Five Nights At Freddy's

ok uh so. the fnaf movie is reviewing really poorly and i am so curious in what way its bad lol
i thoughjt itd be just kinda eh but not worse than that tbh
Tiffany: I think it’s reviewing worse with critics
yeah thats what i meant
audience scores are high
i should probably just watch it
fuck it idk what to do with my time im watching it now.
ive never played fnaf but i watched thafnine and wendigoons videos about the series lol so ive got some knowledge
plus im rly curious to see the effects and stuff god i cant get over this thumbnail lol whys it look like the animatronics are squaring up amazing description mr jason still knows where the money's at ffs i thought this was josh hutcherson already lol hes trying to escape through a vent
whyd the guy in the game never do that..
oh wait they were probably in there or something right. its the screeeeeens
Joker: Obviously it's because he wasn't the imposter *Shot for Amongus joke*
oh no robots in the vents for this guy. how fortunate i got my hoh subs oh how i missed you!! [ominously scats closer] ...i dont remember this thing
Moe: Omg godspeed scarlet I just watched this last night it was an experience… look i knew about the whole forcibly stuffing people into suits thing but i. dont remember spinning gears or whatever inside of it. is this the scooper or whatever the hell its called? ...but... then why is it a costume..
with how much fnaf knowledge did u go into it
Moe: I know the first 3 games and maybe scattered lore from the others. I also saw that Wendigoon video but retained none of it lol getting willys wonderland vibes...
the true competitor..
haha i recently rewatched a bunch of his stuff so maybe thatll help
Moe: I read a review after that said this movies only purpose is to make Willy’s wonderland look like an overlooked masterpiece by comparison lol which is harsher than I would’ve been but made me laugh
god DAMN that is scathing
Moe: It’s a very slow day at work so I’m excited I can finally tune in to another scarlet liveblog ah im glad it seems i picked a good time ehehehe look at that art wall. imagine being a kid whos art they put up and its like. covered up by five other drawings. i wanna know how this kid feels.
omg springtrap???????
oh look its atari graphics cos. cos the game has that!!! josh is that u IM SORRY WHO
Matthew lillard is in this?
Moe: I didn’t either until the credits. Easily the most hype part of the movie lol
Moe: I also read markiplier was supposed to be that guy at the beginning but had to bow out

aw that wouldve been so neat
Man theyre just gettin right to it with the child abduction aspect huh
we meet josh and we learn
- he has meds he doesnt take
- he has a lone poster on his ceiling
what in the backrooms skinamarink ass shot is this ..wait is he a dad?
he still looks so young to me
how old is josh hutcherson..
Moe: He’s our age! 31 I think oh well that explains that
yeah only recently 31 too god damn maybe its cos i remember him from hunger games but seeing him in a suit is so weird
he doesnt look old enough..
or maybe its just cos im older myself now lol
Lou: BEST DAY OF MY LIFE coulda been a jumpscare but we've been spared
could you imagine if trhey made the kid flinging a toy at him a jumpscare haha
(if this was 2005 they wouldve.)
Lou: was 2005 a big time for jumpscares???
Moe: Yeah it’s surprisingly restrained on the jumpscares given that’s like the games whole thing
Lou: thats a genuine question i was 3 years old in 2005
i dont remember if it was mid 2000s or 2010s or both but there was a time goddamn everything was jumpscares yeah
Lou: ugh
indeed :/ dark times
im glad. the games jumpscares arent even good so im glad they didnt go ham on that
Amy: id think mid 2000s would be classic flash screamer era, 2010s more jumpscare video games (and the people making content out of them)
Lou: aren't the game jumpscares just "BOO spooky scary animal robot in ur face gahahaha"
Moe: So much 80s nostalgia lol
yeah pretty much
Lou: Double ugh oh im sure this doesn't mean anything.
u can tell hes a security guard cos hes got a walkie talkie! also the 80s. oh no! is that... a lost child?
