You are a frog hosting a teaparty for your friends. Except you literally have none of the things you need for the teaparty, oops!

Teacup on Steam

So what do you do

You set out and collect everything you need for your tea party! You do this by talking to your neighbours, help them if they need help, and explore your village.

As you collect new ingredients for your teas, they are recorded in your book; the game teaches you about different tea ingredients; how they taste, what they're good for, where they're from (..i think? Im not sure about the last one sry Teacup has been a minute since I played it).

I can't quite pinpoint what it is, if it's just the fact that it's about hosting a tea party, but Teacup makes me think of the EGL aesthetic. As such it's really flippin cute and colourful and you live in a village full of different animals who are a wild variety of personalities but you can bet your ass they're all really cute.

The game almost looks like you're walking around in different nature paintings. It took a second for me to get used to it, but it's really unique and pretty. Teacup is a pretty short game but you could show me a 100x100 snippet of a background of the game years after I played it and I'll *still* be able to tell you it's from Teacup.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Teacup if:
  • You love frogs. ye this is one a those cute frog games
  • You want to play a sweet game that doesn't ask too much of you you can wind down with
  • You really like tea or want to learn more about different types of tea in a cute and charming way
Teacup is a relatively short game (I finished it in an hour and a half) and perfect if you wanna get your mind off things for a lil bit and just relax as you help a little frog get her tea party together. And in return she teaches you about tea! Like idk maybe i just dont know anything about tea outside a valerian but this game schooled me ok