ugh fuck it im rewatching deathgasm im sad and i think railing on it will cheer me up
give me a woo if ur excited
or a. uh wait
🇼 ⭕⭕
ha you can do it with emojis. Aaaanyway lets. lets go find this movie oh its the movie this piccy originates from btw. to refresh ur memory
Majo: 🇼🇴⭕
Majo: oh no it ate my wo :(
Majo: 🇼🇴⭕
Majo: NOOO
omg it did it again
but I can feel the enthusiam
Rikki: i love that picture
Rikki: the death metal dude who is wearing a ream of ammo as an accessory and nice christian girl
SO I've talked about this movie a lot as i kinda sorta see it as a median i judge other movies on. Theres a looooot about it I don't like but I'm weirdly fond of it because, and i know i say this about movies and shows a lot, its got a heart. The fact that the creator loves this movie fuckin bleeds off the screen
it is a really good picture i agree
So its from new zealand and the creator won a contest where the prize was they'd make ur movie. It was specifically a contest for horror movies. The creator based a lot of the story on his own life as an outcasty edgy teenager (which. you can kinda tell.) and one of the judges said the reason he was chosen as the winner was because he clearly really cared about his project.
so that's pretty sweet
ok i found it lesgooo
I hope it has subtitles as per usual theres five million titles on this cos its indie
Rikki: aw that is sweet
wonderin if metalheads is just the writer/directors company and he's got a one track mind
Rikki: im glad its not about making fun of the edgy dude then
Rikki: i assume
Rikki: u can always tell when smth like that comes from a genuine place
nope! Its very pro edgy dude
Rikki: im imagining every metalhead in the world came together to make this
yeah i think thats why i like some films that are kinda silly or lacking in places i think if you can tell it comes from a real place it makes up for a lot metalheads when deathgasm was in production ^ good for u jason
Rikki: lacking in polish or finesse but has a lot of heart are some of my favorite kinds of media
Rikki: like....most sonic games :3
u know its gonna be a good one when the opening credits are a cartoon
Rikki: danm 2 cool 4 skool me 2 !!!! subliminal messages!!!
hi id like to let u know one of the animated credits was a dudes guts shooting out of his butt onto one of the companies that paid for this film.
thank u jason.
i forgot i saw it once, now ive seen it twice and boy I hope i can forget it again.
idk if the opening visuals are so wild in a reference to heavy metal the animated film or somethin omg is that near bumfuck manitoba??? idk why but the main characters name being brodie amuses me cos thats like the least metal name ever hi i thought brodie's mum was gonna be a more prominent character cos what she did sounds pretty metal to me but I guess jason and Brodie do not agree because this is the only time they show her.
so he lives with his uncle lovin the red and the jesus. heres brodie comin out of the cab and his aunt immediately stops smiling
like dude all u can tell at this point is
1. he has posters
2. he should maybe invest in some hairclips, pls dont trip on ur way over kid oh no i hate wall decorations dere he is!
now u get to see him without corpse paint. a premier for this server
his cousins immediately like im gonna kill you i guess he also doesnt like wall decorations
Majo: (scarletcore omg) ... lets go find out if thats a real band. it is. and uh. all their covers do indeed involve disembowelment! (i linked the least nsfw one but I'll spoiler it to just be safe)
tryna give cannibal corpse a run for their money but not succeeding, really
theyre both death metal bands and idk if its smart to name ur band something so similar to another band..? hi the sad looking guy just shot a dnd die that brodie's cousin shoved up his nose, well, out of his nose. His name is Dion and when i first watched this i went back and forth on liking him and thinking he was gross. So. I guess we'll see what happens this time
so uh yeah heres THE NERRRRD
the regular nerd to brodies metal nerd i guess, idk
his cousin calls brodie a FUCKING devil worshipper which. are you trying to compliment him i didnt expect the cousin to be into jesus like his parents but here we are i guess aaaayyy i said it correctly! I did think about that lol omg its the ice cream girl!
