Final Destination 3


im also sleepy when i rly dont wanna be so im gonna pick a movie to watch
and by that i mean i already know what im gonna watch.
its final destination 3.
my faaaaaavourite
(final destination)
(not movie in general)
when rikki was into their emo furry phase in their teenage years i was into my emo boy phase

...and considering the text on this gif, i guess some a gen z is right now
time to go back uh.
god. maths
17 years in case ur like hey i got some surface knowledge of fd, which one is this one? is it the one with the rollercoaster?
i am here to tell u
yes. yes it is the one with the rollercoaster.
maaaan its been ages since i was last at an amusement park...
3 also reminds me how fuckin stage magician ass the soundtrack to fd5 is
cos the one from 3 is actually ominous also. theres an actor in this whos name is texas battle.
not the character.
the actor
Mono: WHAT
Mono: IS IT MATT!?>??
Matt: OMG y’all found my secret identity (lol that is a crazy name though I love that)
next time we play some games n u need a nickname we got u covered ariel was like i got some spare time i'll make the opening credits the flashiest fuckin thing youve ever seen
they cut between shots of an amusement park and an.. okay?? cg effect of a ball in a plinko machine.
Mono: i love theme park stuff so im biased
even if they make it look scurry here
me too man
plane crash? pls no. no no
car pile up? also no, but also, jfc, the way they did it was way overdone
rollercoaster crash? hell yeah!!!!!
nascar or whatever the fuck? dont care
bridge collapse? .... kinda boring the more i think about it
final destination 3, 10/10
Mono: oooh yehhh 4 was with the race
4 is so shit god damn i haaaaate it thrills!!! oooh its the tower thing! i like goin on these but im like the only one who screams lol i find these legit terrifying i just love the thrill
i agree!
i got a fear of heights lol
and still oh look its three of our leads. And Babe. who is off screen
cos she didnt do the tower here is babe.

also known as ramona flowers a few years later
(the phase was having all her friends die in freak accidents)
also. i hate scott pilgrim. fuck scott and ramona and also the whole fucking thing its the worst manic pixie dream girl shit ever
the only good thing about it is the scene where they sing a Metric song and honestly?? the original is better.
um, anyway
Mono: lol i never saw it but it sounds... uh............................................................................
dont bother, the best thing about it is the special effects. its just loser boy has asshole girlfriend with colourful hair and he fights a buncha assholes for her while constantly pointing out how his (ex) girlfriend is like, so chinese man, like, oh my god!!! (seriously scott pilgrim aged like milk)
Mono: waaaaaa ive seen people call it a classic and everything but my brain cant help but feel... cringe LOL
i didnt like it when i first saw it and anyone i know who rewatched it now was like eesh theres a lotta uncomfy shit in it
like if you love it? dont get me wrong, you shouldn't feel bad for loving it, im also just another person
I just cant stand it, personally
Back to FD3: basically this film is full of canadians. cos it was filmed there. but they all gotta pretend its america lol
this actress is actually american but shes an outlier
Mono: wait do they have canadian accents??
afaik no. they disguise it pretty well lol - child on mister bones' wild ride, 2006 anyway her name in this is wendy, she takes piccys for the school year book and sees oMiNoUs ThInGs because in FD theres always that one sorta clairvoyant kid Death decides to be especially cruel to by givin em premonitions about what'll happen next omg what does it mean!!!!!!!!! so kevin (on the left) is all like what a feeling to crash and burn like that!! (you didnt burn kevin. nice script) and his gf is like uhhhh unlike you,,, we have lives planned????
also fun fact jason (second from the right) is played by.

idk the actors name but hes the antagonist in tucker and dale vs evil. I'm only pointing this out cos I never saw him in anything else, but he's great in that and he's pretty cute in this. his name in that is Chad because Tucker and Dale was ahead of its time, and also, we should 100% watch it at [server] Halloween 2023.
