Ghost Ship

gdi mista gg ghost ship was gonna be my next watch
guess i'll wait with watching his vid (I did! It was very good.)

ok its time
to watch ghost ship
cos i forgot and i just remembered.
lets go back... uhhhhh
22 years
god damn. thats a whole ass adult
theres probably a buncha people in this server younger than this movie
Acea: I wanna see those "soup" cans or whatever canned food that was (all Acea remembered of the movie)
(i straight up dont remember those at all)
(so uh, me too, i guess) wooo cg!
theres quite a few studios on this but theyre all pretty big fuckin studios am... am i watching the wrong movie? Mono: cute font...
Acea: Ghost ship💖 starring lindsay lohan
the music is also all happy go lucky wow look at this bigass boat!
Mono: will she find her True Love OwO julianna margulies everyone!
probably not this lady!
Acea: Boob but maybe this guy? who knows
Acea: Titty
yeh shes the booby one isnt she
i vaguely remember that
boob fall down man
Acea: No there are boobs
Acea: A boob
Acea: On the right
jfc i missed that boob
there is a very large boob there indeed
Acea:I never miss a boob dw jfc can ur name get any more american
u fuckin know isaiah didnt learn about sex until his wedding night everyones all vibin to music by john frizzell again, might be this guy, who knows except this girl who is FUCKING BORED why does the head server look so evil
Acea: True, very evil
Acea: Scrungly face, black details
a young server helps the girl spell out her feelings because i guess they decided we cant fuckin tell she thinks everything is lame
is anything more evil than a scrungly face
Acea: I really wanna say 2 scrungly faces
anyway the singer is like everybody dance! so they do and the captain (? i think?) is dancin with the little girl
no longer bored i guess
oh the ship is italian. but i dont remember the ghosts being italian? hm
Acea: Well she wont be bored for long
Acea: Bc shes dancing now
(that fuzzy thing is a wire.)
Acea: :)
... i coulda just waited to screenshot. oops
haha omg the sound of the wire rapidly cutting through the crowd is accidentally very funny
swoosh swush gasp! omg! scared face! whoosh! everyones still standing cos we all love the antici
of the havock the wire wrought.
(see that i made a rocky horror reference i never saw it but i did know that hee hee) the wire is from this thing idk what it is some kinda ship equipment
im pretty sure it was premeditated but i dont remember how or why probably misses the time she was bored at this point heheheheh his clothes fell before the rest
thats. realistic? maybe? idk. im too busy giggling rip to everyone else
the effect actually held up for the most part! I think it was mostly practical so that probably helped
ok the effect on the captain was. not good present day lads! the mc! i dont remmeber anyone but her.
and a long haired guy.
idk who anyone else is.
her crew is all like STOP IT EPPS (thats her) but she goes NO I WILL FIX THE SHIP I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN IN A HORROR MOVIE I CAN DO THIS so uh yeah theyre a salvage crew. its epps and like, idfk, five guys who dont matter
Acea: I dont remember anyome
Acea: Except that ghost girl
i only remember long haired guy cos when i was a kid i thought he was pretty
Acea:Show him
jury is out on that at the moment i havent had a good look lol ferriman. are you for real.
anyway mr ferriman is here to kick off the main plot theyre so close u guys ohmygod. idk who they are yet but heres red shirt man, blonde guy, and guy with bigass cigar
who are part of the crw
im tryna take a piccy of the long haired dude but he keeps makin faces there we go idk man hes just. standard handsome, i guess? he's fine
fine as in, fine fine, not fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine fine
Joker: He looks like he should be the male romantic lead in a hallmark movie about a woman returning to her hometown to rediscover the magic of christmas
Acea:I know him!!!
