The Scarlet Priestess

That's me. If it's red and knows an odd amount of old testament stories it's probably me. Also Monster. It's 23:00 and I just had one because I fuckin love tossing and turning in bed and wondering why I make this mistake every week :)

God I haven't made one of these in ages... Feels kinda weird honestly.


Name: CORNELIA (just. Just stick with Priestess thank u)
Birthday: 21/01
Star sign: Aquarius
Favourite colour: It's. It's red. Of the scarlet variety, if I gotta pick a shade.

Ok that's kinda all the basic stuff I can think of. I don't know what u could do with that info but there you go

Why's this exist

Because I like old as balls web design that's as wild as the creator wants it to be, usability be damned. I mean, I understand how important it is to make your place as available for everyone as possible but sometimes you just wanna say fuck it, grab that Chobits image you found on some imageboard, photoshop some vague inspirational words on it and slap it on an iframe. Marketing be damned it's FUN. Things don't always have to be good. Sometimes just fun is good enough.

Okay but like what's on here

Me yelling about stuff, mainly. Like videogames and movies. I like to liveblog the movies I watch to my friends on Discord and I was thinkin this could be a good place to back those up, actually. So that's happening.

I also really like indie games and tend to buy a fuckton of them whenever there's a sale so I might try sorta reviewing them. I might make a dollmaker? That seems fun. Basically I just kinda wanna do whatever strikes my fancy at the time. I mean, it's the whole reason I made this place. It's why I made Night 45.