What's up sluts welcome to church

It's not regular church, it's fun church!
I mean it's not church at all lol I just like the aesthetic. Also idk if ur a slut. So sorry if ur not. But uh also more power to you if you are.

Who the hell is Priestess

It's me! Specifically it's a handle I've had for most of my online life (not when I made my first websites as a kid though) and at this point it's probably gonna stick for life.

It was originally "nun", stemming from how I would judge my online friends for what they liked and drew (I was a very judgemental kid. Man. Where did I get the gall) but it evolved into Priestess over time. And red! Always red. Scarlet specifically. :)


ITS MAY. Added a "retro template" page or whatever I called it where I put up layouts/templates based on old anime type websites from the days of the mid 2000s. Please use them at ur.. perusal. er. Theyre for you. please. please have a look thank you c: ALSO I've aquired some new Precure items so I updated my merch pages, and took new (hopefully better) photos.

Added two more indie games and two more movies, plus I backed up the images on some movies where they were broken as well. I've hidden the movie pages where the images are broken for now until I've restored them, so it's no longer a roulette of "will this liveblog have pictures or not". IDK if anyone really reads em but i mostly back them up for myself and it helps me know as well if I've fixed a page yet or not.

Removed the splash page as its style doesn't fit with the current layout and with how Neocities previews work its the first and usually only part of my website people see and it's just a lil red square on a beige background which I don't like. I might bring it back eventually if I think of something cool and eyecatching to do with it but for now BAM you're instantly on the homepage welcome welcome. Also added a page about knitting.

In the process of backing up the movie liveblogs. Thankfully it turns out to be easier than I feared! Also added some games to indies wahei :)

So that was not a lie all movies except fnaf are broken. RIP
I'll try to back em up but it'll take a while

Added Stranger Things 4 liveblog and updated the layout for the movie ravings in general. Now they actually look kinda fun c:

Added Talk To Me to movie ravings, added Road 96 and Death And Taxes to Indie Games *and* added a wholeass new page about antique green detective desk lamps and how they appear in movies and videogames all the time and how much i love them. So there. Also idk who started the hoax that Discord wouldn't host images anymore but you are a liar liar liar nobodys ever lied so fucking much as you. You might have to hit ctrl+f5 on the movie pages to load all the images if some of them appear broken though but that's always been the case iirc.