driving. Thats a little confusing. ALICE NO THIS LIGHTING IS BAD NEWS
it does make me think of quentins seemingly unhinged behaviour to stayawake in the remake, consistency wooo i gotta go dad freddys gonna kill my boyfriend while hes in surgery woo montage!!!
its hard to screenshot
but alice is gearing up to go fight freddy! in her dreams!! somehow!!! Rick! Sheila! Kristen! ...Deb?
it was a bracelet but i guess its now somehow a belt. oh never mind
hell yeah its a snap bracelet! the best kind lookin like eddie munson here and ready to go Im cool Alice now!
fuckin a was something a previous character said but i forgot who so i dont know who she got it from
anyway dan is knocked out and freddy's with him alice jumped into the dream. Also I forgot to mention she took sleeping pills before she dressed up so they did actually explain how she could confront freddy on her own terms its a church!
damn Alice and quentin are practically the same character. The remake is just from the love interest's point of view. Both New!Nancy and Dan are really fuckin boring characters while the person who likes them is more interesting
and also, church!
also anoes 4 has the interesting person as the main character, so good job there alice no im ceasing to exist cos the script says i shouldnt be here right now! they just said he was hemorrhaging and they woke him up and i dont know anything about surgery but that doesnt sound right to me
anyway hes fine and alice is alone now. shut up. shut up shut up shut up shut up
imagine getting murdered by some freak and you end up eternally singing his stupid lil rhyme whenever he needs you to
i somehow forgot they have a mortal kombat type showdown at the end
but fred just laughs it off
cos u cant kick him to death omg she used sheilas hyperpower disruptor..thingie..majig to. uh
well its doing something! damn its doin a lot actually he just erased the wound in less than a second. he talks in a silly way but freddy's a great villain
how do you get rid of something thats just a thought? u dont.
hm i will say the dream master rhyme is a bit lame
esp cos its just the now i lay me down to sleep prayer but edited. I dont like that Alice just forgot about it until the choir reminded her of it
The souls inside freddy helping Alice out is a great effect though. I saw a making of on it and its really cool i hope this stream of souls includes those choir girls. finally you dont have to sing freddys rhyme anymore girl the whole point of hell is that you dont get any rest there
but fair enough i suppose u didnt have a lot of time to think of a cool exit line freeedoooooom
ugh i wish they'd done the church in the remake. what corporate asshole took that from them
anoes isnt anoes without the crazy sets now theyre a couple wooooo and theyre safe. good for them
and now with they are safe I mean until the next movie.
I love anoes 4.
>credits have the song playing deb worked out to
movie why
ANYWAY as i said i love elm street 4 and as such i find it hard to give it an honest rating as its got nostalgia value for me
with that in mind im giving it an 8/10, its so so so so fun, its campy, its got a heart, its about friendship, family, the main character actually develops throughout the story
also fuckin insane special effects, really impressive
bit of a different liveblog than usual as i'd already seen it but i hope u enjoyed reading it anyway :)