Im sad to say the romance plot of this movie is its worst aspect. I was sad about that cos i mean god damn look atthe picture of them eating ice cream together its so cute
brodie immediately has a nsfw fantasy about her that involves like. standing on a metal hill with her at his feet holding his leg all dramatic and edgy like its a Large cover
( you get Large in the US?)
oh also Darcy is dating the cousin.
ice cream girl me during my first DND campaign while my friends said shit i didnt understand
tis her! dion is trying to cheer brodie up with some dnd but i dont think hes playing, i think hes just at the table with them
also i freaked when i saw the army jacket on the right guy but its a dutch army jacket for literally no reason.
the costume designed just decided this guy wears army jackets, he wears another one in a later scene.
which is fine and kinda cool he has his own style but i got a lil hopeful he was dutch lol oh sorry the fantasy is at this moment cos brodie just decided to dissociate while his friends fight over fire trolls and goblins or whatever
Rikki: oh theyre even playing dnd lol
Rikki: u know these dudes are so cool
Rikki: ooh thats uhh
Rikki: a reference too....whats it called
its not nsfw immediately but he lightning strikes medina's top off a few seconds in which, ew, gross. I mean its a teenagers fantasy but cmon jason you didn't need to include that, feels exploitative.
Rikki: heavy metal magazine movie
Rikki: thingy
is. is it the heave metal movie? Rikki: yeah that
heave metal. good job me
that movie is a fever dream
oh Large is EMP abroad. I did wonder
they used to send out magazines if you bought something from them and the cover would be an illustration
I cant find them though because EMP magazine gives you guns and large magazine gives you even less accurate results.
im annoyeeeed
oh the big guy's name is Giles btw. Brodie likes to draw dicks and this movie has a lot of dicks in it which. I feel like maybe he should try to unpack that, a little his teacher appreciates his work
theres no shading. dude
suppose hes not an art teacher brodie's cousin is immediately mean to his girlfriend because of course he is hes like hey madison did you know that this is my one purpose in this film
wait what was it
medina! oops i like how shes like idk why youre telling me this
guess david was reading the script omg its a record shop!
I'd say this dates the movie but Ive actually noticed these are still around and popular with metalheads lol so. uh. nice one
tho i dont doubt the writer actually did this when he was a teen
ok look man how does a genre that has like five million subgenres still only like three things that define it? 1. 666
2. demons
3. death
like do something new man i mean. I guess there's party cannon doing the lord's work Byron's like hey Brodie isn't that the other main character over there? hes so cool hes wearing sunglasses indoors.
brodie's doing that thing where you're browsing near someone and u kinda want to impress them but you dont know how
cos inside ur like omg this person likes the same things!!!! lil invasive there, my man
brodie accidentally pulls out a pop record while staring at sunglassman which sunglass man judges him for really harshly
talk about gatekeeping
Rikki: lmao Rikki: i think he should peak a little harder brodie pulls out some kinda metal album with a corpse on it and zakk here is like YEAH THATS MORE LIKE IT and now i guess brodie has gained the privilege of being allowed to see zakk's eyes.
oh brodie went all uhh, im brodie, by the way
hes more flustered around zakk than he is around melissa
Rikki: oh heavy mertal yaoi?
Rikki: sugoi
Rikki: mertal
zakk this isn't the flex you think it is.
Rikki: lmao
Rikki: im so fucking cool my mom was gonna name me storm
Rikki: isnt that so cool
Rikki: im so cool
that is pretty much zakk
he has a massive ego and hes an absolute dickhead
but the director seems strangely unaware of that dont gass him up brodie cmon ur better than that
also maybe its just me but i think these twoo look too similar
the only differences is that zakk is a little taller and brodie has a jeans jacket that makes him stand out a little more
theyre too young to have beards so u cant really differentiate them that way but you coulda at least made it so they werent both brunettes (this is brodie narrating about stuff zakk has done) once again, this is not the flex you think this is.
also. once again
1. satan
2. 666
hm maybe brodie's idea of reinventing metal is adding dicks as a theme
zakks introduction is thrice the length of the intros of any other character so far
well, aside brodie himself
I. well. okay then also: ok i thought this was lame until I saw they misspelled satan
that makes no sense but fuck it i laughed brodies dnd buddies are in it cos. well. Who else does he know.
this is giles and dionses reaction to zakk which is entirely justified cos zakk's first thing to do upon meeting them was hurl on the ground. very mature.
this film goes kinda wild with the sketchy cg and its cute they need a band name and they animated the suggestions
is. is that just a branch of new zealand metal? I didnt know genitals were such a prominent theme in death metal..?
Majo: oh 100%
also the spacing in toothed is bothering me
Majo: T🦷🦷THED?
ooh in that case i stand corrected
metal themes:
1. 666
2. satan
3. death
4. genitals aww dion.