...not because of chad. but because its a fantastic and fun movie
Lou: love the Scott Pilgrim slander. i love the concept but it did NOT age well
the concept coulda been so good but uggh its just. its not
well, its not well executed
so i agree jasons like we gotta get to the part thats featured in the trailer, we're 3 minutes in and a quarter of the audience is already asleep cmon guys
"we stand in line-" dont think its gonna be the line, but alright i kinda wish it would just to see how they would pull that one off ominous feelings of death this thing is called devil's flight cos why would you ever be subtle?????
then again its a rollercoaster, those all have tryhard names
..well, theres the smiler, which is unhinged and actually had horrific accidents happen but that might be kinda hard to explain for a 2006 horror movie wendy's best friend tells her shes gonna break up with kevin. whos the jock who suggested they eat deep fried snickers
shes. not gonna break up with him over that. shes breaking up with him cos hes a himbo, essentially. dunno why the delay but alright 2006 in a nutshell. look at this fashion god damn.
if i could spit on 2006s grave I would
except for the emo fashion. that was kinda cute. that can stay these are ashley and ashlyn cos why even come up with unique names? they dress like paris hilton, both a them, but they're actually super sweet. and trying to win a carnival game rn somehow missed another mc in this shot. ugggghghhghghghg awww. i wonder what she won
cos i forgot. oh wendy takes a photo for the yearbook of them so this is them posing
she won an inflatable palm tree which is such a shit gift lol whatre you gonna do with that? hi this guy isnt a character but i want u to see him anyway. kevin heel click woo! vibin. for no reason.
ive seen this movie so many times i dont remember this guy lol remember her????
from when i watched the haunting in connecticut???
the sister????
its her!!!
lookin like a disney extra!
in this she is wendy's lil sister. she flips off wendy cos wendy is like u cant be here cos ur not a senior
this shot is actually relevant.
also decent casting lol i think they look like they can be sisters also hi hello this is texas battle.
his characters name is lewis BUT FUCK THAT
ur texas battle! SUBTLE
so the fd movies actually have death as a character, always played by the same actor. in this film unfortunately he only voices this devil figure in front of the roller coaster
but at least he's there a little bit. I think 4 might not have him at all but im not entirely sure jasons like cmon lets get on the rollercoaster it'll be fun and im with you lets go im not gonna say what he says, i feel like we all know enough just from this shot.
this is frankie, he's a cunt. the ashes saying exactly what everyones thinking
wait. is that why their name is ashley/ashlyn. cos of what happens to them
good god heh when i was a child i actually ran out of a rollercoaster cos the signs made me too scared first line by one of the two resident emos because whoever wrote this decided emo = nerd
which. is not usually that far off, to be honest. oh erin if i was in line your voice woulda turned into static in my head before you even started to say "conversion" anyway jason only blames ian (the. the boy emo) cos he agreed with his girlfriend (which is erin. the ginger eating her hair in the previous screenshot). they basically went "hey man nothing to worry about!" but they did it in the "the odds are low you will die" kinda way GOD IAN SHUT UP
STOP TALKING ABOUT DEATH erin's like god ian i love it when you talk about the probability of death
anyway yeah the emos are called ian and erin, the bimbos are called ashley and ashlyn, whoever wrote the script fucking hates naming characters evidently Frankies like look at my ugly ass necklace. it'll be important later wendy's like pls no front thank u
which as an acrophobic i understand kevin flips a coin, loses, and ends up in the back with wendy (at her request to sit in the back). gee i wonder how this will develop hi my name's jason im a loving boyfriend my plot armor is the strength of a burlap sack jfc did the set department run out of money, what is this prop the number six!!! this kid just got off but he looks like he stared death in the face hi my name's jason all my lines refer to the fact that i don't make it past the fifteen minute mark frankie is basically the reason the accident happens.
ngl i always think of this movie when im on a rollercoaster everyones like yay woo death, what is subtlety!
oh wait i blamed frankie and the movie kinda makes it look like its his fault, but thats not possible.