[cherries unrelated to the child]
Moe: Freddie deciding what toppings to put on this child he’s going to eat
oh we learn the little girl is his sister, not his daughter
also his name's Mike Schmid (yknow from the game!!! I. dont remember which guard he is specifically. Mike Afton? Yes? No? Maybe?) anyways some man looks like hes about to abduct three cherries boy so mike beats the shit out of him the police are like u cant do that also.
oh wait that makes sense actually i forgot all the "lore" is like in the 80s but i suppose all the ghost robots is 2000s stuff oops. yeah i dont usually beat peoples parents up in front of them nyways this guy figures out mike's last name is a fake and is whole demeanor changes (i figure he runs the mall or something? idk. mikes trying to get another job but his record is bad cos he kept getting fired everywhere super fast) i will fight evil animatronics. i beat up dads like, all the time, i can take em steve's like all u gotta do is keep the place safe. n also tidy and mikes like UGH I THOUGHT U SAID I ONLY HAD TO DO ONE THING
so what mike do u take anything u can get or are u gonna be pedantic about it the moment someone says u gotta clean the place who the hell is this Moe: Babysitter McGee
do u think horror writers of today miss when they could make kids do crayon drawings for spooky effect cos nowadays kids use ipads
or are they just gonna slap a spooky game on the ipad to make the kid seem disturbed
Joker: Do spooky Procreate - best of both worlds
oh godp lease thatd be so funny mike gets in a minor tiff with his little sister. we learn she has an imaginary friend
(see i know my fnaf lore!!! ) yeah well i say youre too old to have an imaginary friend and im older so im right and youre a dweeb bye yee get dunked on small sister oh he took his meds. cool
might just be sleep medication to be fair, idk.
Five Nights at Freddy's, reminding you to take your meds :)
who knew horror movies could be so supportive flashback time! heres mike as a child. he has a younger brother oh his lil bro got abducted? this is not going the way i was thinkijng
i hope the driver turns around and its the atari sprite of purple guy
just this driving the car
Moe: I’d rewatch this if they make your edits
i'll send them a script with my revisions
they cant reject it
Joker: Five Nights At Freddy's - Priestess Edition
idk who she is but shes all like I should have Abby cos shes a lil fuckin weirdo and I dont think Mike should have her
excellent argument, lady
Moe: She’s like “it’s so weird she draws all day and has imaginary friends and doesn’t talk wtf” and I’m like BITCH THAT WAS ME LOL
Joker: "Our child has hobbies and is introverted - we don't like that, please fix this"
man thats bad fake crying even for a silly horror movie
why am i here just to suffer
Moe: He’s unironically one of my favorite parts of the movie lol doug is miles away oh sorry i was dissociating
Moe: Instead of hide the pain Harold he’s distressed Doug yeah i think she made that clear when she said abby was weird for drawing and having an imagination you should look at hers and see if you notice anything spooky.
ugly animals resembling busted up old animatronics, perhaps
oh that lady is abby's aunt this lady is like get a job so u can keep abby
guess whos gonna take the night shiiiiiiiiiift
(mike its mike mike is gonna take the night shift) WAZAAAAA - oh sorry mike old habit. whats up steves like bear with me mike im gonna plot dump on u for a bit u know when u see old photos and the kid friendly creatures in em look absolutely terrifying
but kids are just like yay fun times!!!
makes me think of that video from mgmt. Kids
how the monsters in that look absolutely demented but the baby liked them just fine
.. ok sorry that tangent didnt go anywhere theyve got this zombie dude and the babys just happy as can be it is time u didnt say hello hello. im so disappointed
steve explains hes just there cos people break in and while the place is defunct the owner just isnt ready to let it go yet
(im mostly making note of that cos im worried i might forget) boop the poster mike!!! cmon ah everyones favourite. instructional vhses
surprised thats not a bigger genre in analog horror
i know theres a few but i cant think of any thatve really taken off its labeled mike but the tape is clearly old as balls
I wondered if they still have these. I had to watch similar training videos for Walgreens and Express but maybe times have changed… lol this robots face end me
oooh were they old or at least sorta recent omg tv static!! is there anything scarier?
They were early 2000s at best lol lol he got jumpscared by this little statue i like how the electricity powers on the doors and some of the neon decorations but not, yknow, the actual lights
did the henson company still do the animatronics/puppets or did that fall through
does anyone know
Moe: They did!
