Stuff I think about more than usual

I mean I don't know if this really needs a separate page but here we are.

The whole nun thing

I was gonna label this one "catholicism" but then I thought that sounded a little too serious. My background is southern Dutch so I was raised catholic, though by very open-minded parents in that regard so by the time I was twelve I no longer believed in God and ended up not doing my confirmation. As a teenager I didn't think much about it, not even once I got the nun moniker from friends, but as I got older my interest in it expanded. I don't know if it's because I moved away from my roots, or because of friends with similar backgrounds, or simply the whole priestess thing, but it's a minor fascination nowadays. A very relaxed one though. I wouldn't even call myself religious; I'm very much agnostic. Doesn't stop me from stealing the aesthetic though


There's something kind of unsettling about them. But they're also used as a symbol for wisdom. Or simply for being watched. Observing, I suppose. I want to get one tattoo'ed on my left forearm, though it's not ready for it yet. And I don't quite know what style yet, either (just not super realistic. Don't wanna come away lookin like the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth). They're also kind of everywhere, either because lots of ancient peoples used them in their religions (or religions today, eg. the eye of providence, the evil eye, etc)... I don't know. Just writing about it makes me feel a little unsettled.


My favourite flowers are actually hydrangeas but i kinda associate roses more with regality and religion maybe so that's why I chose them both for priestesses design and also the website! Also hydrangeas dont come in red :(

Horror movies

I saw my first horror movie when I was thirteen; it was Return of The Living Dead and I watched it with school friends at my home. I still regret giving away the VHS tape. I think it would've been a cool little relic to own from that time. I didn't understand at the time why that boy wanted that tape, but I think I do now. Fuckin teenagers man

A few weeks later, at a school camp, we were shown Nightmare on Elm Street. By the time the movie was three quarters of the way done, most of the kids had left the room; the movie was too scary (or they simply didn't care. One of the two). From that day on I'd seek out horror movies to watch. Most of what I ended up watching were slashers. I picked up a lot of my English from these movies (the rest from Kevin Smith movies... I wonder how that impacted the way I learned this language) and to this day it's still my favourite genre. I also have a hard time not talking about them constantly... I've gained a reputation for it at work.

Magical girls

As a kid I'd watch German television because they had more anime than Dutch television did and at the time we also didn't get the commercial channels so I think we had no access to many animated shows to begin with. I loved shows like Doremi and Wedding Peach and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. The whole alter ego with magical powers thing just seemed so cool to me; whether it was to fight evil or simply to solve day to day issues. I also loved the colour coding these shows usually had, and how the characters would transform into a different outfit that would signify their powers. I'm still quite heavily involved in the Precure fandom, though it's more for the fan side of things than actually watching the show, and I love the game Magia Record. Madoka Magica is easily one of my favourite shows ever. As such I do prefer more mature mahou shoujo series, though there aren't a lot of them (and I'm not fond of the edgefesty ones, to be honest...). The Finding Doremi movie is the best adaption for adults of the genre I've seen so far, I think. It's also the stuff I used to make websites about back in the day! Aside from websites about horror movies lol. And though they have some themes in common, I can't stand super hero movies/comics/whatever. idk

Sticker collages

I own a fuckload of stickers and I keep a dairy. I find making sticker collages very relaxing, though whenever I sit down to start it usually sets off my anxiety for some reason. My favourite stickers are misspellings and missprints of "inspirational" quotes. I'm not a fan of Live Laugh Love sentiments but when they're botched it makes them interesting to me. It's so empty and fake you might as well misspell it. I think that's why I like it. I'm not entirely sure. When I make these collages they're usually entirely monochrome. As I said earlier, I love colour coding and I also love sorting things by colour, which extends to how I slap stickers into my diary, I guess.