the film does show theres some other problems with the coaster as well, it just also ties frankie's camera into it which creates a bit of a plothole theres this valve thats leaking, for one frankie is shown dropping his camera, which then wraps around a beam, which the coaster hits on the way down which causes the valve to fully burst
..which causes the safety bars to come loose.. and then also a wheel is loose
i guess the idea is the loose valve is frankie's fault, but everything else is just due to it being a rollercoaster on a fair that was poorly maintained
but tbh they shouldn't have had the camera be a plotpoint then, as it would just confuse the audience the entire front of the train crashes. I assume its because the wheels came off, im not entirely sure why the front disconnected from the back but im probably thinkin too hard about the silly horror movie here.
our mcs are all in the back btw.
except for jason and wendy's best friend, who were in the front texas is soaaaarin
theres no bars on the rollercoaster track he cant reach
(at high velocity)
(rip) also the track snapped because death just hates these kids That Much, I guess
oh shit at this point its just ian, erin, kevin and wendy
i guess Frankie Ashley and Ashlyn crashed with the front cars, i dont think they got a separate exit wendy likes erin but remembers ian talking about death and decided he can fall to it, for all she cares i forgot to point out theyre in the loop and the train came to a stop.
Mono: I don't think this is even really possible but go off
it has happened, actually!
"A glitch in the electronics system stopped the rollercoaster ride mid-way and the riders were left hanging upside down for 45 minutes, according to reports."
Mono: :O this is our beloved emos.
and with our, i mean mine.
but i hope also yours. with time.

even though theyre a little snooty at times. WERE GOIN DOWN DOWN, IN AN EARLIER ROUND
(note that ian falls before erin does)
we see two more people fall but who are they? wendy and kevin rock the train forward while kevin encourages them by saying the name of his favourite drag queen show
which is a bit of a weird strategy as their supports are off, idk why you want the train to keep going. but i suppose he hopes they get stuck on an upright spot which is fair Hello kevin's midriff, meet steel pipe!
at high velocity!
they have a quick shot of kevin's. um. legs. sitting back down which is clearly supposed to be horrific but it looks so fuckin silly like his legs were like "so rude of me to stand up mid ride, my sincerest apologies" wendy wants of mr boneses wild ride, except, probably not like this premonition over! all of that was in wendy's mind.
shes on the rollercoaster but it hasnt taken off yet I WANT TO GET OFF MR DEATHS WILD RIDE NOT COS IT IS EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW BUT BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SIT NEXT TO A PAIR OF ALBEIT POLITE, BUT VERY MUCH BISECTED HUMAN LEGS she keeps freakin and blonde and ginge over here are like ugh only the back is released and texas is pissed(tm) erin contemplating if maybe she shouldnt have mentioned elemental physics lewis (texas) calls wendy a bitch and kevin is like EXCUSE YOU they get into a fight and texas is like LOOK AT MY SWOOSHY ARM his arm is so long he somehow hits across a fuckin seat past Ian to accidentally backhand Erin which obviously ian won't forgive
hes fighting two jocks and would get the shit kicked out of him if they even noticed his attempt to involve himself so, kudos to u mr. ian mckinley jasons like pls i need to be with wendy but the main operator is like NO ONE ELSE GETS OFF which. why not man
why not dismiss the whole train. but whatever youre IN high school. even if u dont look it
oh they leave cos theyre like ugggggh cant be with peers when they act their age. so frankie also gets off cos hes a gross creep who follows them everywhere unrelated: operator action man! this guy starts singing the ramones cos hey ho, why not erin flips off the establishment while theyre removed from the train, because, shes also a rebel, you know! ramones fan is like wheeee yay rollercoaster go! while jason is upset wendy also upset ope shes right the school has a little memorial for the roller coaster crash victims wendy is shown throwing away a buncha her school books which is just really weird to me. wouldnt you hand them back in after graduation? idk kevin's like wendy omg i want to talk to u lets bond but she doesnt want to because
1. kevin was jasons friend
2. her best friend was gonna break up with him
3. he reminds her of jason its raining on this side of the screen it is not raining on this side of screen. just to make it clear: this is the same shot. ] kevins like i love anime and jason died so i gotta stick to my word!!!!!!!!!!! ian's last name is the same as the school. this is a plot point
also fun fact: i didnt know the USA had a president named McKinley until I did research for Night 45. This movie suddenly made more sense to me after that lol
also goth boy with chipped nail polish, nice attention to detail. i feel like it looks more organic than if it had been fresh also hi dont forget wendy has a sister. her name is julie! yay. and also two friends. everyone sees wendy walk by all drenched and ashley says this to ashlyn this is what theyre inviting her to.