Moe: To my knowledge anyway
The animatronics do look great thje first animatronic!! its behind a curtain so i kinda expected foxy ngl oh theyre all here. i guess hes looking at the main stage theyre planting the idea mikes all imagining it
idk if thats so they have an excuse for him to return on the later days
since that was always such a weird thing in the games woo more little brother dreams! hi mike we're spooky kids and we'll be haunting you these five nights
i like how they tried to make their outfits show which animatronic theyre haunting
or thats what i figure theyre doing ok well idk about this kid. but cmon. hes red! he must be the fox! nyoom (children cheering) ah yes. the babysitter
does she just exist so mike isnt a bad caretaker that leaves abby alone at night aight i served my purpose for this scene time to leave oh nvm i guess theres more to her. ohhh shes mike's cousin! alright really wanted to eat :( hes right. that's no fun at all. i guess she has a brother?
so are they like
schmidts or aftons
or. extra family no. 3 (i know theres another important fam to fnaf lore but i figure theyre not a part of that lol)
oh nvm. shes not Mike's cousin
that guy is her brother tho. Apparently Mike's aunt is paying them to get something on Mike or something yeah that nooo doug dont leave we love you ah yes the ever present and very plausible and easy solution of murder. how bout me and my sister go into the building where mike works so we can be cannon fodder for the animatronics
thats not a thing in the game, but this is a blumhouse movie and we've got some horror cliche quotas to hit hmkay
Minty: FNAF LIVEBLOG LETS GOOOO gotta get everyone at the location the weather is bad cos this movie cant carry the spookiness on its own without that apparently
oh his sister isnt there btw. hes still alone meanwhile mike has another spooky dead kids dream
i feel like i mightve missed that hes trying to lucid dream to remember what hapened exactly with his brother/who took him the kids run again
this is the movies version of the atari segments
creative ah yes very spooky.
Moe: He’s turning into a young juggalo
omg quick mike lob some faygo into the woods to distract him meanwhile the electronics go haywire
theres a breaker to reset the electronics. i know in the game there was door switches idk if theres a breaker too? as i said i never played ...? theres police at the door? hi hello u can tell from the fact that im a tiny young lady that i will be important
(srsly where did she come from) idgaf why are u here the lil juggalo cut his hand and omg its bleeding for reals!! NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION, VANESSA
I really didn’t like her character lol seriously who the fuck
i hate her so much and shes been here for like two minutes Moe: Glad it’s not just me lol
she feels like an extremely unneeded addition ah yes thats what this movie needs! a character with knowledge of the place to spew exposition and make everything less interesting
fuckin great move nobody cares. why do you bother the guards at the abandoned pizza place you fuckin weirdo second time u introduced urself, second time Mike did not ask.
take the hint VANESSA shes all like u act weird and hes like yeah its been a weird night and then she says this if you expected him to act rattled cos u know the place then why are you being weird about him being shaken!!!
seriously which exec forced this character into the movie
everything she says is bad
so instead of phone guy we get vanessa the negging cop bitch
shes also just a bad actress wait hes on stage? i guess thats different oh yeah vanessa turned them on btw.
so theyre moving and stuff
mike says: this... this is... and vanessa says this: jesus christ vanessa u need to get out more
Moe: SHE IS UGHHH they broke. good job vanessa. Do u want him to lose the paycheck oh yeah so she said this and then turned on the animatronics. great cop oh yeah some kids went missing! anyways let me turn on these old machines hey wanna dance??? do you like me mike? am i not the coolest??
half expecting her to get annoyed he asked about the kids yep she delivered this line really annoyed for no goddamn reason
god i need to take a deep breath im seriously screenshotting every line of hers now cos of how bad she is OTL day 2 is done. I want vanessa to either stay away or die horribly at her next appearance but I'm not hopeful ...are u gonna mess up the place during the day? oh i guess they are
oh and more cannon fodder bikerman and his teenage son who really doesnt wanna be there hey look its a shot from the game! how neat. gasp! ghost pizza boxes spookily fell to the floor. ..the cupcake?
is.. is it gonna do something?
