A puzzle game where you have a limited amount of hexagonal tiles to piece together to create villages, rivers, train lines and forests.

Dorfromantik on Steam

So what do you do

You essentially build an environment of small towns! I think there's a boardgame as well? Not sure! I wonder how that works... um, anyway in the digital version you place down tiles and try to put them in the best spot for them to flourish.

The game will give you tasks, eg. chain together 9 water tiles, and you get extra tiles to add to your world if you fulfill them. Alternatively you can fail them by chaining too many tiles of the same kind together or blocking off a tile so the chain can't be continued.

As you build further and further out the biomes of your world will start to change. So you can have one part of your world thats snowy, one thats pink and spring-like, one that's in the middle of autumn... Needless to say this game is very pretty. Additionally the more you build the more the world comes alive with animals, trains, sounds, etc etc... It's really nice! And if you build out far enough you can unlock entirely new tiles.

Am I good at Dorfromantik?

...Can you be good at Dorfromantik? I mean, probably! But I'd say I'm not that good at it, I usually run out of pieces around the same points. But I keep coming back to this game because it is simple, and so so so *so* relaxing. It doesn't really matter if you don't end up building a gigantic pangea of small cosy towns (words what are those words pangea really), once you run out of pieces you'll be happy with what you achieved. Every time. I've never felt disappointed playing this. Just peaceful.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Dorfromantik if:
  • You love puzzle games
  • You love building games with visible progression
  • You just wanna chill out with a low stakes pretty puzzle game with chill music
Also also! I recently found out a Streamer I really like played Dorfromantik on his stream and he also loves the game. So if you wanna get more of an idea what its like, check it out!