Acea:But why…
i feel like they would make him cut his hair but other than that omg you are so right
Acea: I looked him up he is pretty active but i dont think i watched his shit
hahaha you sound very dismissive if you call it shit like that
tho i know the frustration of thinkin u recognise an actor and then it turns out youve seen nothin they were in
Acea: Well he was in lotr and sw but i dont think i remember him from those
like what a background soldier in faramirs army or somethin? thats what he looks like to me
Acea: Oh no he was eomer that rohan man
Acea: But i dont remember him innthis role lol
well good for him i guess GHOSTLY things??? hi hello this is most certainly not a setup for him to
1. cheat on his fiancee
2. die
so ferriman tells em about this shipwreck and theyre like should we go for it boss? and hes like yeh we'll split it between the six of us
(the boss is murphy. not long hair man) so ferriman is like ive already prepared my plot armor im comin with you. my plot armor is made out of wet paper ACTION SHOT OF SCAVENGER BOAT WOOOOO *correction, five different shots of scavenger boat wooo gee i wonder who put that on. i was wrong. its red shirt vibin to this.
hes not wearing a red shirt anymore but i dont know his name meanwhile, the rest of the crew contemplating shakespeare coffee. and multiple pairs of reading glasses for extra smartness Epps Ratchet Salon is open rohan did a weed
Acea: Nice
(thats his name until we find out what it is) still rOCKING THE FUCK OUT
maybe new fav character. dunno yet
hes really gettin into it while hes sailing
its mudvayne, that was what it was! their mv spoils so much lol ferriman's gettin sick cos he doesnt do boats despite his stupidass last name nobody said that epp stop strawmanning
(shes saying that after ferriman asked her why they do ship scavenging) i know ur not. this is an early 2000s shitty horror movie. the only way they wrote women back then was by having them be hardasses who referred to their metaphorical dick all the fuckin time they kinda are like monkeys. so fair enough. i bet this will be followed by a shot of rohan fuckin told u kinda sad theres no subs for the mudvayne music lol just imagine heavy metal playing over this stormy shot of their ship
hum i think now im older i prefer this guy. i think hes cuter than rohan ...not green murphy in the front there
Acea:I stick to rohan
Acea:He weed boy he funky
heheheh they do tend to be my favs in movies like this
i still like rohan! rootin for him
but also this lad ok so idk his name im gonna call metal boy brodie until we find out his actual name. but he called in murphy and epp cos theres a ship in front of them, thats not appearing on the radar um, here
which is neat! thats a cool thing to holy shit the ship is massive brodie has to brake really hard to not make them collide with the ship and someone falls overboard? omg
Amy: oo yea cruise ships are kinda massive compared to small boats
youre right!
and i wouldnt have forgotten
if it wasnt for the fact it appeared in front of them outta nowhere ;v;
ive seen cruises irl too they are huuuuuuuuge so yeah suddenly this
ah brodie's name is santos. so that's what we'll call him now shakespeare man nearly died but he managed to climb up just in time so everyone is still a-ok murphy recognises the ship as the antonia graza so i guess its a very well known ship
interesting how its just sittin in the middle of the ocean
um. its a ghost ship but still
the premise of this is so neat what happenedddd rohan: so what ur saying is she's old as balls wooo scavenging, scavenging ah his name is greer. im sure murphy will keep the channels open and no ghosts will fuck with them whatsoever. murphy she looks like the deck on that one stage of Salmon Run
but you do you I guess
Acea: Finally ghost ship time greer and ferriman are still on the scavenger vessel because. well, someone had to stay behind, and idk ferriman isnt allowed to go cos hes not a scavenger or something apparently this is epps' and murphys relationship. they say it so i imagine this is important later
Acea: Betch ....
rohans name is munder.
should we just keep calling him Rohan?
Acea: No wonder he smokes weed
Acea: Yes
rohan it is the crew messes around as they check one of the dining areas
i think blondie is called Dodge
by process of elimination he kinda has to be
Acea: Thats not a name rohan and dodge are kinda a duo. theyre often shown jokin around
if u have a better name for blondie i'll happily adopt it
[Amy is typing...]
