Cult of the Lamb


You're a sacrificial lamb. After you've been sacrificed, an unknown God takes note of you and brings you back to life. Bring him faith by running your own cult.

Cult of the Lamb on Steam

So what do you do

You defeat enemies and Gods in instanced dungeons and all the while you also manage your own cult. That includes recruiting members, taking care of said members, giving sermons, blood sacrifice... I mean, if you want to, of course. Make sure they're comfortable and keep their faith high, or your indoctrination of them may break and they might rebel against you.

As you can tell from the screenshots the game has a very cute artstyle; it's actually a great mix of cute and unsettling in my opinion. And not just cos bird and chicken followers have a "regular" mouth next to their beak yknow what i mean

This game is pretty hard! It's not on the same level of difficulty as Binding of Isaac (or at least not on the same level of random luck of the draw at least), but you gotta pay attention to what you're doing when you're mowing down enemies in the dungeons.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Cult of the Lamb if:
  • You like roguelikes such as Binding of Isaac
  • You like games with a mix of creepy/cute aesthetics
  • You like management sims (in this particular case of the evil cult variety)
I want merch of this game so badly but its almost all sold out :c I love the aesthetics so much, plus the story is actually pretty cool even if its simple, I love how the four different Gods each have their own personality (as does The One Who Waits, of course)