When The Past Was Around


You uncover more and more of a girl's past and her relationship as you solve puzzles in this 2d point and click puzzle.. story.. game. Also violins

When The Past Was Around on Steam

So what do you do

When you first start you have no idea what's going on or what happened, just that you are playing a very sad looking young woman in a sad looking room with a giant cage in it. To uncover move of whats going on, click around! Eventually you'll find bits and pieces you can stick together to progress.

When The Past Was Around is story driven and takes place over two timelines. The first is the present, about a grieving young woman, and the second is the past, about how she met her love and how they would make music together.

Did I mention violins? Because violins are a huge part of the game. Both the main character and her partner play the violin and the same melody the guy hums comes back over and over. The game is about music, but also about loss and processing said loss, and how it can affect you in a way that makes you hate something you used to love.

Also side note. Why's the guy a birdman??? Why is he the only person in the whole game who is a bird? Everyone else is human??? Is this a punpun thing, like is he not a bird actually but its a visual metaphor? Why is she a human if he isn't??? It's not a big deal but I won't lie I kinda hated that. Pretty girl x beastman is just a huge personal peeve sorry dont let it take away from the game the game is fine

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on When The Past Was Around if:
  • You love point and click games
  • You love (violin) music/play an instrument
  • You love sad narratives that are also about hope and love
Regarding that last point, When The Past Was Around does punch you in the gut at times, so if you do want to play it make sure you're prepared to deal with that. It's a very pretty little story with a melody that'll def get stuck in your head