Acea: Amy coming into say mimimi thats eomer
Acea: Not rohan

thats nice murphy but also its a wreck and you didnt tell them of its history, what do u expect them to do

jesus fucking christ it is
Acea: Yup
from ghost ship to lotr. that is quite the glow up
Acea:See u kmow that they are the same actor but boi does he look different
u go rohan, four for you rohan
Acea: Literally a glow up lol
Salsa: hey is that karl urban
Acea: Yes
Salsa: karl urban my beloved
Acea: U know him frim where?
Salsa: lotr, star trek, bad boys or whatever that show was called, uuhh the thor movies
Salsa: hes also voiced some characters i think
Acea: Oh wow u know him well
Salsa: hes just cool
Acea: Ive seen his movie list and thought yea i know these movies/shows, but idk who u r
Salsa: bit of a chameleon
good on him man! what a cool carreer to have
[at this point we had to take a break to go watch another movie]
Acea: Dammit! just when the got to the ship
at least now we know rohan is actually eomer and he was also in thor and star trek and
Salsa: have... have u guys ever watched lotr
I have!!!
multiple times!!!
I just didnt remember this guy sorry ;_;
i had a crush on him as weed man from ghost ship ok it kinda overrode my memory of him as eomer
Salsa: lmaoooo fair
Salsa: damn eomer just wasn't that memorable............ smh
Acea: I watched it severak times too!
Acea: But the whole rohan plotline is just … zzz
damn acea i somehow completely missed u saying he was eomer this so early on
fuck it he will be rohan idc its not a name i prefer it to eomer

[a few days later]
i realise i never finished ghost ship
and im bored
so. lesdodis
last thing that happened me realising eomer is eomer
and also they just entered the ship they find a rusty ass clock thats somehow still working omg vecna??? JUMPSCARE! ITS 2002 AND ITS JUST WHAT WE DO rohan got spooked by the clock and theyre all making fun of him for it
of course epps goes lol ur masculinity is like, lower than mine!! how shameful!!! girl me too. thats why were here guess she never learned how to spell.. epps and murphy "after you" each other but rohan is like get outta the way i gotta reinstate my manliness hes chewing gum while smoking a cigarette??? who does that?
makes the smoking like, not sexy at all he just looks like hes chewin on his cig thats so weird
ope he fell through the floor its an ancient ship, how did they not foresee this OMG A GHOST
only epps sees her
welcome abored, says the ghost oh jesus murph i swallowed my cig mature.
i love dodge's lil head pat of comfort tho they show rohan doing a lot which makes me wonder if he was one of the better actors of the bunch epps is all like im the coolest most manly of women yet shes got perfectly plucked eyebrows cos a course she does
cant have fuzzy eyebrows as a cool woman thats just UGLY they get back on the ss mudvayne cos its sleepy times OMG HE SAID THE TITLE could just be rohan murphy's like i know my shit dodge this is GHOSTS
im sure someone already pointed out but jack just informed me rohan was also dredd.
in dredd.
i dont know my actors i guess
except if they never made it outta horror they feel the need to show us a flashback to epps seeing the ghost cos they think our memory is like. five minutes at best ferriman gets his lil scene with epps and im sure its not just like in RE where it turns out hes a bad guy the ss mudvayne has an engine issue and santos is tryna fix it. he talks to the ship like its alive which is pretty cute lol he gets hit with oil from the engine and hes like OH U WANNA GO but then. sniffs the oil and.. hits on the boat? idk
i believe tvtropes calls this a cargo ship i feel like itd be really weird to swim in a pool on a ship
ur on a vessel on the water swimming in a vessel of water inside of it
anyways they split up cos its a horror movie. its epp and ferriman, greer and murphy, and rohan and dodge. gee i wonder who will die first ....murphy sends greer away to go to the captains quarters alone???? whyyyy
theres bulletholes in the swimming pool
and epps is spooked by the lil girl again greer thinks if he sings a nice song maybe he can drown out the eerie horror music in the bg thats implying he will die soon quick murphy save ur progress on the typewriter on the desk
its so stupid he sent greer away, they know the ship is unstable, they saw someone fall through the floor just the day before, what if one of them falls or gets hurt? BUDDY SYSTEM, MURPH ah yes, my faaaavourites
(and santos) but hes not on the ship
i want rohans shirt it would make sense for someone to drown but i dont remember that
theyre tryna fix the ship so they can tow it to shore. theres a hole in the hull and shes slowly sinking
oh also comms are borked yeh where the fuck were u ferriman omg the bullethole is crying tears of blood!