Lou: i do like cannibal unicorn [giles suggests the name thats just. the letter S thirteen times. which he tries to act out here]
they also seem to enjoy creepy crawlies. worms, maggots, spiders, more maggots,
can we include that in death? or would you say its very much its own theme
Lou: i also like the name murder boner. it's fun to say. rolls off the tongue nicely.
looks like dion's got a bit of a knack for names eh
Lou: im inherently biased in my liking for cannibal unicorn.
Lou: there's a unicorn involved. i love unicorns.
Majo: probably! hmm, it's death adjacent. but like, seperate from the abortion death adjacent category
Majo: cannibal unicorn is pretty fun, I must say!!
oh yeah its more like. decay isnt it
not really uh. murder or.. the act of being killed
hmm maybe i should merge 666 and satan since theyre the same thing really
1. satan
2. murder
3. genitals
4. death/decay
dont be surprised: zakk comes up with the band name.
its also misspelled here unless the band and the title of the film are not spelled the same, i suppose
and he feels the need to be an ass when he suggests it.
also this is the first thing he says after walking in here.
wow. a heavy metal band with the name in all caps. brodie doesnt like the name and the camera pans to him about to suggest the next name but zakk breaks the fourth wall by pulling the camera back to focus on him and vetoes the name deathgasm
its him being an ass again but I did think the gag of him pulling the camera back was funny.
he plays bass btw which i mean, i can see that with how self important he is (im so sorry if you play bass its just an observation i made in the bands i used to listen to when i was younger that theyre a bit attention grabby so i might be totally off)
zakk's taking brodie somewhere and initially brodie's excited until zakk pulls out a flashlight yeah i dont think the balaklava is gonna do much. you coulda at least dressed down you fuckin genius
oh hes breaking into some kinda dilapitated house btw brodie follows him in cos it wouldnt be very metal to do what he was told and stay out
not very metal of you brodie
gettin jennifers body flashbacks. If you hear r&b coming from a room but there's no one to be seen u better run, brodie
Hm though Human Punch Bowl is kinda a neat band name zakk jumpscares him cos thats what friends do
then manipulates him cos why not
Rikki: its the metal thing to do
its very metal
so the house theyre in used to be from the singer of that band we saw an LP from. The boys admire the fact he used to [tw animal abuse] smash rabbits to death on stage with a claw hammer. As if thats not a fucking awful thing to do
ozzy osbourne reference i suppose but eugh still
like i know theres some bands that did/do insane shit on stage but ehhh [tw animal abuse]animal murder, fuck off
esp completely defenseless ones like rabbit probably taking the comedy too seriously. they get jumped by the singer and brodie is like NOOOO were fans look look I know how to do devil horns with me hands!
they steal some sheet music off him cos stealing is very metal, even more so if you do it from a guy who's work you like. ..this guy pulls up to the house? I dont remember him??
oh no sorry they dont steal it! he gives it to them cos the guy with the gloves came into the house
and he doesnt want him to have it i guess ooh chin lift. nice
this film did not have a very big budget which is why im really impressed by the special effects cos iirc theyre very good
anyway the glove man kills the metal man aaaaand I think we know who misspelled Satan. hi heres the main villain. hes so upset gloves doesnt have the sheet music he has him killed then and there cos hes EVIL
but yeah he makes them act out the entire kill againbut now theres a tarp lol ta daaaa, gestures the guy holding the body
the comment about the rug was stupid but ok ok this was funny sigh
Rikki: who the hell is that
Rikki: are u watching a different movie
Rikki: wtf happened
theres a cult who want the papers
that guy is the leader of said cult
idk why she needed to be under the desk. this film is not good when it comes to female characters
like its def not the worst offender but this was just unnecessary as was brodie's fantasy about merida earlier were back to the boys and theyre trying to record a musicvideo in the forest
dion looks like he could be an alt skin for dwight here theyre mimicking playing which is the dorkiest thing Zakk. YOURE IN A FOREST
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO PLUG YOUR BASS INTO, HUH i think the other three should gang up on him and beat him up cos its insane how dumb he is and they all just let him boss them around poor Giles
Rikki: but ice cream girl
having to lug the drums around
he looks exhausted in the video lol dion looks like a heavy metal nostalgia critic for some reason dion: i wont say it out loud cos im scared of zakk but i'll jerk off this sword in the video to indicate im upset we're not named Murder Boner cos I thought that was a great name giles and zakk walk off but brodie's like no man keep going im into it its time seriously what is he wearing thanks for the mime show, guys. for once im with zakk on this one yaaaay its the scene! shes like hey im sorry mr capenhurst dunked on you for that drawing you did of him getting murdered
Rikki: hell yeha
theyre kind of hinting that melinda wants to be more edgy but isnt allowed to
im wondering now if the writer intended for it to be that her family is like brodie's uncle's fam, where theyre really religious, but i dont remember that being very clear. Like a parent not wanting to let u get a tattoo is pretty common and doesn't necessarily mean they dictate everything in their kid's life or that melisandre isnt at least allowed to dress however she wants guess she was really captivated by that head with three dicks coming out of it he drew
god this is the most crass narration ive done so far isnt it shes showing him where she wants the tat and damn melania ur layin it on a lil thick
Rikki: she knows what she wants
>she shows off her ENTIRE thigh
she does. u do gotta respect that.
