Vicious Fun

hey lads was this look ever in fashion
cos i swear to god creators have been putting this fit on characters for about 40 years now
and it was never cool (im watching vicious fun btw. woo more shudder movies!) gee i wonder who the antagonist is
Mono: it's the car
Mono: i'm sure of it
surprise! its a sequel to christine
the car is the real murderer
>main character makes taxi follow this guy
Mono: they do that in movies all the time. is that like.... normal
Mono: like hop into a taxi and go "FOLLOW THAT CAR/PERSON"
hi its the eighties we'd like to remind you every three minutes by playing eighties inspired music and making our film look like blade runner for no reason look joel i get that youre chasing him for some other reason but you look like youre just very aggressively hitting on murderman over here i stand by my point
also this guy keeps making stupid faces is this just gonna turn into me taking photos of joels face when he does a funny expression? perhaps theyre talking about joel here, blondie just doesn't know he's talking to the guy he's slagging off
then this is the reason he gives for why joel is a loser: ah yes so my weekend basically
thanks murderman also me
including the loudass eighties music playing while he drinks damn that is a chin this guys face i stg joel tryna get himself killed
she is also a murderer n i know this cos she killed another murderer at the opening of this film
this film has a lot of murderers in it.
gotta say i dont like him much so far. i get that he's supposed to be a loser but if they dont switch it up soon its gonna start gettin on my nerves hes also switched from the double-shirt look to the equally fashionable five million layers look hey its that guy! i recognize him
(i forgot what from.) same with this guy
i know i saw him die in something but what oh hes that kinda killer huh
anyway joel accidentally joined a support group for serial killers i feel like we could go for the romance angle here but i doubt the movie will do that ooh shes a serial killer killer who wouldve thought...
im bored
hate the cool sexy woman badass trope so much am just rootin for bob at this point
Mono: HELL YEAH BOB only person actually having any vicious fun
Mono: just like bob in stranger things.. :(
Mono: love to see it
cool girl throws knife all coolly
im a cool girl im a ima cool girl, ice cold i roll my eyes at you boy
shit trope i hate it
bob pls kill everyone thanku
Mono: but aren't you, male watcher, turned on by strong female character WHO HATES SKIRTS AND PINK AND CAN PROVE SHE IS JUST AS STRONG AS BOYS still vibin
Mono: was this movie released in the 80s or is it jsut "HEY YOU, WATCHER, DONT YOU LOVE THE 80S"
its the latter. movie's from 2020 fritz dresses up like a clown
fritz is one of the killers. should maybe have clarified lol
anyway our group of killers is borderline racist stereotype japanese man, fritz the psychology clown, mike the extra angry jason, and bob
there was also baldy the fbi guy i screenshotted at the start but hes already dead
Mono: maybe it's like "dont you love the 80s? dont you wish it still was the 80s? the good old times? if so then pls like this movie"
Mono: so bob is the best one i'm assuming?
is probably gonna say "blend in", im just gonna assume shes gonna say hes the only one who knows how to blend his makeup
yeah bob's fun. The actor is clearly having a lot of fun with the character so that helps a lot my name bobe and im a patrick bateman expy if patrick bateman didnt pretend to be put together like ever god this film is aggressive with its shots and colours
>joel asks main girl how she knows about all of them
>main girl says trust me you dont wanna know
as if its anything else than 'shes a final girl who survived and is now taking revenge'
people are gonna look back at the early 20s and not be able to tell whats 20s and whats the 20s mimicking the 80s sweetheart that is an intestine. i know ur a cannibal but in what world would you lick an intact, uncleaned intestine
>somehow figures out that its not joels intestine from licking it DUDE WHAT hey bob tell us what you think of the lack of embossing on joel's id
i bet your id is a lot nicer. lets see it shes so cool you guys. dont you think she's cool? shes the coolest. ooh clown lost some fingers
reverse dbd
Mono: the true reason clown was disabled for a bit
hahahaha he got some of his own fingers sliced off by a serial killer killer
"brb as we reattach clowns fingers"
>main girl has book of all the serial killers shes killed
>quickly snatches it back from mc when he stops on this page gee i wonder if mr midnight is the guy who final girled her. Mono: final girledâ„¢...