and theyre so realistic!! murphy drinks some ancient ass bourbon or rum or whatever cos of the ghosts, idk. the film establishes earlier he does not drink, hinted its due to a previous issue with alcoholism.
murphy is also irish.
2002, lads. omg the reflection shows someone else!! how spooky omg its a pool of blood!! but epp and ferriman walked out so they dont see it. bet the ghosts are real bummed about that greer is like hang on i dont sing in tenor these two hear it as well
rohan has such a small chin oops epp gets herself and ferriman hit in the face with a buncha ancient water and bodies! wheeeee!
the bodies are also clearly not old enough to be from the ship. other peole have been here, like, a month ago greer brought a ballcap he put on to play the piano, for some reason
his piano playing ballcap look man im the first to notice if an outfit is very flattering in that area but that dress is not it
pack it in greer, god damn remember, he's affianced!!!
(i actually forgot. so uh. thanks movie) ok yeah nvm that dress is very nice. meanwhile ferriman is like OMG OLD TIMEY CAR
not the time dude epps is like we gotta go ive got an eerie feeling if we dont a creepy spiderbeing is gonna transport us to another realm with more hooks like this one aww, there's rats!
considering the age of the ship, there shouldnt be, but awwww u saw a ghost why are u afraid of some rats
especially cos your whole job involves places that are usually frequented by vermin ferriman meanwhile tryna name each rat he sees in his head oh there was gold that was what he was looking at
but im gonna keep pretending he was naming the rats dodge and rohan decide to scare epps in the cold.. room idk where you keep meat, cos, nows really the time for that guys
i hope she decks em are u like, not spooked or just a bad actor. why are u smiling
oh to be fair to them they thought epps was messing with them over the radio
and theyre the only ones who havent seen anything spooky theyre all looking at the gold including santos which means no one is on the ss mudvayne which to me seems irresponsible gee i wonder if someones gonna get taken over by greed.
the film has this one track thats pretty serene, its quite nice
i wonder if i'll be able to find it greer is like i read the script none of this makes sense we should outtie 5000
everyones like hee hee hoo hoo greer u saw a ghost
so they dont take him seriously 2002 lads
pretty sure santos is the only hispanic character in the crew the ss mudvaynes valves move on their own like its final destination meanwhile ghost girl is like fuck shit fuck fuck they cant leave we set up this whole murder mystery for them aaaaaaaaaa ive been wantin to buy a boilersuit for a while. i think they're pretty neat. i just dont know what colour oh she just straight up calls out to epps. i thought she was messing with the valves but i guess not another ghost is like BE QUIET santos blows up cos the valve released gas or somethin so when greer fired up the ship the lower deck exploded. rip santos :( i liked u that musta been an expensive effect
theyre stranded now cos they never called out to anyone and the ss mudvayne is going under dodge managed to save rohan and epps got greer but it looks like santos is lost to the seas
tho i mighta got dodge mixed up with ferriman, they look pretty similar oh no hes fine hes right here cosy boi dodge is angry cos santos is dead and ferrimans like welllll he came here out of his own free will
yeah maybe if he died on the wreck but their own vessel blowing up is a different story ferriman, god damn greer is like dodge pls stop bein the heart of the team we need to get to the next spooky scene threeee deeeee!!!
was this movie in 3d? that wasnt a thing in the early 2000s was it?