which is an odd thing to invite someone to, but it is kind of them to think of her.
the least wendy could do is give them a sincere thanks for thinking of me. these two overhear and are like ha ha the sun is the devil, but like, not in a good way
(i think theyre just chuckling at the fact that inviting someone to a tanning salon is a little odd unless you know theyre into tanning) ashley gives wendy her number which wendy IMMEDIATELY crumples up.
I don't like wendy.
she's an ass.
She is grieving, which I get, but so is Kevin, who lost his girlfriend and his best friend, just like she did, and she doesn't consider his feelings AT ALL. She also completely disregards any kindness anyone else tries to show her. FD3 might be my favourite final destination, the main character kinda sucks. I dont like her. kevins like hey i found out the same thing that happened to us happened to people on a plane and a car. uh. road
and wendy is like god kevin im trying to be an unlikeable asshole leave me alone
hes like they all died, unless - hi hello this is the main thing fd3 adds to the lore of final destination.
and i love it for that.
mainly cos of who they apply this rule to. ashley and ashlyn about to have a FIRE time at the tanning salon
im not gonna screenshot any of it cos i think even implying what happens might be uncomfy if i show any piccies so uh. i'll just say, this is their final scene.
you might already be familiar with it as its the most famous scene from the film.
this song plays while they're tanning. (so subtle) I still get it stuck in my head sometimes lol meanwhile, boooonding time for julie and weeeeeendy
to show they care about each other, or whatever super subtle shot of julie returning wendy's bracelet to her, that she took without wendys permission
anyway wendys like julie pls stay with me when i go off to college so i can cope with jasons death
(idk why she doesnt mention carrie, her best friend, who also died, at all)
(whoops, i guess)
oh sorry the bracelet is actually julie's. she borrows it to wendy. my bad he doesnt. frankie shoundt have been allowed at the funeral.
(the funeral is ashley and ashlyns)
(cos theyre being buried at the same time)
(cos thats a normal thing to do for families to bury their kids on the same day)
(whoever wrote this script had a priority and the ashes was not it)
(eyeroll) I FORGOT
anyway says the priest and i took that personally, says ian mckinley why do i hear faint mcr music, says the rest of the crowd except this guy, whos very annoyed his funeral vibes have been thrown off by the local cemetery goth
(look man idk this is just the second film where i see emo kids disrupt a funeral)
(the other film it was the mother of an emo kid BUT STILL) erins like ian please ian cmon ian for the love of god i like that he says this. him speaking up is a bit dumb cos hes technically but ashley/ashlyn are written to be stereotypes that are generally not treated with any respect, especially back in the mid two thousands, so even just having some guy go like "this is bullshit and you can't just say well hey death comes for us all", especially after a scene where we see him snicker at their silly proposal to a grieving person to come along with them to a tanning salon, is quite nice.
you can argue im giving the film too much credit, but I like this. I think it's a step in the right direction that a character is like they were nice people and they did nothing wrong! when esp. in this genre they'd be treated like a very negative archetype that's deserving of death and being forgotten (to speak in Cabin in the Woods archetypes, the whore) so its cool to see a frankly kinda cookie cutter horror franchise defy the norm a little bit. texas battle leads ian away, gently, cos. i guess they dont really have beef he just sorta accidentally hit erin after all
and to be fair this isnt really the time and place
i just like it from a viewer's perspective
wendy wants to talk to kevin now cos her photos represent the deaths of the ashes so she believes the thing he said, i guess shes also got photos for everyone who survived that night. heres her picture of frankie. i. wouldnt save him. to be honest.
