Dinner in America

[this liveblog starts about 45 minutes into the actual movie.]
[I legitimately did not intend to liveblog but clearly I couldn't help myself once I'd started.]
[I'll provide a little more context to the missed chunk of the movie about 20 lines down dw] hi im not gonna narrate it cos im too far in but im watchin some kinda art movie n were in a diner now so all i can think is damn quentin had a hard time after beating freddy
also slightly dissapointed he has a partially shaved head when the rest all has long hair
hes got a strong accent and i dont know much about the us but i think hes a north eastener who like... cant really hide thats where hes from hello bandmate whos name i dont know i want your hair, your shirt and most of all: ur round glasses holy shit i want them so bad
anyway this is the second film ive seen where this dude is the singer in a punk band and now im wonderin if thats legit a thing he did or just. some directors were like "oh yeah he looks the part even tho he doesnt actually sing" look at im. i wanna beee this guyyyyy
but like. with tattoos that arent skulls and flames, probably omg he picked sleepy's side. i hope that means he sticks around
i said i wasnt gonna narrate the movie cos im like an hour in, oops hello ignore the subtitle i screencapped this cos the dude in the light coloured shirt
like hsi shirt is very ripped
esp. on the back. its neat. i get its supposed to be like, he did that himself, but, yknow, its good imo
cos i think if they wanna dudes should be able to show more skin, without having to take off their whole shirt
so this is kinda neat imo. ok so. the picture. is supposed to be him. and im wonderin like
after the original quentin model. and this sketch thats like YO HE'S GOT MASSIVE EYEBAGS
are u ok.
do u. do u mind they define u by ur eyebags.
(i am ok w/ it lol i also have super hollow eyes its part of why i like him but still) hi heres the other main character shes cool and interesting but im not gonna pretend im not lookin at those arms holy shit
anyway, relatable. the purpose thing i mean, not the arms. hi bad screenshot but hes like hey we should threaten ur boss cos he didnt pay ur last paycheck and shes liek UR RIGHT but lets shoot some hoops first n then it just cuts to this maybe he is!!! idk
basketball was the only game at my school id try my best at cos i thought it was fun. doesnt mean i was good at it tho
ok i thought he was gonna be like "i hate basketball" but instead hes tryna flirt so uh. i got nothin shes still like no i wanna shoot some hoops u dont get it she did it! gj
i mean. he didnt do anything to stop her. BUT STILL simon (the. the guy) notices theres a dead cat near the girl's house (i. i forgot her name sorry) n shes like yeh its been there since monday. i kinda like seeing it change and he says this
which frankly, is fair.
anyway this movie is odd. idk what the genre even is well uhhh thanks for the honesty damn simon. dont neg
u set someones garden on fire for fun earlier
what do u know about cool weirdness love how this is just a thing with dudes. gettin close is ok as long as u say a Mean Thing tm
anyway he gets beat up. its whatever rip
ok fuck it im narratin this movie now. its dinner in america. what u missed is the main dude setting some random girls lawn on fire cos her fam doesnt like him. hes in a band. the main girl likes his band, but they do not know each other he just asked a friend a his for a truck so. that prolly related to the jocks who knocked him out nanu, as they would say in germany oh no the main jocks are distracted. cos the female mc did a thing. cos hte male mc told her to do it. this film is from 2020 which is very recent but fuck i hope that idea dies soon.
anyway hey simon how bout u try to look provocative. fuck u. to be fair to the film this is all she does >stuffs a photo into the jocks mouth
this is like heathers if jd was a latent gay man and like. didnt even try to hide it from his girlfriend. in any way.
hey veronica i gotta get on the train w/ u so i can get in this dudes facw
hey veronica i neeed u to drug this dude so he cant do shit
hey veronica im gonna jam a photograph in his mouth and i need u to not interfere while i do it
anyway she poorly spits on them cos its supposed to be a straight fuck you cos he says HEY DONT SAY BAD SHIT ABOUT HER YOU ASSHOLES anyway simons turned into the mc's attack dog cos her job lied to her about why she was fired. so theres that.
simons only motivation for this behaviour so far is "she made polaroids of herself while listening to my music" so uh. guess we'll see where that goes so she asks this n hes like "nah this is a shitty lunch [sic]" and its like. nah man. shes in charge. shes in control. this is whats happening now and as long as u stick around shes got the reins [i was a little drunk when i watched this movie ok i dont know what the hell i meant with this]
oh then hes like im gonna do a concert tomoz n u will be there too and shes like oh so thats a date hten??? and then he says ye it is
so fair enough iguess. MOVIE WHY
They just kissed which is like, cool n all
and hes like oh ur a good kisser
n then shes like i guess my practice with kevin (her adopted BROTHER) really paid off
oh. she was lying then they bond over arcade games. v cute hi he kinda cheated but also fairground machines with prizes like this are a scam anyways so like, this is still sweet
he doesnt know how to respond but hes clearly happy it meant somethin to her that he won that for her hi have this without context. This is simon describing a rave and like. dude. how dare u. the music is good go take a hike
Lou: any event with glowsticks is a good event to be at
Lou: last party i went to with glowsticks was the biggest vibe
glowsticks and drug addicts might be correct tho but then again he's in the punk scene which also has drugs so like. why are u bein all high n mighty
Lou: yeee!!! glowsticks are so good
theyre so versatile. u can put em on u or swing em around. simon doesnt know what hes on about
Lou: come on simon, get with the program! hi idk what hes doin but i am so disrespectfully staring at hsi arms
give me a man who is five foot eight
Lou: those ARMS....
idk how to rhyme it but pretend it fits the short king song
Lou: those are some BEEFY arms
i love dudes who are like. not too tall with muscular arms shes got red tights n they look fantastic on her n i have a buncha tights that are coloured but now i cant stop but think about luxeria goin "oh coloured tights thats a bit teaching art at the gnome school"
but also thats so hard to type fuck it im gonna keep wearing coloured tights. [remember how i said i was drinking. good god what is this sentence] shes like i need a job n hes like thats not very punk rock n shes like how can we afford anything then and then it hardcuts to this shes like nobodys home n hes like LOCKPICK TIME so i guess theyll get in and also hes smoking which.
god damn.
why is that a thing for me hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh] thsi random character sees the two mcs havin a moment together which.
why do we need to see that, whats the point.