Rikki: let her be goffick!!! man Rikki: u should draw the worlds first fanart for this movie Rikki: make her goffick and edgy without context this looks like such a bad question lol like nah he just dresses like that for fun
but she literally saw them load in their instruments
upon rewatch I do like how forward she is with him. IDK how she ended up dating his cousin cos it seems she's really into Brodie's style
i should draw em with their styles swapped this also looks like a stupid question without context but. i mean. fair i guess with all the shit shes been saying she doesnt. hello hi the only metal this movie shows off is grindcore then I guess because they do not play a single track that does not have screaming in it. so brodie saying this doesnt sit well with me lol its weird how the film points out that metal is very versatile but it only shows off a fraction of what metal can sound like
oh wait. ok never mind the movie is taking the piss out of itself. mathcore?
mor..mordorcore? what is mordorcore?
is it like. pretending to be an orc?
>look up mordorcore on youtube
>get rap
ok i cant find it i guess they made that up she says she just doesnt really get it and i get the feeling brodie's explanation of why he likes it is the directors reason why he likes/liked it when he was younger she tries to kiss him but hes like UHHHH HERES SOME METAL
SOME MATHCORE FOR YOU COS, YOU KNOW, UHHH, WE'RE IN THE SAME MATH CLASS He hands her a bunch of albums with extremely graphic covers like what appears to be a cow birthing a buncha human corpses so he quickly shoves this one in her hand that looks like the inspiration for that one scene in stranger things where Eddie takes on the demobats its not though cos upon research its this album and its from 2012
anyway oh no they were seeeeeeen
by the christian cousiiiiin
oh nooooo The boys play the music from the ancient sheet music and dion's face accurately represents how i think it sounds.
i dont think it was intended to sound good to be fair, just. old and dangerous, i guess.
i mean if you can play it with electronic instruments it really cant be that old but fair enough
brodies uncle is like YOU STOP THAT EVIL MUSIC RIGHT NOW MISTER and brodie just turns up the music in response, which somehow causes his uncle to immediately give up everyone is lookin super possessed and the sky is black and then gile's drumset starts bleeding so thats probably bad. oh no uncle's coffee!
or tea, idk if kiwis do their tea like the british brodie describes what is clearly a panic attack to zakk, asking him if he's ever felt the same and im sure his response is just gonna be so kind and understanding oh. okay. i mean, thats a fair answer. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand never mind.
god dammit zak.
oops zakk, cant forget that second k! i guess theyre gonna play fallout now idk
oh no thats the name they have for their friendship oh it is the past i guess cos madeline is using a walkman
wait. but that album is from 2012...
w..why does she have a walkman...
she didnt bring it just to play brodie's music, she was listening to another cd with it
she was, of course, originally listening to rap. The arch nemesis of metal!!! she immediately has her own heavy metal fantasy the moment she hears the music and considering she has two women on her legs im gonna say brodie's not the only one who's focusing his romantic feelings on the wrong person in this movie. maybe its the styling but wow she looks so much older here lol
that or the very aggressive spot of contour on her cheeks.
brodie decides to look up what the words on the sheet music mean when hes in class the next day and. buddy. you really had to look this one up?
i can see why your besfrans with zakk now im here to beat the satan out of you i can buy david being a bully but they really couldnt have hired a burlier actor to play his crony
this kid looks like a noodle so while brodies getting the shit kicked outta him zakks... stealing fuel?
