Bear and Breakfast


You're a bear who runs a bed and breakfast for humans. Other forest critters, including your siblings (who are not bears. somehow) help you out as you set up B&Bs in different parts of the forest you live in.

Bear and Breakfast website

So what do you do

You run a Bed and Breakfast! Out of the forest. And you're a bear. You also build things to decorate your bnbs with to make them more appealing and you do quests for other forest creatures to unlock new stuff and areas.

Guests have certain needs and requests and based on that you can decide to book them in to specific rooms to hopefully give them the best experience possible. Guests will leave you a review after their stay. Also they run away when they see you bECAUSE YOU ARE A BEAR

And you can dress up! And it shows up on your sprite when you talk to people! It's neat I love this kind of stuff. The dialogue is very funny and the artstyle is charming with its chunky lines and lovely 2d animation.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Bear and Breakfast if:
  • You like management sims
  • You want to be a bear
  • You like games where you collect items to use in crafting
The game talks about trash a lot. Or things smelling bad cos theyre forest animals, or something. IDK there was one thing where I was like huh thats a lil odd but they are animals I guess. I would not mention it but its really stuck with me for some reason