i'd use him as a proof of theory. the only photo death we've had so far is ashley and ashlyn. let's go for three times the charm before we involve ourselves, I say
no context but wendy calls kevin sad for knowing spongebob lives underwater
did you not have a childhood wendy
the fuck did you watch when you were a kid, fox news
you fucking twat the screen on the drive through theyre in glitches out on the control line because wendy is described as a control freak and jason said the only reason she fears roller coasters is because she fears the loss of control.
this sounds like the set up for a character arc for wendy but afair she doesnt change in that regard? i guess we'll see kevin's radio glitches out and starts playing a song of which the first lines are
there is someone
walking behind you
turn around they get a scare theyre about to get killed as theres some small accidents happening at the drive through
um, including this driverless truck rolling down the hill, at them meanwhile the guy in front of them is being slow af kevin breaks his own windshield! to get him and wendy out to safety
nnnnnot entirely sure the chain crash would've killed them, as the car crashing into the back of kevin's causes the motorblock of kevin's truck to eject from his car (?? idk man just. its what happens) launching it into the back of the car in front of them, killing the driver in front of kevin and Wendy. which turns out to be frankie.
rest in piss.
small bit of trivia the writers originally made Frankie survive the whole film. who THE FUCK decided that. Fuck all of you, 2006. except whoever decided to kill Frankie. You were so right. thank fuck you got your way. wendy and kevin are looking through the pictures looking for clues and happen upon a picture of cassie (wendy's bf, kevin's gf)
sad times ensue
wendy doesnt have the guts to tell him cassie was gonna break it off
idk if thats supposed to show growth
just a thing omg frank death photo premonition get! theyre tryna find lewises now (yknow, texas battle) and. it is very much visible in this photo if u know what happens.
but they focus on the hammer.
so. yeah. actually yes. that is important. gj wendy
oh but kevin points out the swirling dervish (?) stand is important cos it relates to the sultans which is the team texas battle is trying out for
so. working togeeeether
as a teaaaam
wendy has to acknoooooowledge
that kevin isnt an iiiiiiidiot
(which we already knew)
(cos hes way more genre savvy than her)
(but i guess were supposed to ignore that) kevins got his priorities straight when it comes to the photo wendy took of him that night they try to talk to texas battle but hes too busy training this scene is actually kinda funny cos any time he mentions the enemy team the entire team goes "YEAH FUCK [ENEMY TEAM]" stand a little taller~ oops the sabers came loose~
doesnt mean they'll kill me when they come loose However they did cut the wires
Now the weights are going
At an alarming rate
right at my skull
Oh god
Oh god!
Lewis' head's just a blur! uh so yeah that was lewis texas battle. wendy makes it about herself (shes like i dont wanna have premonitions or see ghosts)
save it for your therapist you really think kevin is gonna have the answer its my boiiiiiis!!!!!!!!!!!
and they have nicknames for each other
i. dont get it, but maybe someone else here does
they work at home depot or whatever their supe told ian to kill pigeons thatve been setting off the alarms so he just very dramatically loaded a nail gun jfc this looks like a fallout weapon. are nailguns really this big coulda just used this? looks like a gun, and also hardware store-y.
idk hello, ian! say the pigeons. surely you're not gonna kill one of us!
(he does. he kills one)
(in final destination killing a pigeon is a very very very very very bad thing to do.)
(do not be mean to pigeons.)
(even if your supes tells you to.) hey erin we're here to get you killed! i wonder if they cast kris lemche cos his natural hair colour is blonde so making him dye his hair black makes him look even more pale
(well. dirty blonde. maybe brown. idk. just not black.) wendy and kevin explain the photo thing to ian and erin and they dont take it seriously. This is erin talking. IDK why she says the nail polish thing when IAN IS POINTING A GUN AT HER FUCKING HEAD
he doesnt shoot her btw. but this photo does predict what happens next quite accurately. ian fucks with the lights to show how much he respects how they feel about whats happening
did u just speak up at the funeral cos u gotta be contrarian
is that it
erin is just as sceptical btw kevin is like death is not a person its a force, this is ians response
so to be fair to the film they are consistent on how pragmatic the emo couple is
kevin explains to ian that dude it skips the next person if they avoid their death, there is a logic to it and ian is like duuuuuude what are you on but its background noise to wendy staring at some chimes It's Ian.
