Assemble with Care


You are a tinkerer who knows how to fix a great deal of things. Mainly old electronics. People come to you to fix their items.

Assemble with Care on steam

So what do you do

Assemble with care is a story-based puzzle game where you fix the items people bring to you. Each item has its own story.

The items brought to you are broken in different ways, and sometimes you need new items to fix them that you don't initially have. Sometimes you have to fix an item in multiple spots! It's very soothing. When you fix the item, you learn a little more about the person who gave it to you, and with that more and more about yourself.

The game has a limited colour palette that works fantastically for its calming gameplay. Unsurprisingly most of the items you fix are very retro (casette player, slide projector...) which is cool if that's nostalgic for you or you just like that kinda stuff in general

When should I play this game?

Spend some time Assemble with Care if:
  • You like puzzle games (specifically around fixing things)
  • You wanna wind down with a chill puzzle game
  • You wanna play a game with a touching and compact story
Its short its chill it's cheap give it a go