Killer Klowns from Outer Space

ive asked my coworker whos also really into horror and weird movies if killer klowns from outta space is worth a watch AND HE WONT ANSWER
i mean it was my first question to him on his personal number but still
Salsa: Tim wtf this is important k sold
next on the list: the fever dream that is killer klowns from outer space
holy shit the intro music is so campy i love it
a cop just called a random guy a son of a bitch even tho he didnt even do anything
"friday now is just starting" oooh i picked a good day to watch this ok well considering this is a movie about murder clowns i think this is a clear sign to stay away from the chiodo family
cos idk how they were raised but somethin is up there oh. okay jesus christ
and i thought our ice cream man was annoying
like he comes through every single day even in winter, its weird
but at least he doesnt talk oh the guy who thought that was an okay thing to say is not a space clown. that was just a dude. jesus all the teenagers in their mid thirties are annoyed well except this dude i guess they have two girls in the back of the ice cream van and jesus this is painfully unsubtle
i mean. im watching a movie called killer klowns from outer space. idk what i expected.
the title is straight up like "they kill theyre clowns theyre aliens fuck you you knew what you were in for when you put this on" which fair enough i guess theyre being pelted by cans
ngl tho the visual of an icecream van at a lovers lane was pretty amusing
lovers lane? is that what they were called? idk. oh god theyre main characters SPACE OH there they are hornswoggled
the english language sure is a beautiful thing.
[lou is typing...]
[also i saw u type]
[did i summon u with the clowns] nooo hornswoggly man i like u please dont die immediately he has a dog
this man belongs in stardew valley not fuckin killer klowns from outter space
im gonna call it space murder clowns now that name is way too long. he talks to his dog this man is an absolute sweetheart cmon ok cool visual but also LEAVE HIM ALONE NO aw her name is pooh bear :( hell ye u got ur priorities straight u go save ur dog
>touches electrical wire
ok well that probably wasnt the best way to go about it GIVE ME YOUR COAT [Boys Don't Cry by The Cure plays violently in the background]
i say violently but to be fair boys dont cry is too cheery sounding to be described that way. but you know what i mean >little boys
>just established theyre in college
anyway the younger cop stopped the older one from assaulting these two and now the old one is upset when ur bike's had a flat tire for months and u dont know what to do with the $50 bike lock u got for it but u paid too much for it to let it go to waste
dunno how i missed the lil skeleton hanging off his coat. FASHIONNNNN also the biggest safety pin ive ever seen
my skirt has safety pins. were practically soulmates now
Ive found my favourite character when a tacky horror movie points it out all the way back in 88 maybe u gotta take a long hard look at urself
Moe: (That skirt is v cute)
(thank you!! )
>calls em kids again
dude the gothy one has the strongest widows peak ive seen in a while somehow this guy connected the shooting star with the circus tent
like in what world would you relate those to each other ah yes when youre american and something's weird just call it european
>proceeds to describe violently painful circus stereotypes for the next minute
god damn stor wors?
so the tent is a spaceship. alright the boyfriend thinks this is a cotton candy factory. shes all like dude wtf
as am i. who thinks that? nobody would
got some serious steve/nancy dynamics here. im gonna call em that from now on
his name's mike idk what hers it but fuck it apparently steve still doesnt get it
like dude have u ever seen stored cotton candy. like for real. u think thats how itd be done
i know ur a 35 year old pretending to be 17 or whatever but god damn
oh shit theres people stored in the cotton candy. id be more shocked but i happened to already know that
but still
rip nice old man :(
im getting some serious teletubby vibes from this
why was uk kid television so fuckin weird >they talk like jawas ok then what the fuuuuuck one made a balloon animal dog and it immediately starts searching the humans for them
thats weirdly non grotesque for this movie wait is this one just dead. they sorta hit him with the car
that was fast nvm.