But Wendy doesn't remember. to be fair to her, Ian falls like, thirty seconds before Erin does. ian and erin are like its totes normal four(!!!) young, healthy people died in freak accidents who were on the rollercoaster with us!!
shoulda put these two earlier in the line to make this believable. cmon. ian and kevin go onto a philosophical tangent while death does its chain reaction final destination death thing in the background
ian being a snooty ass bitch going "memento mori, lads" comes back to bite him quite gloriously, btw
Mono: a plain heart attack? very lame mori :/
i can hear ian say this active circular saw! the movie is trying to make you uncomfortable in any way it can in this scene. he also straight up has no reason to turn this on. Erin said she was done with her tasks, after the pigeon murder Ian was done as well, he's just fucking with wendy and kevin at this point.
Mono: compelled by death.... so much goes wrong in the shop that ian and erin dont see (but they did accidentally set in motion) that even if the both of them did survive this scene, they would most certainly be fired the next day lemche looks tiny. i must know. idk why but I always feel so powerful when I'm taller than actors. heh ian humors the idea wendy and kevin propose that people might get skipped if their death is prevented, and says "what if the final person in line sacrifices themselves to save the rest?"
he also gestures rather aggressively which reminds me of another emo boy from a film from three years later

ooh someone giffed the exact moment. thank u tumblr

is it a coincidence colin also does hand gestures really aggressively?
am I going to pretend its not?
anyway back to final destination 3 basically ian goes "hey wendy kys"
"hypothetically, of course" omg ian ur so hot when u talk about death heres the pile of fence posts or stakes or idfk what that were destined to kill ian. Except they dont, cos Kevin pushed him out of the way.
ian life get! erin. is not so lucky.
and it involves the nail gun ian used to kill a pigeon.
when i first saw it it was the one death from this film that got scarred into my mind. it's. quite bad
but uh yeah, rip erin IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY i had wendys exact outfit when i was like, idk, 13
early 2000s fashion was so fucking lame good god theyre like ooh we saved ian
whos next tho. time for more saving of the people oh yeah her whole control thing
guess. they decided that was a good thing wendy cares about kevin now. yayyyyy growth as friends
i take the micky outta this film but they dont like. romance these two or whatever
i dont like wendy but i do like kevin and the photo thing is really fucking cool and i like the new thing this film adds to the series as well
and kevin and wendy's relationship is pretty good, even if it doesnt have the depth it kinda needed. the basis for it is there and i'll accept it as all they could do with the time and resources given oh yeah thats why they gave him a bigass van lol YES I SAW HIM THE FIRST TIME MOVIE we dont need the closeup or the fuckin stinger music
(but it is appreciated)
(i do like me some scornful revenge boyfriend storyline) hey wendy i need my checkhovs gun bracelet if you dont mind-
oh ur asleep guess i'll just take it in this close up shot so the audience will remember
netflix in the meantime: are you still watching? omg the photo of the operators hand!! cmon audience its like two seconds since the closeup! please remember!! the bracelet!!!!!!!!!
