Sometimes you're Omori, sometimes you're Sunny. Either way, you haven't gone outside in a long time. But maybe now it's time to try again.

Omori website

So what do you do

Omori is a turn-based RPG where your abilities are affected by your emotions. As Omori you travel a dreamlike world with your friends Kel, Aubrey and Hero to find your friend Basil, who has suddenly gone missing. Your sister Mari offers some reprieve at her picnics she somehow manages to set up wherever you happen to be going next.

You are also Sunny (who you get to name so in my game he was named Remy). Omori is Sunny when Sunny is asleep. Sorta? Anyway

Sunny has kept himself locked indoors for years, until the day you start playing. A lot of things will be familiar after having spent time in Omori's world, but more grounded. And it's been years, so some things, and mostly people, have changed. Where's Mari...?

Listing Omori alongside these indies feels a little weird, almost like writing up a page for Stardew Valley or Undertale, though I do think Omori's reach isn't quite that wide. Possibly because Omori is, at its core, incredibly dark. It takes a long time for it to get to the core of its plot, but once it does it stays dark for a long, long time.

The creator clearly takes inspiration from Yume Nikki (the original, not the 3d remake) and as someone who's a big fan of that game as well I really like it. It's got some of the excentricity of Yume Nikki but is far less abstract and very much its own thing.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Omori if:
  • You like turn based RPGs with unique elements
  • You like stories that mix cute aesthetics with dark storylines
  • You're ready to tackle a game that deals with topics of suicide, murder and mental illness
I was expecting the game to go one way when I got near the end and then it pulled out its actual ending outta nowhere. Took me a while to adjust to it and come to terms with it, and I still feel a little in two ways about it but Omori is a good game that's definitely worth getting if my little write-up has piqued your interest.