mind you he was smoking a cigarette two seconds before this. Jason really wants you to know Zakk's a fucking idiot, I guess why do you care meredith she asks him if he doesnt feel guilty and initially i thought jesus how goody two shoes do you wanna make her until they finally show you the vehicle so maddie recognises zakk as brodies friend and gives him a note to give to brodie. guess what happens, lads jesus zakk come on
(he also read it. i wasnt tryna make u guess he sniffs the fuckin paper even I couldnt have guessed that) oh they actually play some sad non shouty metal while brodie walks home with his messed up face
so thats 95% scream metal and 5% sad boohoo bad times metal damn new zealand must be pretty safe if mariana feels comfortable just sitting out here in the park at night like this
also i guess shes really into knee high socks what a surprise. our secondary hero, lads.
brotherhood a steel my ass magnolia believes him for some reason and is immediately super sad. Zakk says well hey at least now you wont have to freeze your tits off [sic] all night
such a romantic. gdi movie stop being self aware
takin all my material he gives her his jacket, conveniently exposing the entirety of his ribcage
i like the shirt style but he's no kyle gallner so there are no giant fuckin guns so im left cold as is mephistopheles over here as i dont think leather jackets do much against the cold
we also find out brodie's cousin thrashed his room
and amaryliss makes out with zakk i guess oh i guess his mum wasnt always the type to try to make out with mall santas while high on meth
or at least not when they took this picture the next day brodie wants to play the satanic music again knowing full well it'll end the world because he is Very Upset. Also Zakk says this like its not a lie hes also the kinda person who says this as a sign of disrespect, cos we definitely need another reason to dislike zakk
oh nvm brodie misinterpreted the text to mean he'd become really strongk
not that hed end the world
some of the people that were nasty to brody have turned into possessed zombie esque characters theres blood gushing down mr capenhursts thighs but yeah sure marinara sauce i suppose theres a chance he might be okay
this is accompanies by fart noises by the way. whoever the audio guy was, fuck you
Rikki: hes fine
Rikki: thats why they have fart noises
then mr capenhurst vomits blood on a girl in the front row like, twice
like dude why did u just sit there and take it
oh yeah i forgot the comedy of the fart noise canceled out the whole bleeding liters at a time thing zakks dad is acting weird and brodies first suggestion is that he might be drunk, as if he didnt see his teacher fart blood earlier and also he got threatened by his cousin's crony that he was gonna get tortured by demons or whatever
brodies like shit if zakk's dad is possessed we might not go to his room and i really wanna go to zakks room :c "uuuh maybe he's just drunk? im sure hell be fiiiiiine they very gorily kill zakks dad cos he attacks them and i guess zakk's okay with that
zakks angry cos brodies like oops i think i did this then they go to the record shop to go talk to the psychic lady there meanwhile
giles shoots a zombie with dnd dice which. i guess is kinda neat
tho it doesnt work hey guess what everyone mariana's trench is a total badass! shes like that was cool right? right?? n theyre like yeah wow! which. is kinda cute link.... Link... anyway the magician chick is dying and spouts some exposition at them before she does so
er. diviner? psychic? psychic thats the one
aeloth is made up btw. coulda used an ars goetia demon but that wasnt good enough i guess she smokes right before biting the bullet cos thats very metal of her to do so shes like it'll end at the devil's hour and brodies like when is that and shes like 3 am and then zak actually asks a reasonable question
then again idk if that extra hour or lack thereof is gonna mean much
then her husband eats her heart and she dies because thats very metal of him to do
all they know is that they gotta use the music sheets somehow again meanwhile with these three giles judges dion for being sad his parents are dead oh also! heres the other army jacket. and also whatever this is dion leaves a note for his friends cos hes a good kid like that his weapon of choice is fuckin hulk hands tho so minus points for that oh yeah i forgot theres a cult oh so the only people who can like, stop the whole demon apocalypse are the living
good thing they thought of that i guess.
also this is said by another demon, idk why he doesnt want aeloth to come back or whatever can. u. can you g
never mind.
