You're a fisherman newly arrived in Little Marrow, where they are in need of one with skills such as yours. But beware of the night, when the fog sets in...

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So what do you do

You're a fisherman! You fish! You fish for small fish you fish for big fish you fish for crabs you fish for sharks you fish for horribly mutated abominations that somehow keep appearing you fish for

There's multiple islands scattered around the map for you to visit, each with their own NPCs that might be able to use someone with your skillset, whethers that's to simply find an item lost at sea or deliver them a particular type of fish they really want to eat for some ungodly reason.

And then there's the Collector, with his own rather ominous requests. As you set out onto the dark waters you'll chip away more and more of the foggy history of the place you've found yourself in.

DREDGE is an interesting mix of relaxing, unsettling and nervewracking depending on either the time of day or how much sleep you've allowed yourself to have between sailing trips. Catching fish and managing your boat's inventory is a lot of fun, and the game has a surprisingly amazing soundtrack, with several beautifully arranged mournful classical tracks.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on DREDGE if:
  • You fuckin love Lovecraftian horror
  • You like fishing games with some inventory management thrown in
  • You like games that mess with your head
  • :)
Another one I couldn't put down until I finished it. DREDGE nails its Lovecraftian atmosphere and combines it with stellar gameplay which is sadly something Lovecraft games aren't generally known for :( though this game isn't a straight adaption of one of his tales, rather its inspired by it while having its own original story.