This is my cat Tsuki! She was born in 2010, we adopted her in 2018, she has a lot to say and windows to stare out of. She's technically elderly but it sure as hell doesn't show

The Pook: a history

She's a rescue, well, in the sense that her previous owner died and none of his family could adopt her. She either never had a name or the fam of her previous owner didn't know her name, that's possible too. The foster fam named her Sapphire cos she's got a very blue sheen to her fur but she's too goofy for that name so we renamed her Tsuki. I wanted it to be spelled Suki but when I told my partner Tsuki means moon he went with the Japanese spelling cos we gotta wear the whole "hi we're weeaboos" thing on our sleeve I guess

She has asthma which she has medication for and she looks funny when you put the inhaler on her. But she's very brave about it! She doesn't care at all. Even tho she looks like she tries to blast us to Satan whenever we put the Horn Of Breathing on her face.

Photos of Skookums sightings

Elden Ring boss: The Duke of Pook

Lying in a box of tissues cos she loves trash

Confined in the Cone of Cardboard

Pretending to be Nintendo merch

Dressing as the Halloween prop she was destined to be