Ah yes, one of my reasons to live

I like designing magical girls so much holy shit.

Picking a theme, picking colours, looking up inspiration for the outfit, what she looks like as a civvie... It's kinda my bread and butter when it comes to the art I make. As in it used to be 99% of what I drew at least. It's down at the moment due to lack of inspiration to be frank, but I have a lot of them! I guess... I'll just list 'em out here?

Precure Fanseries

Prooooobably the biggest magical girl fandom I'm a part of, or at least the most active creatively, at least. I've got one story fully written, and one partially (I think I'm a lil burnt out on writing fanseries. But I'm still proud of the ones I did make!) and a whole buncha concepts that didn't quite make it past that phase. BUT THEY'RE STILL IMPORTANT TO ME GDI

Charge up header

Charge Up! Precure

Wiki page: here
Where to read it: here
Is it finished? Yes!

Summary: It originally started as an art-only fanseries but became a proper story in May of 2017. The main theme of the series is technology. Major themes are friendship, isolation, Artificial Intelligence and cats.

Why'd you make this one?
Technology is certainly not an underrepresented category in the magical girl genre, but I wanted to try my hand on my own anyway. I'm not super into high-techy type fantasy usually, but this one was a lot of fun as I could mix it with magic and cats! I started off with four Cures as I was worried I'd struggle to manage a team bigger than that, and I think in the end I'm happy I made that decision as I think it gave me more time to spend on developing the four Cures and the two villains of the story. Having the city closed off from the outside world also made it a bit easier to do the monster-of-the-week format while also progressing the plot bit by bit. Also Hera was a lot of fun to write; I basically got to write my own verion of GlaDos.


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Kaibutsu header

Kaibutsu Precure

Wiki page: here
Where to read it: here
Is it finished? No. There's currently 9 chapters to read!

Summary: It's been in development since 2017 and the first chapter was released in December of 2018. Major themes are monsters, magic and scary stories.

Why'd you make this one? I love monsterpeople and magical girls so I smooshed 'em together. I wanted to incorporate horror tropes but in a kinder, but still spooky way that isn't inappropriately scary for a Precure fanfic. I also felt it would be a bit more of a challenge.


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Unity Charm header

Unity Charm Precure

Wiki page: it ain't got one
Where to read it: it's not written rip
Is it finished? Nein

Summary: An alien comes to earth to warn the citizens of a small town her family is planning to decimate it. She grants three girls powers to stop her family's plans.

Why'd you make this one? Completely self indulgent lil story set in essentially the town I grew up in. Being a kid of the nineties and late naughties I wanted to incorporate a buncha aspects from that time into it; and the characters are on the younger side to capture that feeling of being a child during that time period.

Other MG stories

Yana Magica header

Puella Magi Yana Magica

Where to read it: here (it's a comic!)
Is it finished? Nope. Currently 30+ pages.

Summary: Yana Magica is about a magical girl who wished to become a superhero, and who decides to use her powers to save people from people alongside her mandatory part-time witch hunting job.

Why'd you make this one? I read Kickass and I thought hey what if a Madoka mahou became a vigilante? So I made it into a comic. I did tone it down a little bit though; the original version was more violent.

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Clusterfck header


Where to read it: Still just a concept
Is it finished? Concepty concept

Summary: I've had multiple stories over the years with this name; mainly because I can't think of a better name... so it's a working title, so to speak. It's about three aliens who invade Earth and terrorize different parts of it. Two girls, Karma and Pip, are pulled into it by one of them, the most passive one. It's about their developing friendship and what they want to do with their lives.

Why'd you make this one? I moved to the UK in 2017, and had to walk through Birmingham from Moor Street to Central for three years. Passing through the Bull Ring inspired a story of a shy and bitter girl bumping into a brazen and outgoing one. The story grew from there. I don't know how I want to shape it. I think a visual novel, once I've got N45 out the door.