we should call it that when only one of us is still alive in dbd
"omg i cant believe dwight got final girled" ok the play bar is over it but she basically quietly told him off for being weird about his roommate (the whole reason he followed bob is cos bob is dating his roommate and he spotted bob was wearing a wedding ring) and i do appreciate that
its also made me realize good god joel you creepy loser you well at least he doesnt try to defend himself
u can still change dude
yknow if bob doesnt murder your ass
ah the police has arrived to get horrifically murdered nvm they got arrested. what joel still servin face even when he's blurry unsurprisingly the cop characters are unlikeable
the one in black is funny though
and no one has sexualized final girl which i also appreciate
well joel hit on her i guess
Majo: ur so right ok i legit kinda like this guy i hope he makes it
he is also not an asshole his biggest crime was eating noodles while reading a magazine in the same room as where the mcs were being interrogated >wont stop gushing about horror movies
you better live you noodly bastard
Mono: the randy of this movie...
my brother in randy [randy used to be my discord name. cos of randy meeks. so there] hey fuck you tony gets out plenty enough where do you think he got the noodles more noodles for tony! good for you tony
joel tells literally everyone the exact situation hes in even though its wild as hell
of course everyone goes JOEL WHAT THE FUCK but i still kinda respect it oh you reaction image man
>tries to make another call but chad!tony stops him love the body language in this shot
like bob the mc is having fun with the role which is nice final girl punched him in the face cos we all know men who like strongk women get off on the idea of them being able to injure them. yasss step on me queen
i know im critisising this movie a lot but final girl gives the mc proper dating advice which is cool
cos i can tell theyre not gonna smoosh the two together at the end and hes also not gonna end up with his roommate
shes like you cant force someone to like you if they dont they just dont. you'll be fine but just get over yourself a lil
vicious fun: where a movie about a serial killer support group turns into Life Lessons with Incel and Final Girl aww look at him happily readin a horror magazine. BOB NO
YOU LEAVE TONY ALONE HE DIDNT DO NOTHING idk what this jaunty ass walk is but i appreciate it thank u bob that.
made me laugh out loud aggressively fixes wedgie
at this point idk whats in the script and whats just this guy doing whatever god i want a lil detective lamp like this so bad this random shot of tony just havin a lil moment to himself better not be an indicator something is about to happen to him omg no ur not killing tony with fritz the clown cmon well shit.
the randy rule is u get to survive...
angry mustache cop just says he hopes he wont die cos hes the only person his stepdaughter has left
movie. omg
why is the shit with the police the best so far fritz jumpscared bob lol
he also doesnt talk when hes in clown mode. ur a clown buddy not a mime
anyway the police are gone rip
i mean its not surprising but i expected them to die earlier and also that they wouldnt have a nice lad like tony :c
the ost is very good if u like 80s synth inspired music btw. this fucker woulda been in american pie had he been born 20 years earlier hello im joels roommate? I was told I need to come to the police station for my inevitable death? fritz lives in a society surpriiiiise the roommate is also a strong independent woman joel if youd have just let everything run its course she probably woulda killed bob on her own bob, honey
this is not the face you make while maiming a main character SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS THE DIRECTION FOR THIS DUDE AND THE MC
just look the most intense you can look??? he just got hit in the face with a phone
youre not in a cartoon
stop. pls hi im your doctor im here to tell you weve moved to a new location for the main killer to kill people while theyre on the job. i miss my wife nyoom omg bob you really are a chameleon
stil doin the jaunty walk though
Majo: i appreciate bob, as a fellow jaunty walker
i bet u light up any space you enter with ur jaunty walk yeah thats- thats about an appropriate reaction to what just happened. this film is clearly a comedy but its a pretty gory one well bob look at it on the bright side at least u can wear a cool eyepatch now (not screenshotted cos gory gross: his own eyeball he is holding on a scalpel in his hand cos final girl stabbed him)
mc: throws up on bob
do u want me to dislike him movie ah yes unfashionable look number 3: bad facial hair and a short hawaiian shirt over a longsleeve white one
swap that out for a tank and youd be golden joel. ur so close i mean im just gonna assume its a case of the actor was too muscular for the part so we cover him up in every scene
idk. ive noticed thats a thing with male actors
itd explain why in some movies (read: red state, dead girl) the "teen" actors look fuckin swole cos they put them in age appropriate clothing which, yes thank you that looks nice, but also, that is not a seventeen year old no way ooh theyre a team now. I'd watch it
final verdict: its really fun. if you like silly horror with a simple plot give it a watch
it really didnt need to be set in the 80s but hey we got a cool soundtrack outta it at least