or is gonna chica pop up its gone!!! dun dun. yeah it was chica lol
also i guess this guys name is carl
..or the cupcake gasped. not sure carl havin a bad time whys it eating his face? thats not very trying-to-shove-you-into-an-animatronic-suit of you
guess they changed the rules for the movie just beobachts aw chica youre so squinny
(im referencing this. I thought this was more popular than it was rip) dude you are nowhere close enough to hit those screens
also i get that the cupcake is hyperfast or whatever but the animatronics should be pretty easy to outrun id think.. I cant imagine them being fast
he sees the older man running on one of the cameras. hes screamin but theres no subs so i illustrated it for you. oh i guess the babysitters brothers name is jeff and the bikerman is hank oops. hahaha his screaming is so funny jesus jeff you could at least try to help. or. yknow. do something bloody handsmear! havent seen that in a while are u for real.
the animatronics are done really well! thats cool
thats probably the most important part. even if the plot is kinda jank people are there for them
the sound design on them is rly good as well they sound really heavy ah yes let me drop my only means of defense ok well that just looks kinda funny ngl.
..i feel like chica prolly shouldnt have eyebrows they put the cupcake in the vent all tauntily
imagine if nobody was watching while they did that. theyd be staring into the camera for nothing. how embarrassing. hes trying to keep the vent closed. idk why he isnt booking it out of the building, did they establish he couldnt or something? bitch get ouuuuuut why are you being slow
its 2023 you have no excuse!!!
as a movie character i mean. not. as in. like. in the movie time cos its 2000 in the movie
uh anyway i want u to know that ofr people who are hard of hearing this is their only indicator that freddy is nearby.
if i'd gone deaf at some point and i read this subtitle id fully imagine they mean it sounds like scatman john with a mechanical filter over it.
oh the emergency exit door is locked
so he couldnt get out oh its mostly an endoskeleton i guess?
so.. not.. freddy? ok lads place ur bets we havent seen foxy yet nor actual freddy or, heaven forbid, golden freddy or maybe even springtrap since they showed him in the opening animations. whos it gonna beeeeee???
shes super spooked already even though she has no reason to be. she should just be annoyed theyre taking so long what in the nightmare on elm street- she follows him cos of course she does. heheheh its being so cheap rn if u guessed freddy u get a point. I fully banked on foxy myself she has to get on a stepstool to look at the suit which she does??? why?????? why is she doing any of this, she came in here to find her brother and friends?
there is 0 motivation for this
unless her relationship with abby is supposed to indicate she loves kids and wants to help this boy but they didnt do a good enough job then is that the.. is that the bi-
it wasnt just a bad effect, the animatronics arent big enough for that!!
for one you fcan see that and also one of the most famous bits of the game is that one of them bit a child on the head
it would never fit a fully grown persons body meanwhile mike tries to bond with his sister but its not going very well cos all she does is draw and have imaginary friends ok that was edited weird. abby pulled out a drawer oh she found the custody papers their aunt gave mike vanessa is a massive creep
showing up at his house
clearly annoyed theres a child there (that she initially mistakes for his daughter) oh shes there cos of the break in at fazbears
i was 100% ready to believe vanessa was unhinged enough to stalk mike at his house nooooo dont give her more screentime uuuugh...
he tells her about his little brother and explains the dream hypnosis thing hes been trying on himself
Moe: My issue with this is, unless I wasn’t paying attention, Mike didn’t leave the place unlocked. YOU left with him in the morning. YOU saw him lock it.
oh my god i think youre right
lemme quickly go back
Moe: Yeah the guy randomly knew how to get in but not because Mike fucked up
yeah they dont go through the front door and theres a whole bit of him chaining up the front WHILE shes talking to him (though hes technically not shown closing it but still. shes also distracting him during it lol)
Moe: Also I’m like lady don’t you have a job? You just hung out all night with this guy while in uniform with your police cruiser. Are you on the clock or nah lol
yeah i was thinking the same thing, shes like "freddys part of my rounds" girl you spent the whole night until 6am there Mbr< what are you doing hes all like so anyways thats my deepest trauma and how im still trying to unearth the core of it all and vanessas like yeah whatevs so what about ur sister oh yeah i guess we might as well explain where their parents are
dads also outta the picture
then mike says they used to be a typically cheesy family and at dinner they would say grace
and vanessa says that sounds really nice
who the fuck wants to say grace before dinner lol who laments not being able to do that this is the face of an actress who is thinking "i dont know what face to make here so i hope this is okay"
Moe: I used to go to an after school program at a church where we had to say grace before snack time and I hated that lol lol she always gets called away by indistinct police radio chatter
i wish the movie was interactive and i had a button to set off her radio so whenever she walks into a scene i can press the button and she immediately has to fuck off she threw his pills into the canal cos shes that much of a cunt
srsly movie what are you trying to do with her
shes right that he shouldnt sleep on the job, especially shouldnt be inducing it, but to throw his pills away is just a dick move mike has to take abby to work with him since Max got bitten in half and stuff so shes not picking up her phone ooh maybe we can get a lil cleaning montage like in willys wonderland! maybe even with some 80s inspired jams hes all like you have to sleep in the office and dont leave ever
considering the place got trashed im not sure why he's stil going in, he's not gonna get paid right? i know vanessas not gonna file a report or whatever but this feels like a plothole..
