Endling - Extinction is Forever


You're a fox mom that narrowly escapes a massive forest fire and who must now find a way to get her four cubs to safety as she is forced into a landscape she must share with (hostile) humans.

Endling - Extinction is Forever on Steam

So what do you do

Press A to give birth. Its legit the first thing you do after getting to safety. It's. something. Um anyway right after that one of your cubs is stolen away so priority number one is trying to get them back all the while u got ur other three cubs in tow.

Speaking of those three cubs, they have to eat! The game has a hunger bar that you have to keep filled every day and as you're outside you can find food for your babies, either by hunting or by scavenging. Your cubs learn skills as they explore alongside you, but it takes them a while so you have to decide sometimes what the best course of action is to keep them safe. All the while you have to avoid getting shot by the Scavenger or axed by the Furrier and make it safely back to your hideout at the end of the night.

The game reminded me of Shelter, except your young are with you the whole game as opposed to intitially in the nest and the game has a story (a very sad one mind you) and isn't just about raising young in the wilderness. If you don't find food in time a cub can die of starvation, or get picked off by owls. You can end up with a single cub at the end of the game, depending on how well or poorly you take care of them.

Naturally I reset the night every time there was the threat of one a them starving so I 100%ed the ending all cubs alive speedrun world record

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Endling if:
  • You like games where you play as a wild animal
  • You like resource management games. About food and keeping others safe, i guess
  • You think humans kinda suck and you also like being sad. This game is mean
This game is dead serious about its plot about the environment, and I think it does a good job of telling its story through both the environment and as you progress through the game; it's beautiful and its got great sound design on top of that. But I gotta ask... who on the team thought it was a good idea to put a Rickroll in the achievements? Like what the hell man you're all like "we care about our message!" and then you pull a fucking meme at the end of the game?? I just dont get it