New Kids: Nitro

somethin slightly different today
Acea: Oho
i never saw nitro. since its made in 2017 i wonder if its aged less poorly than the 2010 one [idk where i got 2017 from at the time, film's from 2011]
>eurodance over the opening credits
lets gooooooooooo
Acea: That is to be expected i guess..l
Acea: Both statements
the 2010 one didnt age that badly, they just have a disabled character they kind of use as a joke. but even then he's not depicted as incapable or anything, hes just hard to understand
god damn theres a lot of company logos at the start
makes any movie that just has "unvierlss" or whatever at the front feel weird to me now
universal. >this guy just immediately has a gun
oh no
Acea: Is that ice cream or chicken
its chicken theyre now being judged by a 13 year old for new kids being done with in 2017 and that nobody watches it anymore
i think we can all guess where thats gonna go yep
(the cop did it. by accident) ngl i kinda like this guys tracksuit jacket uhhh
god im craving deep fried snacks now
yeees theyre all like. snacks i think you can only get in nl/be? maybe germany?
its low quality and so bad for you but ugh. want
Majo: big mood...I completely Understand theres an enemy friend group now. wth
theyre from another town
also today i learned maaskantje really exists OTL i thought they made it uuuup of course he lives in a trailer
i like how the rival gang has a different style. they look like chavs
its a nice detail
idk if theyre gonna fuckthis up later but his relationship with his mum feels really realistic for the kind of people they are like theyre really close but theyre very rude but clearly care a lot about each other
IM WORRIED where.. where did he even get the explosive..
oh god i hope someone uploaded the bit where one of them sings in a car cos its prime average dutch accent..
so the plot is people keep getting run over in their town.. but also somethng about radioactive cows in the north? idk love how you can still see his eyes are wide open tho i cant get a clear shot lol
>gabber danceoff
alright then thank u barry that was annoying
het volume is echt 200%, constant, zoveel geschreeuw
uh, the movie is loud theres a lot of shouting tries to fight a dad whos angry at him for shouting at 3 am yes very impressive
ok the humor is the same level as 2010. they made the same joke OTL
Majo: rare dutch priestess! hey everyone! its that guy from the thing you know! and he just called someone a drunk slag!
(who is this)
(im so lost) oh were just gonna ignore that and start streetracing, ok
jesus im not evn a half hour in i need to screenshot less woensel... where is that
oh its like. the same area
i shoulda known
somehow its 30mins from where my brabant family lives by car but 7 hours by train?? wth anyway they immediately crashed but still happy to represent their hometown hi im an unassuming normal person entering this scene to undoubtedly get horrribly maimed soon. sup
oh i didnt notice the flask. he has a dog and the other guy has a spiky car break thing i am worried
ah phew they just destroyed a car ok like. legit. i kinda want his tracksuit
ah, makes me think of my parents.. jumbo!
Mono: OH MAN
Mono: OH MAN
yeee mono i was waiting for ur arrival
Mono: this was the peak of dutch comedy for my teenage self
Mono: ahhhh yEAH it's a real place
Mono: hell yeah barry!!! the best
yeah i like barry haha
maybe cos he's very quiet idk ok im just gonna assume u can tell whats going on here from the fact its night vision and also theres a bit of a bed in the frame
my point is:
why is he there
just. standin there
Mono: the new paranormal activity looks different...
Mono: i watched nitro but like... when it came out lol i dont remember
Mono: was that the one with the zombies?
ah self referential humor. im not. usually a fan
guess we'll see what happens
oh theyre all frysian, not just the kid with the flag on.. sets the place on fire not a fan, but a bit of an underreaction theyre always on the left side of the frame and im sure this doesnt mean shit but it reminds me of jay and silent bob so much
and by it doesnt mean shit i mean the directors most definitely are taking inspiration from that
>try to prove my point
>they're in the middle god dammit damn, center shot again... did i just misremember >they're on the right
i dont know what im talking about clearly
well. both have an establishing shot that is just the mcs (or side characters in j and sb's case) standing around so uh. theres that gerry keeps trying to backflip and falling and its a stupidass joke but i love it GIVE ME YOUR TRACKSUIT
oops went into a philosophical discussion with jack and got sidetracked. anyway m back oh no its journalists they died very hard in the first one
maybe the camera man will make it this time at least on the account of that hes got a bit of the tarantino scowl (idk) yknow i thought oh im not watching a horror movie today!
oops. well that was fast this man's hairline. what one shot the next shot
>w h a t
>zombie break out
>government decides to do nothing
alllll right i forgot there was a sideplot of people getting run over look i might like the gingers tracksuit but its been at least several days and they only have one outfit
friesland now has zombies and they just put police tape to block it why. dont i doubt they would actually do that
houdoe he
people need to say that more
in this movie, i say
lotta kut, lotta godverdomme
not enough houdoe i guess they decided if they have the jackets open its a separate outfit
>gerry mistakes a table tennis table for a person
yeah i can see why teens liked this movie hits friend cos him mistaking a table tennis table for a person means he couldn't tell his mum he loved her before she left
i told u. he really cares about his mum lotr if both sides were orcs serieus wie de tering is dit
anyway oh noooo
love the brabant flag motif in the coffin though. dedication ooh finally, costume change uh.
I FORGOT THEIR LAST NAME WAS BATSBAK main character turns out to be half schijndels (which is the rival town)
these fuckers immediately want to help
love how one of them has a flare with him for no reason.
at a funeral. ok but seriously, longcoat, doesn't speak, drugdealer.
also, one of the two directors.
thats gotta be a reference yay woensel!
the other director is robbie btw. i think thats his name not sure. the one on the left the two really quiet ones (with robbie having maybe two sentences and i swear barry's only burped and thats it sound wise?) are the film's directors so. IDK MAN i feel like someone watched some kevin smith films before makin this
they changed the colour grading/aspect ratio to reference another film but i gotta admit i dont recognise it
doesnt make me think of zombie films.. my first ever holiday was to ameland. ah memories what in the resident evil 4 merchant
how is he ok
i still want deep fried snacks.
the fry cook is trying to tell the mc not to go get his zombified mum cos he'll have to shoot her head off love the empathy his friends are givin him takes off shirt to go fight zombies
though I dont know why. the directors have a bat and a chainsaw. ngl if i directed a zombie movie i would also give myself one of those. theyre just the best wait i think the shirtlessness/nudity is a 28 days reference.. cos the audience is totally gonna get that
>full frontal shot of richard
this movie was way ahead of a24 theyre racing the zombies... why not....
they have a running gag of rickert (have i. even said what theyre all called. the dude in the round sunglasses is rickert)'s co-driver appearing out of nowhere and i gotta admit its a great gag
>the cars drive off to start the race mc: I CANT SEE SHIT
why did this turn into mad max someone gave them a budget and they are showing it off
oh were back to normal film style. also that ended with an extremely poor taste joke
well the ending was kinda garbage but generally that was.
look man im just happy theres a film about the dutch south
thats my judgment
ok more seriously its stupid fun. the movie lacks a heart imo but if you want to watch mindless shenanigans its worth a watch