TOEM: A photo adventure


You are a little bird in a black and white world who takes photos to find the elusive "TOEM" your grandmother has told you about.

TOEM on Steam

So what do you do

... At least I think you're a bird? Are you a bird? anyway
So the first thing I think anyone will mention when you bring up this game is the art style. The game is completely in black and white, everything is hand drawn BUT its a 3d world! And as everyone likely also said; its really fuckin charming.

The game is a bit like being a lil' scout, there are several areas for you to explore which you unlock by collecting enough stamps to get on the bus to the next area. You collect said stamps by helping out all the different people you meet throughout the game.

And how do you help them? BY TAKING PHOTOS OF COURSE! Taking the right photos will unlock new areas and new interactions with the people you meet, and sometimes new items you can put on like a hat or a coat so you can look like the fashion icon baby bird scout you were always meant to be (no i don't know what i mean by that just take my word for it ok).

As it's a 3d world, you can rotate it as sometimes the solution to a particular quest is hidden from view unless you do so. The game challenges you to check out every nook and cranny to get the perfect shot of whatever it is you're looking for at that moment. You also have a compendium you update by taking photos of the wildlife in the different areas. Idk about u but whenever a game has a mechanic like that I *have* to fill the whole thing or I can't sleep at night

It's not all just about taking photos. It's about exploring, and solving puzzles, and helping people, and of course eventually finding out what that fabled TOEM is your nan told you about all those years (or at least at the start of the game. But it seems the kinda thing that a nan would bring up at least once every time you visit her in the summer so there).

So get out there and take some piccys!

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on TOEM if:
  • You like games where you work to complete a catalogue
  • You love relaxing little games that let you explore and solve fun and quirky puzzles
  • You love games that hand you a camera and lets you take photos wherever and however you want
TOEM is the game to play if you're looking for a relaxing experience but you want something that tells a story too, and has a clear beginning and end. I got excited every time I unlocked a new area because they're all visually different despite the limiting art style, and the characters are all so fun to interact with and help out. Also ngl TOEM is a fun word and i still dont know how to pronounce it