THE BRACELET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh no julie got into a van!!! what now!!!!!!!!
kinda wish it wasnt silver cos my lizard brain went OMG IAN even tho i know this isnt ians van lol
guess they didnt have the budget to rent another van in a different colour or something
um so yeah the people behind ian and erin on the rollercoaster were Julie and one of her friends.
so Wendy is freaking out.
also there is a fair goin on right now so everyone in town is in the same place
kevin is doin security at the place, wendy isnt at the event but hes like we have to look at the photos rn
so wendy does
and shes like look man i dont see anything in mine this is hers. i guess Jason was enthousiastically shaking his head to whatever song was playing at the momebt
shes liek huhhhhhh i wonder if mckinley is relevant??????????
and kevins like is ian in the piccy? just in case we forgot ians last name is mckinley
but then wendy says nahhh but it feels relevant
might as well have her go no but kevin i found the script and it says i should point it out this is kevins
ignore the timestamp
kevins like omg ima die of fireworks
at the county fair
film starts heavily implying that omg the song! oh ian...
i love the human threat in this one
hes clearly attributing erin's death to wendy and kevin, but at this point he hasnt connected any logic to it
he just thinks she died cos they came to them with their insane story
and he wont let it go have this with no context. i cant show it cos gross but julies friend who was on the rollercoaster with her just died at the fair
the fireworks are goin so wendy is like omg kevin OMG ITS THE FACE
(hes fine though)
(its a fakeout) yes yes. three mcs. youre all good. ohhh there he comes. man of the hour.
wendys like we gotta go all the signs point to mckinley! yknow just in case u missed it
the main trio is like GET OUTTA HERE and ians bein all sarcastic and full of vinegar and honestly at this point, he doesnt think hes got anything to gain he really is just there to see some people dying
meanwhile, cos its final destination, we see some dangerous shit happening in the background. fireworks going off, installations cutting loose and pointing in the wrong direction
hes not wrong. With everything that's happened, both Julie and Kevin have been skipped. so Wendy is up next. Ian kept track. wendys like U DIDNT BELIEVE ME so ians like hey remember when my gf got fuckin nailed in the face, like, literally????
i bet the next bit is giffed hang on
..ok hang on wendy says stay away from me
thank u tumblr, once again
ian's like holy shit so it was me. i was destined to cause your death
which. in itself. should tell him something is wrong. but i figure he's too caught up in anger and grief to realise oh none of the gifs include this
cos i guess some people are too stupid too realise he drew the wrong conclusion that its wendy's fault erin died wendys like youll save me if you get outta the way and ian understandably says this
then again i think wendy thinks if she lives all of them will live, they will all have been skipped
so i supose the idea is ian is being selfish here a fireworks display goes off and they all survive it, with the implication it was meant to hit wendy also layers layers layers. god damn. id like it but what the fuck is with the iron cross on his main shirt. anyway guess whos about to die. u cant tell cos of the speedy ass effect but ian dies from a sign with his own name falling on his head. five months later wendy is in a subway in newyork and a busker plays that one song cos death just decided to play the long game on her and the remaining survivors ohmygod sister on the subway, what are the odds oh my god, also kevin oh no the metro is having a bad time!!!!
kevin dies, julie dies, wendy sees the train crashing into her
spoiler! its another premonition. but there is nothing they can do cos they just noticed kevin and the train is driving.
end film
originally the film ended with the train crashing into wendy but test audiences got upset
so they changed it so idfk the ending is slightly delayed lol its still implied they all die.
theyre also fuckin stupid for thinking they defied death, ian dying clearly shows that if you defy death you just end up on the back of the list and it'll get to you once it's gotten everyone after you.
which julie actually fucking references.
three has issues.
but its still my favourite of the final destinations.
i love that it has a human antagonist who is just driven by pure emotion
ian has nothing to gain by wanting wendy dead, it wont bring erin back
but i think its so human, idk how to word it. It also goes against all of the pragmatism hes shown so far
hes a huge hypocrite, he's all like well hey man death comes for us all. but the moment he loses someone he loves he's filled with anger at losing them. sees it as an injustice
he wants revenge even though it won't get him anything. he's just upset. and I like that, i think its a strength fd3 has
5 kinda reuses it but i think 3 did a slightly better job
in that 3 actually has a few likeable characters. everyone in 5 is an ass
and im saying that as someone who thinks 5 is okay
also the characters in 3 are teens. in 5 they are all adults. making their behaviour less excuseable
5 outta 10.
does it have a heart? not really. did i have fun? omg, so much fun.
Majo: fave destination :)
ye :D