A giant attacks the house you live in with your family after which your little brother disappears through a portal. You must jump in after him and save him from the giant-turned-human that abducted him.

Röki on Steam

So what do you do

You're a little girl named Tove (I think shes like twelve so i feel like little is apt) and you've been transported to a different realm where you gotta talk to creatures and solve puzzles to get closer to your little brother, Lars, who has been abducted by a giant named Rörka in order to turn her son, the titular Röki, into a human boy.

It's a point and click game set in a snow covered realm that's both otherwordly but also familiar. It's also super Scandinavian did I say that i don't remember if I said that

Your mum died at some point in the past and your dad is very much not over that so Tove's essentially Lars's main caretaker, at least at the moment. The game occassionally swaps between the siblings to give you a little status update on how Lars is doing.

IDK what it is with me lately being caught off guard by how emotional the games I'm playing get but this is another one solidly in that category. Röki isn't just great to play it also does a fantastic job of telling it's story, which is both heartwarming and heartrending (is that a word? it should be) at the same time. Was once again in tears by the time I reached the finale

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Röki if:
  • You like story heavy games (especially ones about northern legends)
  • You like solving puzzles and point-and-click type gameplay
  • You're like its been a minute since I cried at a videogame and I want to get my soul crushed again
I spent an entire weekend playing nothing but this game. I had an event with friends that was very fun but I honestly kept thinking about the game and how much I wanted to continue playing it. Probably one of my favourite games I've listed on the site so far