Slime Rancher


You ranch slimes. Or you have a ranch for slimes. You're a slime rancher. one who puts slimes in ranches, thats it there we go

Slime Rancher on steam

So what do you do

You own a ranch to herd slimes and farm lil gems they create called plorts. They're probably like korok seeds from Zelda lbr its a lil suspicious they produce them right after eating

You venture out into the world to find and catch new types of slimes, which all have food preferences. If you feed them their favourite food, they'll produce more plorts! There's slimes based on bees, and on cats, and on rocks, and on fireflies... I wish i had plushies of all of them

You manage your ranch by deciding which types of slimes to keep, which kinds of food to cultivate for them, and investing in upgrading your ranch and your slime gun (the thing you use to catch slimes and suck up food and also eventually shoot water once you've upgraded it).

If a slime eats a plort of another type of slime, it'll become huge and also a mix of the two slime types! this means the slime will eat the diets of both slimes and produce both plort types, which is good, but its also fuckin massive and harder to handle than the normal smaller slimes. If it eats another plort it'll turn into a black/rainbow ball of gunk called tar that preys on slimes which is very very bad and also easily spreads. You Do Not Want This

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Slime Rancher if:
  • You like farming/animal raising games
  • You like management sims with farming elements
  • You love super colourful cute environments with equally cute inhabitants
psa your first try at a ranch *will* turn into a tar nightmare. This is unavoidable. It will happen. It's ok. You'll grow from it (rip to ur first time slimes tho)