movin on anyway girl here stabs her guy in the back upon hearing that surprise! now she's the main villain. meanwhile brodie nearly crashes zakks car because zakk thinks letting the world burn is okay, for, like, absolutely no reason
and brodies like no im gonna go get back the pages and reverse this yadda yadda ugh zakk i cant believe youd do this i thought you were cool i need to cool off by dramatically walking by the side of the road zakk changes his mind, the only reason being that brodie is angrily walking away. Nothing else has changed. Just Brodie deciding he's better off on his own. oh zakk how can i resist you going "come on get in" at me i dont think they ever met zakk but thats a fair assessment i suppose oh yeah, that too unfortunately zakk is the one who finds dions note and he quickly removes it. I dont understand his motives at this point
its like he wants to drive away with brodie until they die and nothing else
but that is definitely not what the writer was going for they find a box in brodie's aunt and uncle's room labeled bible stuff. zakk pulls something out. brodie says this.
they are not rosary beads.
I also won't screenshot anything in the next scene and i think im entirely gonna skip it
basically brodies uncle and aunt were hypocrites and totally sexual deviants and brodie and zak kill them using the toys they'd stashed away in their room. thats. all u need to know, really
very metal, im sure
Majo: that sounds very unsexy, but rather deathgasmy
as it involves.
1. satan (the demons)
2. murder (the.. demons)
3. genitals (the toys)
4. death and decay (the. the demons.)
its the most on brand thing in this movie honestly.
the scene is also several minutes long.. weapon get montage! my other screen is dark as fuck so im just gonna assume theyre decked out in weaponry cos i cant tell
oh also brodie killed his cousin.
his cousin was not a zombie. he just killed him cos hes a dick.
its played for laughs though because brodie keeps insisting he was a zombie when zakk says hes not so sure theyre near the school and brodie happened to see lights flashing inside, so zakks all like shit fuck im not gonna get my romantic drive into the blood moon sunset with brodie if he finds out the others are in the school Rikki: what happened to brodie
Rikki: he's been metralified
but. he was the whole time
um. what is metralified giles and dion are bonding over the dnd table i guess
its like a sleepover! giles is like dion can i tell u about my crush on medical journal and dion's like theres more important things giles cmon the three ask hey you saw our note and zakk's about to find out that being a repeat note nabber might've been a bad idea merit program's about to be like WAIT A SECOND
so they talk and brodie finds out zakk lied to mabel about brodie not liking her like no judgment to minnie mouse here but why did she hook up with zak anyway. All she knew about him was that he's friends with brodie and that he made a gross pass at her anyway they do that stupid alpha male shit where they get into a fist fight over a girl
theres another movie that does a great take at this, that i wish had happened here
lemme. see if i can find ti
So this is from the movie losers take all which is about a punk band so not entirely the same but a little similar and the two best friends get into a fight over something stupid. The rest of the band stand there, looking unimpressed cos its stupid and one of them says this: and they do, cos theyre shit at fighting. and also the fight was stupid.
It was funny and self aware and also she's not about to step on that guys head shes trying to leave lol
OK SO back to deathgasm deathgasm takes itself absolutely seriously here however so i guess its not that self aware.
this fight and zakk subsequently leaving also creates a plothole later. oh zakk. youre just mad cos brodie said everyone was right about you being an asshole.
which they were. And seriously thats the worst thing brodie even says to him, he doesn't say anything soul piercing or whatever. Just that Zakk's an ass, which he is, and hes aware of it too. IDK why he's so angry here
we gonna gatekeep now, zak? Now's the best time?
alright dion's like i knew this was gonna happen ive checked the charts and you guys are just trouble for each other
Dion, i guess ⬇️ pretend the trolls are the characters from deathgasm im not gonna spend time photoshopping them on there Ive already taken hours just watching this film cos i pause too much OTL kinda wish youd shouted that at him. i kinda feel like he still woulda been there if you had aww meritocracy there we go
they sneak back into that bunny murderer guys house cos hes got good amps for the music and oh no the cult is already there dion keeps saying shit that annoyes them but they hit giles every time he does it
its. gdi. ok i like the humor of this movie its quite good. the characters are just.
idk. the cult leader grabs masonry and she says this
she called another woman a misogynist slur! So metal.
oh noooo she rips up the music whats with the potty humor. gdi movie
also im not sure why they havent killed them, the demon were all like only people with a soul can touch the music and the cult members still have souls i guess so thats not the reason to keep these three alive
oh the [tw animal abuse] bunny hammer guy is a zombie so maybe they left them for him to kill? but idk why they would do that??? idk hi i came back i just thought i should get tarted up a bit for the finale. in like, a metal way
so yeah zakk saves them brodie forgives him. THIS MAKES NO SENSE
median making that face in the background indicates the writers were aware of this but?????? they dont do anything about it?? oh nvm shes just upset he went off to paint his face cos it wasted time.