i know it was in the 80s and it made a resurgence but i swear that was later epps is like ok lads we know how to fix ships lets do this
i mean really what else can they do greer meanwhile reinforces he wouldnt still be here if they werent in the middle of the goddamn ocean
then he gets rude with epps (cos its her plan. murphy is being useless rn) so idk hes like hey epps hows that glass ceiling IM NOT LISTENING TO YOU
then they all start fighting cos its a horror movie murphy upset cos santos died
gee i wonder what will happen next
spoiler: he drinks more ancient bourbonrum dodge and rohan found some food and i remember this scene from the mudvayne mv, because i missed it when the movie was on tv. likely cos of an ad break and switching back too late
i have no idea how either of them dies. but im sure they do cos its 2002 and there is a single woman on the crew. also gettin drunk on ancient wine
as if that wouldnt be vinegar by now
or it. turned even more vintage which i guess is good, idk remember, hes betrothed! meanwhile rohan eats some ancient beans dodge also eats some ancient beans
i wish this movie was just about these two lol dodge doubling down on rohan smelling bad i guess
suddenly the food. isnt so nice anymore it turns into this scene from the lost boys.
theyre fine tho it was just a bit gross.
everyone except santos makes it to the one hour mark. makes me think of the slashers of yore where everyone died in a span of like, ten minutes epps found out the lil girls name is katie and where her cabin is greer is sent back in time and quite clearly greenscreened in
seems a little unecessary but ok murphy meets the captain ok well thats gonna be a problem same issue here sigh. meanwhile epps has found katies body. katies ghost appears for jumpscare purposes katies like SAY I LOOK NICE EPPS I HAVENT TALKED TO ANYONE IN 100 YEARS (idk how long ago) of course the only reason the one nice ghost on the ship targets the one woman on the crew of scavengers is cos she reminds her of her mom. film feels the need to clarify again murphy feels very guilty santos died the captain suddenly speaks english cos why not
oh the ship is only from the 60s
i thought itd be way older
anyway the gold is actually from another ship that sank and the antonia graza picked it u
it was cursed!!! the maria sank two days later omg. murphy is like no one survived the lorelei and the captain is like i fuckin told u her titties were in this movie
(hope u appreciate my censor job) the room with epps and katie starts turnin into silent hill cos some entity is keeping all the ghosts trapped on the ship
its ferriman, isnt it.
we havent seen him in ages. he lead them to the ship. its gotta be
katie just said: oops its the ghost of santos
or maybe hes ok. he was still alive when he fell into the water. who knows
oh he teleported, nvm. i. dont. i dont think any religion has that combination of things, santos. greer falls into the elevator shaft cos he forgot francesca is a ghost. oopsie
murphy is outta the game cos he attacked epps and ferriman saved her. im sure he did (murphy thought epps was santos) oh hes not dead these two meanwhile forgot the food they ate turned into maggots they fixed the ship! to be fair idk what else they could do, really
watching the ship stuff kinda makes me wanna play sea of thieves ngl famous last words oh hi katie
some of the ost is so dramatic while it doesnt work lol somethings broken and one of thems gotta fix it so they do rock paper scissors, which they also did at the food, and dodge wins both times cos rohan refuses to throw anything but rock
again. i wish. they were the main characters. always a good thing when a ghost says that
somehow teleports her into the past
while the film plays the other song i remember from this movie!
the scene is escentially a replay of the wire scene from the start, but this song scores it and also epps is there oh except we find out the wire wasnt the only thing going wrong at the ship. the kitchen staff was murdered and the food was poisoned
also its all edited to the song. wow ah yes the evil server we see what happens after the wire scene, katie running through a crowd of fleeing people including the server who helped her with her lil "i am so bored" puzzle getting stabbed by smiley mcgee over here why are you even hiding that behind ur back at this point
thats why there was bulletholes in the swimmingpool btw theyre all like yay gold!!! and i guess francesca was a part of the plot gasp, who dis?
