Look man it's Pokemon but it's not. If you enjoy Pokemon you'll enjoy this (I dont know how to do the dash on the e on a British keyboard rip)

Temtem on steam

So what do you do

You're a kid who tames little creatures named Temtem. You travel around as you challenge other tamers and solve quests.

There's a lot of Temtems! And like pokemon they can evolve. IDK about you but the fact that I have no idea what any of these things turns into is really exciting to me. Plus you always fight with two of your Temtem side to side which I like, and the battles are harder than in Pokemon. Also whichever Temtem you got in the first slot of your party will follow you!

A big difference from Pokemon is that in Temtem you run around in a shared world, so you can see all other tamers. For me it doesn't really add that much but it's kinda neat and makes the world feel a lil more alive to see people all around.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time Temtem if:
  • You like monster taming/collecting games
  • You want Pokemon, but not Pokemon
  • You wanna go on an adventure in a world full of fantasy creatures
Of course you can also name them. But since I dont remember Temtem's actual species names because of that, it's screwed me over when a character asks me species related questions. Like no I dont know what a Wumby is but here's Bethany she's a pink lizard thing she's mine and I love her