Night 45 Visual Novel

So one night in 2021 I woke up in a cold sweat and thought "this is it. I'm gonna make a visual novel".
No like legit that's how it started. Except I didn't wake up in a cold sweat, I woke up like normal with an insane drive to figure out how renpy works and make a visual novel. So basically only the drama was a lie. And it mighta been 2020, I'm a lil hazy on that. So the year might be a lie too.

So what's it about

It's the year 2009 and seven alt kids have the brilliant idea to do a demonic pact, as a joke, y'know, to pass the time. They curse themselves, and the world will end in ten years. 9 years and some odd 300 days later, they try to fix it. Which is a little difficult when you've grown apart and you're all cursed.
Add to that a guy with a shotgun and you've got a three-day long roadtrip in an attempt to save the world.

Genres: Coming of age, thriller, horror
(It's actually not that scary but I can't think of what else to label it with...)

Alright cool so where can I play it?

OK SO UM I don't... have a version ready for playing, sorry. Some friends have play-tested it but the ending needed work and in the end the entire narrative got an overhaul. I'm planning on throwing together a demo though so there's something for you to try out! And then I'll put it here obviously. Also if someone knows any good databases for sounds hmu

Ok so if I can't play it yet can I see what it looks like

Yeah a course! That's the biggest thing about it lol I'm doing all of it by myself, and I can draw, and I can write ok (I mean, well enough that I want to throw a story out into the world, at least), so I can show off some of that. I don't normally draw backgrounds but I did for this and honestly some of my favourite things in this are backgrounds. I used cc-0 photo refs don't get me wrong, but still.

I always liked writing stories as a kid and drawing so I think putting them together to make a visual novel kinda makes sense, though it's a narrative medium in and of itself that I def still have a lot to learn on. But it's fun, and I'm doing it for fun, so yeah. I just hope I finish it, but I've been at it for a while now, so I'm hopeful. That sounds kinda bad to say about ur own project doesnt it

I'm a lil worried instead of making somethin that'll disappear into the sea of games/visual novels in an instant it'll be ridiculed and gain a reputation for how delusional its author is or somethin. Like it's fine if people call it bad if at least they got somethin out of reading it. But still, either way, that's better than not having made it, I think

Any tips for people who wanna make a vn?

  • just start
  • seriously first tip is just make a start, u can go from there
  • Test it well, test it often
  • Send some prototypes to friends you trust for them to give u feedback on
  • Accept you might have to kill some content you were really happy with. Sometimes it just does more bad than good
  • I did so much cutting lads
  • I cut out a whole ass character cos she didn't add anything
  • the protagonist
  • I cut out the original protagonist
  • It's useful to have a lil document with a setup of the main storylines of ur vn so you don't get lost.
  • U can make some stops between point A B and C but you do gotta get back to 'em in good time, yknow