Lou: for the scandal here he is listenin to her with no shirt on solely for th e purpose of the appreciation of those who want to see him with no shirt on
pls dont judge my straight taste in men i just think hes real cute and im. uh. i'll leave it there hsi fams all like we hate u cos u like to set stuff on fire and he mc is like ????? and the fam laughs and simons like u stop that his mums like noooooo y are u like this
but to be fair to simon: have u seen his guns.
did u see them. i want those guns. i think shes just envious. theyre drivin back n hes clearly like i know they sucked but i still love u, u see my arm of friendship
Lou: "what'd you think of my family" NEVER follows ANYTHING good
[the next day]
ugh not me going to bed before i finish the film
to be fair it was 2 am
>less than 10 minutes to go
i was invested. i dont understand past midnight me
unrelated subtitle but its now confirmed its new york I KNEW I HEARD A NORTHEASTERN ACCENT
look at me. learnin all about america
cough maybe i'll just screenshot "weirdest shit this actor's ever been made to say" cos i thought "suck a rescue out of my dick bitch" from red state was gonna top it but nah this movie decided to one up that 🎵 disappointed band maaaate 🎵 🎵 omg simon why would you say something so groooooooss to the man who manages the band we're opening foooooooor 🎵
oh shes here all this time btw and livin for it the face of a man who just gave the manager a reason to get simon arrested (he handed him simon's wanted poster)
not very punk rock of u, character whos name i dont know and i dont even know what u do in the band oh the guitarists are the ones who ratted him out. the chill one is the drummer
its always the drummers isnt it. i know so many drummers n they're all chill people livin her best life
lookin very out of place lol title drop!!! omg.
he dedicated a song to her and its literally about the awkwardness of eating dinner with your so's family the police show up, one a the guitarists start runnin and she's like RUN to simon and he does but i think hes just gonna beat up his guitarist.
i kinda hope hes gonna beat up the guitarist. thats what i said
anyway yeah hes just gettin arested. no beating up the unpunk guitar player
love how the drummer's just there like "oh well"
he kept playing when the police showed up btw lol i cant take a good screenshot of this girl. anyway he's in the cop car n shes like i got u cigarettes and like. lights it for him and stuff hes like sorry this isnt a very good date
its weirdly cute
i kinda like that shes in control of his ability to smoke in this scene
kinda balances them out. its nice [here it makes sense. unlike the bit in the diner where, again, wtf was 2am drunk me talking about] this girl is like hey join our riotgrrrl band but im pretty sure that died in the 90s.
u cant start one now.
oh wait i dont know what time this movie takes place oops it might be the 90s hi simons in prison now and i wont show what his bunkmate is doing.
also the female mcs name is patty and i somehow missed that the entire movie ah there he is, doing something i actually can screenshot
love how dainty the male mc is sitting here also
cross legged. writing to his girlfriend. aw. bunkmate what is this look CAN YOU TELL SIMON DOESNT FIT IN WITH THE OTHER PRISONERS
anyway he says its sad u gotta go to prison to get- etc. rest of sentence is on screen i let u guess what thats a polaroid of. shes getting bullied but she doesnt care cos shes like ha u dont know i have a music boyfriend whos in prison and i got a polaroid of his dick in my pocket tee hee im so cool
also u cant pull of the parted-ponytail look blue sweatergirl it doesnt work for u ooh dr martens!
i was. taking the shot for her outfit but i was too late and then got distracted by her shoes lol ha she punched her this girl is takin joel's [Vicious Pastimes] spot as most expressive human in an indie movie
anyway she's channelin simon. cos she was kinda meek originally. like. a meek weirdo.
now shes a weirdo who punches people and calls them motherfucker
🌈 growth 🌈 finally! look at this fit
shiny purple leggings with a blue. top? camisole ???? thing ??? wait i know that line she got off the bus just to vibe to music on the side of the road
oh wait she sang that song earlier in the movie.
its a bop. lemme get it u
i guess it was written for the film cos its nowhere which is a bit of a pity. tho the lyrics are a lil stupid at points, i do like the opening lines about the watermelon and they refer to each other as music girlfriend and boyfriend from here on out which is cute.
i need to rewatch it at some point but my verdict for now is fun movie about two weirdos. one is very angry and the other one is really passive and they end up leveling each other out by taking on good traits from the other
also awkward family dinners.
also the opening is gross this is actually the second time i attempted to watch this film cos 1 i hated the intro and hes actually with a different girl at the start and theyre awful together and 2 omg simons hair. i know the actor looks like a fuckin dutch renaissance painter normally which is A Choice and A Look in its own regard but holyshit from emo teen colin to rembrandt van rijn simon's hair ranks an eleven on the scale of please never make me look at it again his whole band had lONG HAIR WHY COULDNT HE JUST HAVE LONG HAIR
uh so yeah the first time i tried to watch it i turned it off after three minutes lol
jesus do i compare everything to heathers??? i feel like i do.