then again i guess its more about keeping the animatronics at bay.. but
they.,.. killed people..
i forgot the lore, maybe im thinking too much about it
i might be forgetting something
Moe: I think if someone with some lore familiarity can’t figure out why characters are doing things the movie has failed at its job lol
Moe: It should be understandable to someone who knows nothing imo
ok wait i think i might have an idea?
but it doesnt make sense if mike doesnt remember
tho he did have that bit where he said that you never truly forget things
hes clearly mike afton, cos Steve read his name and switched gears all of a sudden
which would indicate his dad is william afton, who made the animatronics in the first place
which would mean garrett's spirit is in one of the suits..
cos in the original game mike gets his little brother killed by one of the suits
but idk how the movie would tie that into it with all the stuff it's set up so far
though admittedly its not a lot, its mostly generic horror movie stuff with some plot around mike thrown in, its taking its sweet time
though the film also seemed to imply matthew lillard plays springtrap which iirc is william afton...
aaaaaaaaaim so lost
my head hurts ok lets just continue hello hi i paused it right before another balloon boy scare. gdi wooo cleaning montage!
no 80s inspired bangers though. get fucked vanessa im gonna sleep on the job anyway!!!
considering people broke in the day before its really irresponsible hes letting his little sister sleep in another room than he is in
and then he goes to sleep himself
ah no they are in the same room. the way the shots were set up made me think it was different rooms she goes for a lil walk cos the script said so
then again i do think a child has more of an excuse than a grown adult eg. max
or teen idk how old max was eep he bargained with one of the ghost kids but he vanished ghost kid's an ✨ artiste ✨ why were u screaming if ur having a good time with the robots abby they dont look like they would be capable of tickling. but okay then but uh yeah theyre the kids so i guess theyre nice now. sorta
hows he not covered in gore considering he bit someone in half yesterday he doesnt believe it
speakin of.
where are the dead bodies freddy fazbear receiving his first ever fanart nvm she gave it to bonnie. oops are they ever gonna explain why foxy is in a way worse state than the others or do they expect u to just ignore that
i know its not that important but considering the other three look relatively ok it really stands out, if i didnt know why itd really bother me
but maybe thats just me either way abby had a blast mikes like ugh so to bond with my sister i gotta take her to the creepy haunted murderpuppets
still better than giving her to aunt jen omg shes been drawing the ghost kids all along! whoda thought. mikes like are ur friends ghosts and abby's like a'DUHHHHH oh she drew her brother getting abducted even tho she didnt exist when it happened PSRINGRTASP>?!?!?!!?!!?!?!!?
wow i butchered that way harder than i intended out! out!! git!!!
nobody wants u here [i dont know what face i should be making here either i just hope the director yells cut soon and that it's good enough] her referring to vanessa. guess shes plot relevant if the ghosts now her. bah oh vanessa knows they move
did u also know theyre capable of murder u twit yeah i. i cant lie i can see why critics dont like this movie
its not doing a great job conveying the story in an interesting way so far :/ oh now its montage time. theyre building a fort and the robots are helping!
why are they doing this again?
is.. mike gonna find out who abducted his brother through this, somehow?