the ost is charmingly campy 80s mixed with "man fell through roof onto keyboard and we happened to be recording it" ah shes friends with the young cop
prolly smart since their story is "hey uh space clowns are putting people in cotton candy"
someone jst called one of the clowns cute (thinking it was an animatronic)
i know its a long time ago BUT IN WHAT WORLD ARE THOSE THINGS CUTE Hey dave did u bring me more people to beat up
I feel like space clowns is a good enough reason to beat up these suspiciously old looking teens. cmon dave
i did a title drop n everything
the old cop might be a dickhead but hes got a great voice. i wonder if he did any va work Hi you might not know me but i am here for the scene change in which I die he just saw this puppet vaporize another one with a laser gun and hes just laughin
oh horror movie characters. why are you like this oh look its your murderer. why arent you running wooo drawn on effects! my favourite
wow they really do spin people into cotton candy coccoons. i thought this movie was more violent damn she really is nancy
the cop is her ex and hes all like lets take u home to safety and shes all NO DAVE IM GOING YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO well he must feel awkward
everyone underreacts massively to these horrifying clowns WHY WOULD YOU NOT RUN AWAY SCREAMING
another one just delivered someone a pizza and they just went ah yes. pizza
theyre all like im not gonna knock peoples lifestyle choices if my delivery guy wants to dress up as a clown he damn well can Oh i remember this scene! nani
oh like. weed or sex or something
anyway the clown knocks a bikers head off
that took a turn he tried to throw the bike
kiryu kazuma he is not omg the bite of 87???? jesus christ this is creepy
i get that thats the point but ugh
omg her mum got her. thank god >dave takes steve back to the lovers lane
steve id like you to forget about nancy and date me instead gettin some the blob vibes somehow thinks the whole town is playing pranks on him about clowns
makes me wonder how the police responded to the horror clowns back in 2016 now obligatory shower scene cos of course
bleh hey lou are the bins at mcdonalds also prone to eating employees
to be fair a clown sprinkled something inside before this happened but god knows what ronald gets up to hey phill look, this horrible looking monster clown just waved at me! isnt that cute seriously. he fuckin looks like this. anyway he makes a shadow puppet to eat them all and the effect is pretty jank but the idea is cool And iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
enemies to lovers. cmon killer klowns from outer space. lets do it ah yes these two they crashed it
theyre like a sleazy version of the weasley twins but like. 20 years older. and also not twins
what is this casting
huh now i think about it idk how old everyone is supposed to be so might be knocking it unfairly so the town is fucked cos this guy wont pick up the phone cos he doesnt believe the whole clown thing even though the whole town is calling about it
someone hes on first name basis with called in and he still disregarded it
i dont. i dont even doubt it man i feel like a wikipedia article could totally be like The 1988 St. Hornswoggle Clown Massacre (quote) "The deputy on call didnt believe the callers despite numerous reports of violent activity in the town and resorted to not picking up the phone even though new calls kept flooding in [35]"
and id be like yeah that sounds possible Hello I am here to end you the clown sprays him with a flower with a water thing hidden in it and idk if ive just watched a lotta body horror movies lately but im legitimately surprised its just water and not like, acid or whatever you leave the goth and his friend alone you technicolour space bastard DONT PUT HIM IN WITH THEM YOU FUCK
the effects are actually quite creative they really doubled down on the clown stuff but like, make it dangerous. thats kinda cool noooo hes in the cell where those two were :( rip somehow completely misses the clown sitting there
great job dave the clown turned him into a dummy and that was another thing i knew about it and its geniunely unsettling
so uh. gj
hahahaha jesus if you break their clown nose they explode ....theyre having a parade now???
jesus i thought there was only three or four but theres a ton of them now shes finally done with her half hour shower, good god
i mean with the amount of time that has passed its more than that ok so the clowns have like.. popcorn. thats alive. and its turned into these weird caterpillar things
is.. is the popcorn like their eggs?? they trap nancy in this weird balloon instead of putting her in a coccoon for practically no reason
other than "the plot wants her to not be dead" not really feeling this movie but i do like that one of the main vehicles is an ice cream van now, thats kinda funny fantastic script lads omg is this the clown car thing omg it is
also damn the green one is small
they.. threw pies at a man.. and it killed him
alrighty.. oh they did do the acid thing. just iwth the pie and not the water.
i see the ice cream guys are main characters now
so weve got
nancys boyfriend
nancys ex
ice cream lads
place ur bets whos gonna make it no fred you must resist look what you did
that did nothing btw. was just steam i guess omg its dashcon oh look the organizers are here too. careful dear this place is full of traps
and a lotta sugar so theres a clown and this guy has a gun and he knows if you shoot their nose they die.
why isnt he doing anything. huh. just like pennywise they have spiderlike qualities. interesting pff theyre at a dead end with doors that just keep opening to smaller doors
cos of course well there go the brothers.
this movie cant seem to decide on a tone ooh giant. neat yay dave is ok ot3 ok them being alive makes no sense but i'll take it
more consistent with the movies tone anyway
well that was.
the title tells you everything you need to know honestly lol
i give it a 5. ill never rewatch it and i cant even say im glad i gave it a watch, i dont have a fear or hatred of clowns but they just look so gross in this movie idk something didnt work about it.
but its fine for what it is. if you like stupid horror you'll probably like this movie. its not particularly violent either so thats nice
oh also the dialogue is terrible
yeah what the fuck is accurate