The Priestess and before

Most of us have personas, don't we? I mean, I guess technically you kinda can't avoid it. But I specifically mean the one you use to represent yourself with in stories, or online, whether in the past or now. I've had a few. Technically she's all the same person (...yknow, me) but she's looked very different over the years. So let's get into that

Little green witch

I don't remember how old I was exactly, I think around nine, maybe ten years old?
I grew up in a small dinky town bordering Germany, and watching German television was quite common in my household (mainly my dad trying to get different commentary on whatever sports game he was watching). So I suppose it was only natural at some point I'd see what cartoons they aired over there, seeing as we only got the nationally funded Dutch channels.

And that was my introduction to Ojamajo Doremi, and anime in general. I loved the show about the little witches who looked to be around my age, who used their magic to do the kind of things I would do if I could do magic. So I suppose it was only natural I'd draw myself as one of those litle witches eventually.

Germany only ever aired the original season and Sharp, and being as young as I was it took me a while to be able to tell them apart (keep in mind there was only an episode a day and no access to the internet for me at the time so I had very little to go on). So all I knew was that the colours pink, blue, orange, red and purple were taken. I didn't really like yellow as a kid, so green it was. I'm still very fond of green magical girls to this day, especially considering they're so rare. And I still love witches, whatever kind.

Digimon Tamer and after

Another thing where German television inspired me lol. We did eventually get the commercial Dutch channels at home, so I saw Digimon Adventure 1 and 2, but Germany also aired Tamers! And I loved Tamers because it felt so *real* to little me. I'd outgrown my little green witch self a bit when I got to my early teens, so I reinvented myself a bit.

With dark brown hair, for whatever reason. I won't lie; probably the most boring looking version of my persona. Maybe I was trying to hide a little, this was around the time I had most of my outgoing personality stomped out of me.

The earliest iteration was a Digimon tamer, but I kind of adapted her to fit with whatever I was into at the time.

The Red Nun

Remember Deviantart? Oh GOD, you say, Deviantart. Of course you remember. Either you had one or you just knew of it. Cringy ass place, right? It was a great time, though. I don't know what it is now, I've seen it, but I hate it. I'm sure most everyone from the old days does.

To get to the point, it's here where the Red Nun was born, the first iteration of what is now still my persona. She was a nun because I was a judgmental prude and I made her look COOL and RED because I was sixteen and things needed to be HARDCORE! and RED!!! And she had a lightsaber, I don't remember why? I didn't see Star Wars as a teen, I actually hated everything about it at the time. idk its weird

I didn't change this until uni, actually. To be completely candid I changed the name to scarlet priestess because the red nun used to be my tumblr and someone from my uni found me. And I didn't want them to know my tumblr :)

I had to dig through my DeviantArt to get these images. Please. Don't make me go back there

The Scarlet Priestess

HI ITS ME NOW! It's my current magical girl persona and also I actually try to make her look like me! To be fair that kinda started with the nun already, but now I really try to take into account if I like the outfit I draw the priestess in; if I'd feel comfortable wearing it. It's actually why I keep updating her design; because sometimes I realise I don't like what she's wearing anymore.

One of her earlier iterations has a super poofy lolita-esque skirt for example, and as much as I love that kind of fashion I don't like wearing it myself. Even the latest version I'm in the middle of redesigning a bit now; I love layers and clothes that look magical but also comfy enough to sleep in, so a redesign is in order. Plus I wanna switch from roses to hydrangeas. I like roses, but I want to incorporate my actual favourite flower.

As I mentioned with the nun, the name simply came from a tumblr url change, but I'm glad I did it. Some of my online friends call me Scarlet, or even think that's my name, and I think that's pretty cool. I also like people calling me priestess. She's still a nun at heart, just a little more magical, and a lot less judgmental, too. And also blue at some point, idk