Moe: Every fnaf fan knows fort building is integral to the story! Forts are very scary bonnie fell over but gives us a thumbs up to let us know hes fiiiine!
remember when he beat a man to death in a utility closet?
i dont think the movie does :)
yeah i remember u gotta keep an eye on each animatronic thats helping you to make sure they dont tip over. nervewracking gameplay cosy.
vanessa offers to leave the scene but mike comes with her so ughhh guess shes not gonna die here time for more exposition! so yeah if u didnt play fnaf or whatever in some of the suits u could move the mechanical insides out of the way so a person could wear the suit and walk around. she shows off the spring locks didnt work very well by stabbing at them with a broom and the mechanics snapping back into place.
cos we cant have anything be a surprise in this movie.
that'd be too exciting.
mike explains he comes back to the pizza place cos his dreams of garrett are more vivid here. that explains that oops abby electrocuted herself. hugs the stupid cop she's only met once instead of her brother also who the fuck is this vanessas all like NO I WONT TELL YOU MY PLOT RELEVANCE
its definitely not cos i came here as a kid and know the dead kids!!! STOP MAKING THAT FACE WHATEVER YOU THINK ITS CONVEYING, ITS NOT
shes like if you bring abby here again I'll shoot you
bitch you were building forts with her an hour ago
shut the fuck up
shes easily the worst part of the movie vanessa said shed shoot his ass so mike decides welp better donate my sister to that aunt of ours we both hate oh she hates mike now so im sure the robots are gonna be super nice to him oh i think shes just babysitting
which he didnt bother to tell abby angrily walks tghrough pharmacy isle with sleeping pills omg the dream is different! dun dun thje ghosts are like we changed it
idk why they have the power to do that. or why this is the path were going. but. ok. chica girl's face phases out of existence for a sec
just. yknow. casually oh maybe hes the cupcake! of course.
hes like u can have a nice dream of ur family just give us ur sister i kinda hate this kid
he's like three lol its not fair but hes annoying hes bad but he's little OTL i shouldnt judge the kids are bullying him now
31 getting picked on by a buncha dead ten year olds oh no he woke up in the chair of!! uh
..face.. destruction??? seriously what is this machine
Moe: Just put your arm out with your hand on their head and let their tiny arms swing at you in vain!! You have the arm span advantage Mike I believe in u
yeah why doesnt he do anything lol theyre kiiiids
Moe: Or just kick them lol like everything in this hellhole pizzeria the face mangler chair is poorly made and mike manager to escape it oh thats where the corpses are!
animatronics coulda cleaned up the place themselves if they bothered with the bodies. geez idk if theyre gonna keep it the same as the game but if so then this suit has a ghost in it.
which cant move around cos it doesnt have a skeleton. rip
unless thats the springtrap suit, its kinda hard to see ohhhhh foxy is t he one who hums
i think he does that in game.. i just forgot
the original sound is decidedly more goofy meanwhile freddy went for a hike to mike's oh wait hes more fucked up looking. golden feddy?!1?!!?!!?! ah yeah hes the blonde kid
pls dont tell me hes gonna go "im not freddy im golden freddy" oh ok well then dont explain wow the aunt just got offed completely off screen abby asks "how do we get there" to the ghost and it cuts to a taxi YEAH OKAY, SURE im sure taxi drivers see weird shit all the time
tho. maybe not stinky giant robot man
he also looks way too big to fit in there
remember when she said she was an emt :) she saved mike :))))))))
oh look its the face again.
course they do. this is a cool shot i'll give it that
they made it so much more generic than the original fnaf story
i dont think i've seen source material be butchered so hard in a long time
admittedly fnaf's story would probably be tough to adapt to a movie but they just threw the whole thing outta the window
vanessa is plot dumping while we see abby walk around the pizzeria vanessa: describes child murderer
vanessa: he was a very bad man
was he now. a man who took kids. gee. who the fuck cast this woman to explain the most important plot points of the movie.
she cant act for shit and she gets 90% of all exposition
jesus christ yes we got that when you said it wasnt just their ghosts you twat
thats straight from the games and it made no sense there either tbh. i think the game even mentioned that the suits smelled like death for a while. how the fuck did nobody check them
why is that one of the plot points you would copy tell that to the six or so people theyve murdered so far blah blah blah shes like i tried to warn you!!
you didnt do shit!
if its not matthew lillard im gonna be so disappointed we got 20 minutes left we finally drop the villains name god damn what the shit hes supposed to be mikes dad
who the fuck are you vanessa
i tried to warn you by being cryptic as shit and also not trying to stop my father in any goddamn way this face is inspiring violent thoughts in me at this point.
