Alba: A wildlife adventure


You're a little girl on holiday to stay with her grandparents, and you try to save a patch of the island from being turned into apartment blocks. (Or an office. idk corpo shit)

Alba on Steam

So what do you do

You explore the island over several days, finding all the wildlife available on the island to show the people in power how important nature is to the island and that it doesn't need the new construction building to flourish.

Also the mediterranean! Or however you spell that.

I recognised all the wildlife which was super fun for me. I imagine a lot of people are nostalgic for spending time at their grandparents house, which I don't share, but even without that this game is still super charming and captures the feeling of being little and setting out on a new adventure every day.

I haven't played Dordogne yet but I feel like it's gonna be similar to Alba. I guess bein a child visiting some place in southern Europe to adventure at is it's own genre now.

When should I play this game?

Spend some time on Alba if:
  • You love nostalgic games about being a child visiting family on holiday
  • You love nature and taking pictures of it
  • You want to play a chill game with a cute story
i really enjoyed alba when I played it, it's very charming but it's been a minute and I feel bad I can't think of more to write about it! I definitely recommend you give it a try.