hes like its not makeup!!! gosh!!!!
zakk being uncomfortable with your gender expression is not very metal of you.
time to fight the cult!
more death metal music wooo idk what is going on but theres a lot of squishy noises and screaming so quite a bit of murder, methinks
oh zakk's fighting them so the others can go get ready to play music
zakk is like eddie if eddie was a massive asshole who just gets away with that
huh. thinking of it this finale is really similar to the stranger things 4 finale
except in 4 its all done by one person and he's like, a highlight of the story oh uh dion said hes gotta wait around in the hall so a zombie can kill him so uh yeah wait i dont remember him having a sword
oh dions death is unsurprisingly very gruesome cos it wouldnt be very metal if it wasnt, and with the movie being about what it is i suppose it'd be weird for him to have a more tasteful death but ehhhh idk man im just not into ultraviolence. Dunno if you've ever seen Predator but a zombie/demon basically kills him the way the predators are supposed to kill their victims to pass their test.
which is. um in case u dont know: tw extreme violence/gore he pulls dion's head off his shoulders, spine and all. I have no idea how that works, but yeah. rip we end up with just these two and zakk left cos of course we do.
oh i can illustrate what happened to giles in a more family friendly way! so yeah. oops aleoth got summoned. also this woman gets naked because shes young and sexy and doing that is a very metal thing to do when youre young and sexy and also a woman!
theres a leaf stuck to her armpit here idk why they didnt reshoot this to not have it there but whatever
lol electricity like, goes around her body to indicate aeloth is near or whatever and it specifically circles her chest, its so dumb anyway surprise surprise zakk kills the woman before aleoth arrives and i bet he doesnt have to get fuckin naked to get aeloths powers.
nor does aeloths lightning circle his titties. tch oh my god psycho goreman????
(this is zakk lol why do most metal demons look so stupid) didnt think wed see a reference to mayhem twice in my channel in such a short timespan but uh. here we are
hes basically saying: hey brodie im gonna kill u brodie plays the wrong song on his guitar but it somehow turns zakk back into his normal self, i think theyre implying cos they had that whole brotherhood of steel blood pact him and zakk are tied together
so banging out a really good riff turned him back into himself, or, something.. oh nvm i guess all the shitty stuff zakk was saying while he looked like a blue satan was aeloth talking. Coulda fooled me though. sounded all like stuff he could've said. hes still possessed though. not sure why zakk cares about it now all of a sudden..
apparently killing zak has returned aeloth to hell, which would mean if zakk had just waited a split second and let that woman get possessed and then stabbed her everyone woulda been fine.
but i suppose the plot would be. no. no actually, that wouldve not made the plot less interesting, the whole thing with blue zakk was lame and only added like, two minutes guess who knows all about metal now and is like, super cool instead of preppy!!!
she looks like 2006 avril lavigne but whatever she got a tattoo of herself
guess that aside from metal shes also a big steve-o fan good for u
also zakk is haunting one of brodie's LPs. I guess he's in hell.
which is
very metal.
i know redemption by death is a thing but idk why you would think its a good idea to use it to justify your secondary main character to be an irredeemable asshole the entire film
esp if youre like HES NOT DEAD LOL at the end. and he clearly hasnt learned anything cos the last thing he does is scare the shit out of brodie
also the film also kind of ends up saying metalheads dont want girls who like metal before they meet, they want preppy girls who dont know what metal is and for said girls to completely change themselves to be a female copy of them. but hot
also dion and giles dying was completely unecessary. I gave this film a 5 when i first saw it and I still do
Its fun but theres too much stuff in it that bothers me. As I said though you can tell it was made by someone who loves it which is worth a lot and i kinda hope he makes more films, i think if he got another writer on board he could actually make something really funny with a better story
also idk why medina was with david (remember, brodies cousin) to begin with cos the one convo they have he irritates the fuck out of her, but also i guess brodie never told her that [tw gore] he fucking scalped david. which, again, david wasn't a zombie. I know it was played for laughs and he did it because David made his life hell, not to get Medina. But. IDK its still kinda creepy
but uh yeah! that was deathgasm
thank u for. reading. the. thing
majo: wheeeee!