Spirit of the North


You're a normal fox who befriends a spirit fox that imbues you with the power to free the land of the decay that's spread throughout it. Also you play fetch with dead monks

Spirit of the North website

So what do you do

You're a fox who has spirit fox powers! You're making your way up to a mountain in order to defeat the decay that's taken hold of the land with your spirit buddy who's taken the shape of an orb after giving you their powers.

The game takes place over 8 chapters which span different areas of the land on your way to the top of the mountain. You use your spirit powers to solve problems along the way to help you along further on your journey. And you have a bark button. You can bark on command!!!!!

As I sorta alluded to at the top, you also find and free the spirits of human monks who you can find around the map by reuniting them with their staffs. It's cute as hell walking around with the stick in your mouth tho i kinda wish I had one forever

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Spirit of the North if:
  • You like games where you play a non-human character
  • You like atmospheric adventure games
  • You wanna play fetch with a buncha ghosts
When you jump you look like you're trying to dive into the snow also lol I can't get over how cute this game is