Moe: When i helped you build a fort that was a secret code… IKOJHDEDJKH IRTS THE PLANE YALL!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN
garrets lil plane i mean
i dont know if i screenshotted it before oops watch her make the face again as a response oh she didnt for once. well maybe she is doing it but shes doing it in josh hutcherson's direction so its hard to tell mikes like you should come with me and she says no like the unlikeable idiot asshole she is i hope ur dad takes your soul in their stead or something
that'd be nice
they weakly imply william abused her by having a scream play over her looking nervous but thats it. guess they really cared about that character aspect meanwhile abby's watching the robots perform again
Moe: If u know an attempted child murder is about to take place, as a police officer, even if you’re too scared to face your murderous dad on your own, couldn’t you just call someone???
oh my god i didnt even think about that
why the fuck isnt she calling in the force
the only time she used her police powers for anything was to threaten to shoot mike
Moe: GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME VANESSA ayy were in the vents again
now featuring: rats! mike sneakin up on the stage freddy's like EXCUSE YOU but then it implies he just malfunctioned and he's back to performing the song
bit late for that considering we've seen then walk around on their own and build forts and shit meanwhile. idk where theyre going.
what robot were they gonna put abby in anyway why does chica have paw pads? shes a chicken
Moe: Or teeth for that matter lol
maybe thats why she has paw pads
they were like she has teeth so why not give her more inaccuracies mike electrocutes bonnie and freddy and god damn that was some bad cg electricity
we really cant do better nowadays..?
it looked better when they used to paint it on oh i guess they wanna put her in this one.
she vaguely looks like ballora or circus baby but shes neither. i guess they made up an animatronic for the movie.. but why hey you stop that chica youre so squinny!!!! more amazing cg sparks howard the duck havin a rough day
man how are these robots so popular
theyre so ugly
like i get that people like the concept of fnaf but i dont get the fascination with the specific robots mike tries to save abby but as theyre running away the cupcake attacks him lol
i mean oh no! scary ghost kid!
except not really. sjust. kinda a kid. at an angle where hes got two chins. so. yeah. very scary movie, good job
he steps in the shadows and foxy comes out cos thats him and stuff. i feel like actually showing the kids is one of the bigger mistakes this movie made
they kinda suck rip
yeah with all t he pausing it takes a long time. we got about 15 mins left
..unless part of that is credits EAT ELECTRICITY
Lou: very happy i still get to experience some of it OH Willys wonderland had a scene like this. except instead of a child it was a stoner. and the robot was a chameleon that talked. so. so yeah. its giving this
im still super impressed with the suits though they look really impressive sporingtapsdf??
fuckin hell thats a dark screenshot hang on
Moe: The cupcake honestly does like 75% of the damage to people in this movie lol there.
it does wow what a decision. wonder if its cos it can move around more easily? but its not exactly iconic oh hesd missing half an ear. please pretend i only drew half an ear
Moe: Yeah I wondered if it was a speed thing or if it was just hard to show the big guys doin stuff so they just didn’t
they had freddy poorly bite someone in half
i feel like they couldve tried some other stuff lol
Moe: His moment of glory…and even that was in silhouette
yeah and bonnie and foxy were completely off screen omg the electricity doesnt work! how can this be???
hes also decidedly smaller and less bulky than t he other suits. but why, i wonder oh look who decided to show up well. you hired him.
oh yeah so springtrap talks btw
shouldve maybe mentioned that
>giant robot suits
>still has to use a regular old knife
i mean why even have the suit at that point ok so i failed to grab it but he did the ghostface knife wipe.
very cute jesus christ peop0le already captured and giffed it
fnaf fandom is crazy fast
Moe: u gotta have fast reflexes to fnaf stu became a childrens entertainer after surviving having a tv smashed on his head
i could see him wear the suit if it was to try and lure in abby, but abby doesn't see him until he's revealed his true intentions to mike. He's not a ghost, so hes not wearing it for the reason the game's version is still in the suit. Why're you wearin the suit billy?
saving the whole movie in the last 10 minutes
Moe: Truly the only time I was actively having fun w this movie was when he was on screen. And Doug, I liked Doug. vanessa shoots her dad in the suit and we get a very useful reaction shot of the animatronics.
doug was fun. i missed him until matthew showed up. oh yeah mikes on the ground or whatever who cares love it when a movie tells you straight up "hey i dont respect you, i think you're fucking stupid"
"let me spell out the most obvious fucking shit to you, again and again and again" mikes like tell ur ghost pals that the yellow rabbit hurt them
man where is garrett in all this. why did some kids end up in suits and garrett didnt? was it cos he wasnt killed at the pizzeria? how many kids did afton kill? why? if he could easily get to kids at his pizzeria, why did he abduct garrett in a park? wouldnt that put him in more danger of getting caught?