(francesca killed the guy who killed all their co conspirators so its just her now, i figure) oh that hook was there for a reason. rip francesca
idk why her body isnt there anymore then surprise, it was ferriman!
to be fair to the film hes only called by his last name once, when he introduces himself, hes called jack for the rest of the film. but cmon
its such a silly last name of course people will pick up on it
oh murphy drowned cos the place he was in flooded. epp is very sad
katie chose a bad moment to show her the flashback. goes on to fix the thing he was supposed to fix while the film still plays sad "oh no murphy is dead" music Acea: Oh i missed all this
Acea: Did they eat soup
some people did
they vommed so i didnt screenshot that cos ew epps tells dodge they gotta get outta dodge (im so sorry) and the one good track from the ost plays again
seriously the sad music is so fuckin jarring its waaaay too over the top for the film Acea: The soup is real!! Woo
the lil mysterious sad serious music works way better oops time to pretend we dont know ferriman is a murderghost shes like hey murderghost stay with dodge im sure thats not a bad idea she does give dodge a rifle but.
you know hes a ghost.
what are you doing. oh good god rohan is still underwater and the gears started turning again so he's being sucked towards them.
yeah hes gone
god that was anticlimactic.
what a death for someone who made it through 90% of the movie ferriman is like hey your other half died time for you to go hes like hey im from 1962 heres some ol fashioned sexism dodge isnt havin it cos hes cool and i like him and again why isnt the movie about him and rohan
tho to be fair epps is actually pretty cool too. she has some stupid lines at the start but shes an alright protag. yeah this guy is just a shit actor
his line reads are so poor
main antagonist everybody! dodge shot the murderghost and is trying to warn epps
they should both be able to make it out, but, its 2002, and dodge is a guy.
so that isnt happening. epps is like im gonna sink the ship and dodge is like but the gold though!!!! hes also like hey epps i think ur really cool n i never had the guts to tell you so um,,, do you wanna start a scavenging company together??? :uwuu: hes rly upset she still wants to blow up the boat, i guess the gold got to his head
satans gold
makes u go crazy. or something. huh, good point oh no dodge turned into the worse actor! yeah i kinda figured but thanks for the confirmation g jfc so death is like an office i guess cos ferriman just explained he collects souls and when he hits his quota he sends them "home"
thats. i mean, as a plot, that could be really interesting, but it... doesnt fit into this ship stuff
i feel like they merged two things together
he also explains that he can control anyone who's sinful, which is why the rest of the crew was antagonistic and katie wasn't.
i like to think that also means he turned into francesca and seduced greer, just like he turned into dodge.
cos thats funnier. epp shoots the explosive device she installed to blow up the ship, to.. well, blow up the ship more special effects woo!
the effect of the ship sinking did not age well yay were free! g all these ghosts, all these ghosts!
i guess sinking the vessel made it so ferriman didnt fill his quota and hes gonna get a stern talking to from satan. meanwhile epps is on a box who is gonna know shes out there omg it somehow worked out.
even tho the horn sounds like a cruise. which. if its that close, is not good jfc it is a cruise ship oh that just worked out i guess oh no its!! uh. i dunno it just.. it just started playing mudvayne again? heavy metally moves coffin around
oh its the crew. her old crew.
well. greer and dodge at least its your fault i got demoted, epps

that was ghost ship.
it sure had ghosts and a ship.
also im not a master of fashion history but if the ship only sank in the 1960s i feel like everyone looked way too old fashioned for that time
ah i found the track i actually liked! they play it a couple of times through the film. its got the right kinda mysterious horror vibes
Majo: (victorian revival wasn't for another couple decades, so you're not wrong)
man idk what i think of this film. the execution was very typical slasher film but i feel like it couldve been really good
just. the execution was so basic
string murder was still cool tho. n i like that song. and rohan and dodge friends forever
Mono: it seems kinda bland despite the super cool premise
i feel like im just disappointed
Mono: and the iconic poster/cover lol
Moe: Yeah it seems like they wanted to do something cool but rewrites nerfed it :’(
:c its really too bad