SO MANY QUESTIONS anyways william hits vanessa, which, FUCKING FINALLY oh she was working with her dad i guess. but she did a shit job cos shes actually a good person, actually :(
Moe: Here’s a q for you since I didn’t want to go back: is Abby in the room for the exposition? Did someone tell her yellow rabbit murdered all those kids? I was confused how she knew what to draw

mike says it to her once, thats about it Moe: Ahh ok im so scared right now! so worried! aaaaa fear! dont i look so afraid? please end it. please. he looks like hes wondering why shes making that face ugh distractions. stuff is happening ugh im being choked and im totally dying yall oh yeah he was holding a knife the whole time he was strangling her. why not stab her right away?
oh yeah cos she'll survive the movie. bah huh he legit seems a little upset he had to kill her. at least one person in this thing can act
(and jhutch. he's fine) abby stabbing this drawing onto the art wall apparently lets the kids know william killed them
(she took down the drawing where theyre all holding hands with him)
considering the pizzeria is like, intertwined with their souls or something, thats fine i think. But it kinda makes me wish they'd done more with the art wall he kinda looks like an angry pikachu wielding a knife now theyre all angrily walking at him and hes all like YEAH WELL I THINK YOU GUYS ARE LAME why are you carrying him he can fuckin fly. hes the most mobile of you all at this point it feels like an insult that chica has to carry that portable ball of teeth everywhere the cupcake takes a chunk out of the suit cos the movie figures we forgot about the whole springlock thing.
as if vanessa isnt gonna go "ugh [bleeding on the floor unconvincingly] the.. spring locks...." everyone is squinting while afton gets a new set of steel ribs installed girl you havent even died yet how are you so sure
i mean youre right, but. the whole place is collapsing so these two finally decide to leave
afton's dying on the floor, not worried about a thing. so the ghosts kinda lost tbh
also it wasnt subbed but abby asked mike "whats going on" and mike went "the spring locks"
which is purely there for the audience (cos the movie thinks youre a fucking idiot), and also, ABBY DOESNT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A SPRING LOCK IS
shes seen them yes, but she doesnt know what they are!!!
nor what theyre called! why are you saving her where are you lot going yay she has friends now! and shes not drawing. what a normal well adjusted girl :) abby were going back to freddy's we dont have to go see her. the movie is better off if i can pretend vanessa died. shes in a fuckin coma why even bother
maybe she couldnt convincingly portray being in a hospital bed so they went fuck it youre asleep
(am i being too mean about the actress)
(srsly tho vanessa was so baaaaaaad) oh hes not dead yet. damn ur resilient the kid ghosts are letting him suffer i guess
i think that was in the games as well yknow, for the fans!
i heard people say it ended on this song, i didnt think that was legit... ooooooh audio stinger. with what they did to the story idk how they'd do a sequel tbh.
[he says come find me btw.]
i'll have to rewatch it but i think i agree willy's wonderland is more fun OTL
the suits were good, matthew lillard was fun, but the plot was a mess
[a little while later]
Minty: OKAY SO, WITH GARRET, the theory is that he might be The Puppet and will appear in the second movie Minty: The plot is def messy, but TBF the game plots can be messy too Very true
Moe: Maybe he’s the cupcake cuz he’s small
Minty: Although I feel like the cupcake is maybe a residual haunting, made animate by the children's rage and hatred
The puppet was the other owners daughter though.. then again why would they follow that lore when they didnt follow any of the other Minty: Yeah lmao
Minty: That's also why there's a theory Vanessa might die and become the puppet
I think at this point you could technically come up with anything and it might be plausible hahaha
Lou: hey scarlet to cleanse ur palate from this movie what do you think of this magic the gathering card